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Mon 8 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In reply to Archival (msg # 5):

"I...I've been good. Yeah, good..."

Katie was shocked. The state of the room, all the trash lying on the floor, the clothes, the food sitting all over the place (and also answering the mystery of where all the dishes had gone recently)...and the smell, oh god the smell--this wasn't the Aunt Maylene she grew up with. This made no sense, it was like some sort of impostor had crawled out of a fairy tale and snuck in and swapped places with her aunt. Normally, her aunt asking about how her day went would have been a highlight of the day, but any elation Katie might have felt was buried beneath an ever-increasing, gnawing feeling of worry. It took her a few moments to put her thoughts together.

"Umm..." she muttered, instinctively scratching at the scars on her face.

Now was not the time for baths or a glass of water, decided Katie. Something was wrong with Aunt Maylene, and it didn't look like the sort of thing some over the counter pills was going to fix. She needed to call the hospital.

"Aunt Maylene," she said, as she started collecting some casual clothing for her aunt to change into--a t-shirt, some sweatpants, something simple and comfy for the ambulance ride--"I'm going to call the hospital, okay? I really, really think we need to get a doctor to take a look at you, I'm really worried about you."

Hopefully, thought Katie, this was 'just' work fatigue getting to her. Hopefully, this was nothing more than Katie's repeated suggestions to her aunt to take a few days off being vindicated at last.

But what was that flash of blue? It didn't look like clothing. So was it her hair?

As if. The day Maylene Hong dyes her hair was the day pigs flew and fish walk the earth. Much less a tasteless blue color like Emma Howitz's from Math class...
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Thu 18 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
"No... No, it's..." Her aunt murmured, her voice muffled by the covers. "I need you to... I need you to sit and... And we need to talk."

Another one of those strained groans arose from the lump of blankets. They shifted further this time, giving Katie another glimpse of that strange blue colour. No doubt about it - it was definitely hair. For a fraction of a second, she almost caught something bright red amongst it, too, before Aunt Maylene pulled the covers back up.


Aunt Maylene made a different noise this time, more of a sigh. There was a distinct tone of resignation to it, an anguish that was more emotional than physical. After a moment, the blankets shifted for a third time, but Aunt Maylene made no attempt to hide herself. A face peered out, but it was no longer one that Katie recognized.

Her hair was actually blue. That was probably the first thing Katie noticed. It was bright and vibrant and yet, strangely looked entirely naturally. There was a lot more of it now, too, and it almost felt more accurate to call it a mane than hair. Along with it were two red... antenna? They looked like they were made of flesh, almost like long, flat and hairless rabbit ears that swept back over her hair.

Then there was her face. Her skin was drained, but distinct blue, and its texture was slick and glossy like the skin of a frog. Two pairs of stripes wrapped from her ears around to her face, under her eyes. Her eyes hadn't been spared, either. What were once a fairly average brown were now an unearthly orange, and seemed to glow ever so faintly.

For some reason, her neck and under her chin were a deep black, which wrapped around to her ears and those were not her ears. Instead, they were long and pointed, sweeping back and to the side like some sort of elven creature.

"Katie," she croaked, voice hoarse, "we need to talk."
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Fri 19 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In reply to Archival (msg # 7):


There was nothing Katie could do but stand there, staring, her one eye frantically looking at her aunt, at the trash around the room, the floor. Her mouth worked, trying to form words that wouldn't come to her, while her hands hardly felt the hoodie that slipped out of her numb fingers.

By the gods in heaven and the devils in the earth, what the hell was going on?

"A...Aunt Maylene," she said, a desperate laugh coloring her words. She snatched up the hoodie that fell to the floor--or at least tried. Total shock was not doing wonders for her dexterity. "This isn't...come on, April Fools' day was a while ago, ha ha..."

She stared at her Aunt's alien face for a joke. Katie found nothing there but glistening skin, colors that had no place on a human's face, and a weary moroseness that did not suit her. "This...this isn't..."

What was this? What the fuck was this? Some kind of prank? Did someone put roofies in her morning glass of water? The creature sitting in her aunt's bed looked real, but...that's impossible. This made no sense. That couldn't be her aunt. Couldn't be.

The shock was beginning to fade. In its place came confusion and its sister, fear.

