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Sun 17 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
Gina nodded as she worked, tracing delicate whorls around Natalia's hips. The blonde started to relax again and laid back, only to be interrupted as she heard Jeanne wetting her brush. Natalia watched it fall with anxious anticipation, a blush coming to her face. When the cold paint dabbed against her skin, she whimpered and wiggled against Jeanne's hand, her back arching into the sensation. Every stroke got a renewed reaction out of the canvas as she bit her lip to hold back her voice, squirming against her teacher's touch.

Meanwhile, Gina had stopped what she was doing to watch the goddess at work. She seem fascinated to see her group's leader in such a state and seemed immensely entertained - and more than likely a little aroused by the hint of colour in her face. The thicker girl considered her canvas for a moment, then wet her brush anew before resuming work on the princess's royal regions. This time, however, she didn't pull back as Natalia yelped once again.


Gina just hummed to herself and giggled, circling around the forbidden fruit without painting it directly. All the while, Natalia's stifled mewling grew louder as she clenched her fists and forced herself not to buck against the brushes.

"This is fine, right, Miss O..?"
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Mon 18 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
"You are doing great, chouchou..." Jeanne murmured, glancing toward the thicker girl with a sly smile before focusing back on their canvas's face. Gently, lovingly, she held her chest down as she scooted back a little, just enough to lean down and press her lips to Natalia's - only for a few seconds, not for nearly long enough.

The painting was a good idea, but Gina might have to wait; Jeanne couldn't sit and watch her two currently-favorite cultists flirt all night, at least not without going insane.

"Gina, we are trading places." Her gaze traveled down Natalia's body, coming to rest between her thighs where Gina was working. "I want you to finish ze pattairn on ze canvas no mattair what else 'appens, ouais? Once she iz done, it will be your turn, and zen you can bos do me..."

More than likely, she didn't mean painting anymore, and Natalia could probably pick up on that. Gina probably did not.
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Mon 18 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
Natalia panted as Jeanne brought her lips away, a shimmering strand of the schoolgirl's drool falling away and trailing down her chin. Her eyes went wild as she looked up again, desperately trying to process the situation. Even after the pair's teasing had abruptly stopped, Natalia's breathing was laboured and her face was a lovely rosy shade.

Gina looked down to where she had been working, considering it for a moment, then nodded. "Okaaay," she answered, a slight look of disappointment in her eyes.

"M-Miss O..." The princess whimpered as the two artists moved around their canvas.

Gina shuffled up to the opposite side of wear Jeanne had been and eyed Natalia's chest thoughtfully. After a moment, she took a few dabs of the red and began delicately tracing along the indigo lines that her teacher had painted earlier, giving them an extra depth. Even there, Natalia flinched slightly at each touch, the two-fold affections having gotten her just a bit more sensitive. Gina just giggled as she worked, though her eyes continued to drift toward Jeanne, obviously curious about what her teacher had in store.

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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
As Jeanne settled in between Natalia's legs, she took a long minute to take in the sight of the blonde canvas and the brunette attending to it. This, she decided, was a good start, as she traced her fingers along Gina's first forays into ritual bodypainting, smearing the paint a little as her fingertips traveled along Natalia's hips and thighs.

...She might not have thought of it as pornographic in any other situation, though maybe that was just Jeanne patting herself on the back about how deep and serious her painted-on-a-high-schooler art was. Whatever, it wasn't worth overthinking; whatever she wanted to call it, she'd brought these girls over mostly for one thing.

Because she could. Because in some part of her twisted mind she had to. Or maybe it was because nobody could stop her (or nobody would, same thing). Her hand trailed down between the princess's legs...then both hands slid under her thighs and Jeanne scooted back, leaning in for the evening's main course.
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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
As Natalia's renewed whimpering and moaning filled Jeanne's ears, a sensation that was becoming all too familiar overcame her. It was the same rush of divine ecstasy and godly empowerment that filled her bones whenever she took hold of a new worshipper. It was power, pure and wonderful, that flowed into her body and blood. It pushed her further and further into her desires, whispering in her ear that the taste on her tongue was right and that she deserved it.

Jeanne felt something else, as well, as the night wore on. Something more physical, just on the edge of tangible. Her teeth felt just the slightest bit uncomfortable in her mouth, and her hands and legs were just a bit... itchy? Maybe she was a little bit allergic to the paint after all...



The two budding cultists had been as awkward and clumsy as a pair of highschoolers were expected to be, but what they lacked in experience, they more than made up for in sheer eagerness to please their teacher. Of course, that didn't mean they didn't have their fun with each other after a little coaxing, but for the most part, their attention and affection was focused firmly on Jeanne.