"Who are you?" said Katie. She filled her voice with false anger, as she so often did to anything threatening. "N-no, WHAT are you? You're not my aunt...what did you do to my aunt? Where is she?!" Katie flung the clothes out of her hands and looked around, desperately, for anything to defend herself with. "If, if you hurt her in any way I swear to god--"
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Tue 23 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
"Katie, no-" The creature muttered. "It's me. I'm- I'm Maylene Hong."

As Katie reeled with shock and fear, she could feel something welling up inside her. Something strange and alien, yet oddly familiar. It felt like something deep in her soul trying to reach out and break free. It was dark and terrible, and yet... It felt right. A part of her wanted to set it free.

At the same time, something entirely different stirred within her as she looked at the creature's fearful eyes. A niggling part of her brain felt a kinship with the blue monster that called itself her aunt, it even told her that this was her aunt. What was worse, however, was that some part of her knew that this was, in fact, her fault.

Worse yet was the part of her that said this was right and this was good. It was how things were meant to be.

While her mind waged war against herself, the blue thing in Aunt Maylene's bed continued pleading with her.

"Katie, please," it said, followed by a raucous cough. "Just- Just sit down. We need to talk. Please..."
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Tue 23 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In reply to Archival (msg # 9):

Katie was a whirling chaos of emotions. She wanted to run, she wanted to scream, she wanted to strangle the abomination that dared call itself her aunt, she wanted to give it a hug and beg its forgiveness for doubting it. Above all else, though, she wanted to be free. From what, though, she could not explain.

A protest of disbelief almost fled her mouth when the sensation overtook her.

She collapsed to the floor. Her body convulsed, writhed as something rushed through it like a torrent. Was it revulsion? Euphoria? Both? She could not explain, and in her state it didn't seem to matter. There was something profoundly mighty coursing through her veins right now, and that, screamed a part of her she never knew she had, was what mattered. It was ancient, terrible, almost unknowable, yet undeniably her.

Another part, though--the part who lost her parents in a fire, who lived a life tormented within and without, who loved her aunt more than anything else--fought back. It rejected power. It denied it was a part of something greater, something beyond the cozy apartment she shared with her aunt. It would be itself, it declared, and as far as it was concerned this new kid on the block could go home, no matter how fiercely it claimed sovereignty over Katie's ancestry.

The terrible might roared a muted roar and clawed at her mind, her body, fighting for release. The stoic mortality wrestled it, beat it back, never giving an inch of ground. After a few seconds that felt like eternities for Katie, the mortal part of her brought the interloper crashing down on its knee and broke it. The ancient power slunk back, wounded but not truly defeated, content to sulk in the darkest recesses of her mind...for now.

None of this was visible to Maylene, of course. All she saw was her niece apparently having a seizure on the floor for a handful of seconds before puking her breakfast out on the floor.

Katie took a moment to catch her breath after spewing her dignity all over her aunt's scattered clothing. Numbly, feebly, she grasped at some nearby dirty laundry to try and mop it up, but the futility of the gesture was obvious. A desperate attempt sweeping up her shattered remains at holding onto her old perception of reality, nothing more.

Katherine Kai Wan Cho looked up at her aunt from the floor. "A-aunt Maylene?" she mewled, her voice trembling, her face a mask of fear and utter confusion and...guilt?

"What's going on?"
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Tue 23 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
Aunt Maylene pushed herself into a sitting position, still mostly covered in blankets, wincing and coughing as she did. Whatever transformation she was going through, it was clearly doing a number on her.

"I-I'm sorry..." She croaked. When her Aunt spoke, Katie could make out sharp, triangular, shark-like teeth in her mouth. "This is... I hoped this day wouldn't have to come. You've- You've been feeling different, right? Strange?"

Aunt Maylene paused and wormed a hand out the blankets. It was the same pale blue as most of her skin, with pair of black stripes running down either side of her arm and ending at her wrist. At the back of her forearm, a sort of fin jutted out, webbed with some kind of blue, feathery hair, the same colour as the hair on her head. Aunt Maylene turned her hand over, examining it and flexing her fingers. After a moment, she patted the bed, offering a seat for Katie.

"Your parents... were not your real parents," she stated bluntly. After the words left her mouth, she seemed to realize that was a terrible way to start and shook her head. "No... I mean... Your mother was your mother, but your father... was not your biological father."

"This... is not as easy to explain as I'd like," she murmured to herself.

"Before you were born, your mother and father - your adoptive father - were... part of some sort of cult," she explained. "I don't... I don't know much about it, I'm sor-"

Before she could finish her sentence, Aunt Maylene broke into a fit of long, heaving coughing. Her hand reached back into the blankets, clutching somewhere at her sides.

"Could- Could you run the bath, please?" She asked. "It's- It's getting harder to breathe."
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Tue 23 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In reply to Archival (msg # 11):

Katie could only stare at the floor (though she tried her damndest to not look at the horrible mess she made). All these revelations hammered her already shattered sense of reality, leaving her mentally in a constant state of reeling.

"Mom and Dad were...they were in a cult? And Dad wasn't...but..." Her mouth worked soundlessly for a few seconds, struggling to put into words the jumbled mess of questions she wanted to ask. Eventually, she managed to land on one that had been bothering her for the longest time.

"Is that why Mom and Dad died? Because they were involved in a cult?"

Any further questions were stymied by Aunt Maylene's coughing fit. "O-oh! A bath? Yeah, sure, let me run one for you and I'll, I'll clean up in the meantime. Go and...go and get some rest, Aunt Maylene, could you?"

Her aunt, she supposed, might be some sort of amphibian? As she stumbled out of the room without waiting for Aunt Maylene's response, Katie had a vague memory from middle school science classes something about how amphibians breathed through their skin. Maybe Aunt May was something similar. Maybe she herself was the same. Was that going to happen to her? Was she going to turn into a big frog? Or a newt? Tadpole, maybe? Heh, she'd probably look better as a toad or something than she does right now. At least toads don't look like walking pieces of bacon.


The thoughts almost made Katie laugh despite herself as she started up a warm bath. This was insane. All of it. The day was like some sort of bad comedy, with each step getting more and more ludicrous and unfortunate in equal amounts, as though a cosmic entity was watching all of this while spewing popcorn as they pointed and laughed.

The sound of rushing bathwater calmed her and helped her settle her thoughts. If some cosmic asshole was fucking with her and her family, Katie decided, she was going to fuck them up right back.

...she wasn't entirely sure how she was going to do that, but if life had taught her anything it was that glaring hard enough and acidly enough tended to solve an awful lot of problems.

"Aunt Maylene!" called Katie out into the hallway, "Bath's ready!"

She considered for a moment putting her favorite Tubs & Beyond-brand bath bubbles in, but she stopped when she remembered how her aunt's new physiology might work now. Would bath bubbles mess with her breathing? to not find out the hard way.
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Wed 24 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In the distance, Katie could hear her Aunt thump out of bed, and her heaving, hacking coughs grow louder as she made her way to the bathroom. By the time she drags herself to the door, Aunt Maylene has to lean on the wall just to stay upright.

"Than-" Cough, cough. "Thank you..."

Out of her blankets, it was clear that the transformation had affected more than just her face and arms. Three red gashes were open on either side of her rib cage which, at first glance, looked very much like a sextet of deep cuts. On second glance, however, they seemed to be gills by the way they flared and contracted, gasping for air.

What was more than the gills, however, was the tail. A ridge of that strange feather-hair ran down her spine and continued to a snake-like tail that ran to the floor and ended in a wide, flared fin. Stranger yet was the mismatch between the base of the tail and the rest of it. If Katie had been paying attention in biology, she would have recognized it as something similar to a lizard's tail mid-regeneration. However long the tail would end up being, it still had a ways to grow.

Aunt Maylene didn't seen concerned about her immodesty around Katie as she nearly collapsed into the tub. A few seconds passed as she kept her head and most of her body submerged, leaving her tail awkwardly sticking up out of the water. When she finally emerged, Aunt Maylene peered up at Katie, looking rather embarrassed at the whole ordeal.

"So..." She murmured. "We should... probably talk."
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Wed 24 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In reply to Archival (msg # 13):

This was the first time Katie had ever seen her aunt naked, but she didn't feel that instinctual urge to look away in embarrassment she would have felt had her aunt not...transformed. Instead, she couldn't help but stare at Aunt Maylene's unusual new features--her gills, her mane, her tail...her aunt's body, it seemed, no longer truly registered as 'human' in the more primitive parts of her brain.

Eventually, Katie would realize she was being rude.

"Yeah, yeah, we should talk...uh, should I wait outside until you're done, or...?"

She might have been burning with questions, and might not feel truly embarrassed at the sight of her aunt's naked body, but it's just not proper to talk to someone while they're bathing. Aunt Maylene raised her better than that.
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Thu 25 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
Aunt Maylene did her best to keep her private bits pressed up against the side of the tub, away from her innocent niece's young eyes. It mostly worked, but every now and then she tried to lift her gills out of the water and take a breath, which didn't end well for the time being.

"I... No, no," she answered. "I think I'll be here for a while. Until things... settle, at least. This is- This is much more painful than it looks."

Despite her fierce, almost monstrous looks, Aunt Maylene looked far and away more vulnerable than Katie had ever seen her before. Again, there was that strange, foreign feeling that wormed its way into the back of her mind. It told her that this was the way things should be, that her aunt should look subservient and inferior. The feeling of power over her perceived caretaker gave Katie just the slightest buzz.

"Though, I... wouldn't mind breakfast now," Aunt Maylene offered. "You should make something for yourself again. Or... at least have something to drink."
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Thu 25 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In reply to Archival (msg # 15):

"Umm...yeah, alright. I'll go fix something up and bring it back while you relax, ok?"

Such subservience, said the voice within as she bowl of oatmeal in the microwave. It had grown cold already. You treat her like your mistress, bringing her breakfast while she luxuriates in a bath. Your place is there, and hers is here, you the master and she the slave.

The nauseating euphoria--or was that euphoric nausea?--bubbled up again. The thought of being served for once was appealing. Intoxicating, even. Not like anyone ever did that for her, the change would certainly be nice. Especially not Aunt Maylene. All these years slaving away in the kitchen and tidying up the house, without a single word of thanks. Would breakfast in bed for once be such a bad thing? Aunt Maylene had work in the morning, sure, but it's not like some toast, eggs, and some fruit would take THAT long to make. nice that would be. How richly she deserved that. How right it would be.


No, she barked to herself as the microwave beeped and she angrily snatched the food out of it. This insanity, and Aunt Maylene's new form, changed nothing. As far as she was concerned, she owed everything to Aunt Maylene and that was that. Her aunt had no real obligation to keep her around or continue paying for her living expenses. Helping around the house was just common courtesy.

Still, though, the temptation lingered, never truly going away. As she let the bowl rest for a moment while she fetched some paper towels and a Swiffer mop, she indulged in the image of herself lounging in bed while a smiling Aunt Maylene brought her something to eat and asked about her day. It helped her take her mind off things, certainly, as she mopped up the remains of her own breakfast from the floor of her aunt's room.

A few minutes and a couple of reheated eggs later, she brought the food to the bathroom on a nice little tray. "Aunt Maylene? I've brought breakfast," she said as she entered the bathroom.
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Fri 26 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
When Katie returned, Aunt Maylene was exactly where she left her - stuck to the edge of the bath tub and looking extremely reluctant to move. She even stayed in position when Katie approached with breakfast, leaning over to eat it off the tray on the floor.

"...Thank... Thank you..." She murmured, looking terribly guilty to be doted upon so much. "So... About your family..."

Maylene shifted slightly to try and get her tail in a better position, but, given the small bathtub, it just wasn't happening. Hesitantly, she took another forkful of eggs as she tried to compile her thoughts.

"It wasn't... my sister's proudest moment," she began to explain. "It started before I reached highschool, but we didn't think much of it. It was just a harmless religious movement. She tried to introduce me at one point, but... That wasn't going to happen. She met your adoptive father their, too, and... they fell in love, I guess. They left it shortly after you were born, and tried to have a normal life."

"After the fire, when I agreed to take care of you, one of them came to me," she continued, her gaze falling to the floor. "He said you were the daughter of their leader and... things about your mother being chosen, and you were destined for greatness. ...And he said you would change, and it would make me change with you."

Aunt Maylene sighed and sunk deeper into the tub, until only her eyes were peering over the edge.

"I didn't believe it back then... How could I..."
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Sun 28 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In reply to Archival (msg # 17):

It took Katie a minute to think of what to say.

She had a flood of questions. What was the cult all about? Did Grandma and Grandpa do anything when Mom left for the cult? Do you know who went after Mom and Dad? Was their new condition a permanent thing, or temporary? Is there anyone we can talk to about all this? If this madness happening to us is real, what else is--did Mom and Dad get killed by space aliens under the auspices of the Thule Society? There was only one she could bring herself to ask, though.

"Aunt Maylene...what, no. Who are we? ...are we monsters?"

Katie tore her eyes off the floor and stared into her aunt's. It's an empty look, bearing nothing but a hint of being at a total loss.
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Sun 28 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
Aunt Maylene couldn't hold Katie's gaze. How could she? This wasn't some feel-good movie where someone would just say 'No, sweetie, you're just different.' Not after Aunt Maylene had started looking like some fish-dragon person.

"I... I don't know," she finally answered. "The person who told me about you, he said... he said you were a god, and that their leader had other children like you. Your sisters."

Katie's aunt sunk back into the tub, her tail flicking from side to side for a moment. She seemed better now that she was in the water, but it still sounded like every word was an ordeal and her colour seemed off. Well, more off than it seemed like it should be if this blue thing was permanent.

After a few moments, Aunt Maylene stared at Katie. Her expression was almost her usual blank indifference, but still not quite right. Still far too vulnerable.

"I think... Perhaps it would be best if you stayed home from school for a few days."

A beat.

"...At least until I can leave the tub."
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Sun 28 Aug 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In reply to Archival (msg # 19):

Katie flinched as if struck. Miss school? Like some sort of delinquent?! Perish the thought!

It did make her uncomfortable, though. Katie had never once played hooky before, though she certainly was tempted at times, just to get away from everything. She held a bitter pride within her over never once missing a day of school (outside of sick days) no matter how miserable she was there, and she wasn't about to give that up now.

...then again, maybe now was the time to try new things. She could use a vacation from school, anyway. A breather from having to deal with the Bitchtagon of Marconi, Amadori, Harman, Lang, and Stanley.

Yes, that sounded quite nice. She'd have to call in sick, of course, but the thought of being one phone call away from a well-deserved rest was rather appealing.

Besides. Being bossed around by those idiot teachers was unbefitting someone of her status.


What the hell was that last bit about? she wondered as she cleaned up after her aunt. It felt like the bravado that had filled her over the past couple of weeks, but as though it had taken on a sinister flavor. Like alcohol, it tasted foul but she hungered for more. Damn it all, now she really needed that vacation.

Well, time to get that part over with. She fished out her phone from her pocket and gave the school's infirmary a ring, making sure to keep her voice sounding as stuffy as she could.

"Hello? Hi, this is Katie Cho speaking..."

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Tue 13 Sep 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]



Wednesday wore on with little change. Every now and then, Aunt Maylene would try to rise from the tub, but her underdeveloped dual respiratory system wasn't up to breathing pure air, and she came sinking back into the water. Vulnerable and mostly useless, it was hard to see this creature as the aunt Katie had come to know and show some form of affection toward.

Thursday and Friday were much the same, though Aunt Maylene's tail grew throughout. Every time Katie thought it was finished, the tail would grow another foot whenever she left the room. By the time it did finally finish, it was was beautiful, flowing and longer than Aunt Maylene was tall. Looking at it, the entire set of aquatic new accoutrements had distinct notes of some kind of ocean-going Chinese dragon, and Katie had to wonder if her heritage was somehow involved.

Eventually, the three days without school finally passed, and the weekend arrived. On Saturday morning, Katie awoke with that same rush of adrenaline, that same boundless confidence. No matter how many times it happened, she never got any more used to it. But something was different this morning.

As her consciousness abruptly flipped straight into maximum overdrive, Katie's nose was assaulted with the scent of bacon and her ears picked up the sounds of some kind of battle taking place in the kitchen.

Someone was feeling better.
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Wed 14 Sep 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In reply to Archival (msg # 21):

It was a strange several days for Katie. She wasn't accustomed to not being at school when she was supposed, and the state of playing hooky left her with a vague sense of discomfort through the rest of the week.

Compounding this was was her aunt. Although Katie handled the cooking and the cleaning around the house, justifying it to herself as her earning her keep, she never had to truly "take care" of her aunt, per se. Maylne Hong was a sharp, self-sufficient woman. Katie knew she could easily take care of herself even if Katie weren't around (though it would probably mean eating out every day and the apartment being a bit messy). As a result, Katie never felt like she was caring for Aunt Maylene as a parent would a child, or as one would an invalid--until this week, anyway, and Katie found the task to not be to her tastes.

That took her by surprise--she didn't think caring for her aunt would annoy her the way it did. What shocked her more, though, was the sense that this was all beneath her somehow. That not only was this a bother, but that it shouldn't be her job in the first place. The realization was a bitter pill to swallow, and left Katie to grapple with guilt and a mild sense of nausea on top of all the other anxieties she had to contend with that week.

And yet, the baseless sense of cheer and confidence persisted. It covered her like a blanket, leaving the ill-feeling underneath untouched. It was like being overdosed on caffeine while exhausted--an artificial feeling of energy courses through your veins, yet the fatigue remains like a distant, weighty anchor.

Katie decided that, whatever this transformation was, she hated it. She hated it and she wanted it to go away. There was nothing more she wanted for all of this to be a bad dream that she could escape by waking up.

Come Saturday, Katie expected to awaken to the usual sound of quiet splashing from the bathtub, or perhaps her aunt calling for food. She didn't expect to smell bacon.

Oh, Aunt Maylene must be cooking, she thought through the swiftly-dissipating haze of sleep. Then she sat up as a jolt ran through her, and this time it wasn't the strange sense of energy she'd been feeling lately.

Shit, Aunt Maylene must be cooking.

Terrifying images of ruined kitchens threatening to blossom in her mind, Katie fumbled out of bed and almost ran out of her room.
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Wed 14 Sep 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
And, yes, there she was, in all her strange, dragon-fish glory. Aunt Maylene did her best to make bacon and scrambled eggs - why she even attempted to do both at the same time was anyone's guess. It was a frantic juggling act, trying to keep the eggs from burning and flipping the bacon at the same time, and she always seemed a step behind. Not helping the matter was the fact that both burners were turned to the highest setting.

"Oh- Oh, Katherine," she said, fumbling with... everything. At least she was back to calling her Katherine instead of Katie. "Just- Just a moment, I thought- I thought I would return the favour for the past few days, but-"

Her tail flicked back and forth, smacking against the kitchen table behind her as she "cooked". Aunt Maylene had come to be more comfortable naked and free, but for the sake of Katie's purity, she managed to at least put on a loose t-shirt and very low-riding panties.

...Did she always have those?

Aunt Maylene glanced back at Katie, almost giving her a hint of a smile, but her expression turned to one of fear and anxiety as she quickly looked back at her cooking.

"It- It will just be another minute..."
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Wed 14 Sep 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In reply to Archival (msg # 23):

Oh lord. This was going to end badly. Katie had no desire to spend all Saturday scrubbing charred blackness off the frying pan (they just bought the thing a few weeks ago!), so she all but sprinted over to the stove.

"Uh, llllet me getthatforyouAuntMaylene" stammered Katie as she took the frying pan away from her aunt. She ended up yanking it and the spatula out of Aunt Maylene's hands harder than she meant to, making her wince. "How about you, uh, go relax! In the tub. Yeah. I'll handle breakfast." Before you set off the fire alarm.

She tried to rescue the eggs, hurriedly setting the heat back down to medium-low, and tried not to flinch as hot bacon grease spattered everywhere. One fleck got on her burn scars, and she drowned the threat of upswelling old memories by focusing on salvaging the food.

"No, really, Aunt Maylene, I've got this. Ok? I'll bring it to you when I'm done."


Come to think of it, when DID she get those panties? Aunt Maylene never had a boyfriend or anything. That Katie knew of, anyway. Unless...

Katie tried very hard to imagine her aunt swooning as some generically handsome man swept her off her feet, and decided the effort was too monumental for her to succeed.
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Wed 14 Sep 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
"I- Erm- Oh," Aunt Maylene murmured as she was shoved out of the way. She stood around awkwardly for a moment before trying to take a seat at the table. Her tail forced her to lean forward with most of her butt jutting off the other side, forcing her into a none too flattery squat.

"I, erm, do not need the bath tub anymore, thankfully," she said, trying to force something that almost looked like a smile. It wasn't quite a smile, but it was doing its best. "I feel much better. Normal, even. Except..."

Aunt Maylene's gaze wandered down to the floor of the kitchen, her expression sinking with it.

"I just... obviously can't go outside like this," she mumbled. "Or go to work..."

She glanced back up to Katie.

"I'm not entirely sure what we should do at this point."
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Wed 14 Sep 2016
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In reply to Archival (msg # 25):

Katie's spatula, which had been making heroic efforts to get the eggs to not stick on the frying pan, came to an abrupt stop.

Like a lot of children in the United States who grew up in safe, stable, and happy(?) homes, putting food on the table was, at worst, a chore for Katie. The actual economics behind it was something she'd never actually considered. She understood, of course, that her aunt was the one paying the bills and the groceries, but like many others her age she took that sort of thing for granted.

She struggled to get the words out of her mouth as she numbly scrapped the eggs and bacon onto a plate. " We've got some savings, right? How long can we hold out? Does your company, like, let you work from home?"

Am I going to have to get a part-time job? wondered Katie as she chewed the situation over. Does the school even let us do that? But what else can I do?

You know the answer, said the voice within.

No, she answered back, though even she felt the hairline crack in her conviction. I'm not a goddamn thief.

Who said anything about stealing?
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
Aunt Maylene continued staring at the ground.

"I have enough to pay rent for another ten months," she answered, even less life in her voice than usual. "Subtracting the cost of food, cut that down to eight or nine months depending on how well we can stretch it. Either way, it isn't enough to last until you graduate."

She toyed around with the idea of working from home, but ultimately her shoulders sagged in defeat.

"Even if I did most of my work from home, there's no I could keep it up without showing myself at all," Maylene said. "I could keep it up for a week at best before I would have to go in for one thing or another."

The dragon-fish-woman shifted in her seat, taking the first bite of her breakfast. She chewed it slowly, showing her sharp, shark-like teeth.

"I... I don't know," she murmured at last, trying not to sound too defeated around Katie. "I will... try to think of something. In the mean time, we're running low on groceries. After breakfast, would you mind going out? You've been cooped up in here for three days, I think the fresh air will do you some good."

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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In reply to Archival (msg # 27):

"Yeah, yeah, I could use the fresh air," said Katie as she rose to inspect the fridge. Yup, running low on milk, cereal, and, well, eggs, no thanks to today's breakfast...fine on the rice and pickled veggies...shit, they were all out of rice cakes. Hopefully the store still had her favorite brand stocked.

The clatter of dishes filled the kitchen as Katie gathered up the dishes for washing. "Is there anything you want me to pick up while I'm out?" she asked as she lathered up the sponge. "Like, um...some fish?" Was that a thing now? Did her aunt have cravings for seafood thanks to her transformation? She didn't seem to show any signs of it, but maybe she was just keeping her newfound ravenous hunger for salmon under wraps.

...damn, here's hoping it's not salmon. Their new budget probably couldn't handle that.
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
"I-" Aunt Maylene paused, blinking. "That... Actually sounds good, yes. Just, er, something simple. Whole. Herring, maybe."

The dragon-fish-woman rose from her seat, doing a shimmy-shuffle to the side to free her tail. She looked up and down her body, toying with the fin-hair on her elbows, flicking the fins out like tiny wings.

"This is... strange," she murmured, not paying any mind to how obvious her statement was. "I still feel like I should be in the water. But the tub was starting to irritate my gills and skin."

Her attention shifted to Katie, giving her a cocked eyebrow.

"Have you... felt anything different?" She asked. "You seem well enough, but, erm... If there are... You know, things you aren't telling me..."

She stared at the floors, trying to fight the words out despite every fiber of her being protesting against it. Blue skin or not, there was no question that she was still Aunt Maylene.

"You can... talk to me, okay?"
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Prologue: The New Dynasty [Katie]
In reply to Archival (msg # 29):

"Herring, whole. Got it." She finished tidying up, toweling her hands dry and putting away her apron.  "Me?" she said, putting on the mask of a polite smile before her aunt. "I'm fine! Really, Aunt Maylene, I'm great. Better than ever!"

Katie was about to leave when she heard her aunt's last words. Her expression became blank, and she worked her mouth, uncertain how to respond.

She was stunned. There was no other way to put it. Every other time Aunt Maylene had said such a thing, every other moment these past seven years, it never felt truly genuine, as though her aunt had only gone through the motion of saying the words because society demanded she did so. This time, though...this time, her aunt seemed to truly mean it. Strange how such a thing felt more out of place than her new piscine form.


Wasn't this what she wanted? For Aunt Maylene to pay attention? Yet all she felt was unease, fear. Like she was preparing to step off the edge of a precipice.

She put on her mask again.

"Ok! I'll ask you if I need anything," Katie lied, before going back to her room.

She didn't look back, not as she closed the door behind her. And not as she left the apartment, hurrying more than she meant to.

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