Gina pulled herself up along her goddess' body, slick and slippery with sweat, paint and other fluids. She gave the teacher a sloppy, wet kiss and promptly collapsed against her side, eyes closed as she giggled, drunk with pleasure.

"I don't think I can go anymoooore," the girl moaned.

Natalia, still lodged firmly between Jeanne's legs, had been slowing down for a while as she tried to keep the object of her devotion pleased. Occult zeal, however, could only take her so far, however, and hearing Gina throw in the towel was the straw that broke the cultist's back. With a long, contented sigh, the princess put her tongue back in her mouth and rested her painted cheek against the teacher's thigh and gave Jeanne a dreamy, blissful smile from down under.

"So," she started, her ragged breath still a long ways off from being steady, "what do we do now?"
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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
In every way imaginable, Jeanne was a queen. Whether it was the sex or the power or something else entirely, her head spun as she made the girls hers in body as well as mind and soul. It didn't block out the itching that started to nag at her or the feeling that her teeth suddenly weren't set quite right, but she didn't give even the slightest shit until the paint had settled and the three of them were a loving, sweaty pile on the tarp.

She held Gina close, enjoying the thicker girl's chest pressed against her side as she teased her nails across her skin, her other hand tangled lovingly in Natalia's silky blonde locks, petting her sweetly as she finished...well, mostly. She let go here and there to scratch at awkward, glassy patches on her skin that should have worried her more than they did right at that moment.

The teacher's eyes flickered with an unnatural fire in the modest lighting of the apartment as she reluctantly pushed herself up to a sitting position, grinning pointily at each of the girls in turn.

"Let's get cleaned up, ouais...? I want to show you somesing." Could the bathtub fit all of them? Ehn. They could squeeze together.

...It was easy to suggest, but hard to want to get up. She hadn't really done anything this intimate in a while, let alone with her students - if there was a Penthouse for fish gods, she had a story for them already. Ultimately, she managed, wobbling her way toward her bathroom and grinning back at the girls, urging them to follow, then started the tap for the bath.

Maybe they should just wash each other off? ...Maybe the girls should wash her off and she could try out this magic fish thing, then leave them to take care of each other while she ordered a pizza or something.

Yeah, that sounded like a plan.
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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
The girls held onto each other as they followed along with half-lidded eyes and intertwined hands. If nothing else, it had been one hell of a bonding experience for the two. Gina tried to wash off what she could in the sink, while Natalia pried off her socks, now half-glued to her legs with sweat and slowly drying paint.

"What do you want to show us?" Gina asked, trying to get the annoying little bits in her finger joints.

Natalia grunted as she pulled the second sock off, then joined Gina in scrubbing away as much as she could before bathtime. Painty bath water was no good.

"Haven't we already seen everything?" The princess asked coyly, trying and failing to hold in a giggle.
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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
After a moment of contemplation, and following the girls' example, Jeanne turned the shower on for a minute or two to scrub some of her own paint off. Not that it would make THAT big a difference, but all the same...

"You 'ave not seen anysing yet, chouchou," she snickered, though after a moment she started to worry if she could do it, whatever it was, when the heat was on. She also worried that she might grow weird fish mittens like a certain someone else. And that her skin was irritating her a little too much.

The regularly scheduled tub-filling resumed - or rather, restarted - a minute later, though this time Jeanne settled right in, stretching a little and thinking. Preparing herself mentally to try it was, and also trying to decide if it would be better to send Natalia home with her stockings or keep them and wash them herself.

Or keep them and not wash them herself.

There were a lot of difficult decisions in the business of godhood.
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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
The girls got most of the paint off up to their elbows and seemed content with that much. The rest was mostly smeared all over, though the fleur-de-lis on their cheeks were mostly untouched (though Natalia's had smudged just a bit). Gina toed the water to test it, then got in first, settling into Jeanne's lap as the water began to shift colours.

"But, I'm too tiiiired to do more," Gina pouted, leaning back into teachair as she relaxed. "At least until later..."

Natalia, on the other hand, perched on the edge of the tub, first letting her feet dip into the water, stretching her toes that had been trapped in her sweaty, sticky thigh highs for so long. For the time being, she was content to let Gina have the best seat in the house and not clutter up the tub with too many bodies. At some point they'd need to get something bigger - a hot tub, maybe.

"I'm still curious," the princess purred, staring into Jeanne's fiery eyes. "Are you going to show us after the bath, or..?"
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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
Jeanne grinned as Gina settled into her lap in the warm, formerly clean water, and happily wrapped an arm around to get a handful of her marshmallowy chest. She shifted a little to stretch out more and try and get comfortable, and Natalia got a sly look.

"I will show you right now, chouchou." The teacher fought to keep a cocky grin on her face even as she closed her eyes, burying her face in Gina's soft skin and focusing on...being...fishy. But not too fishy? She decided to think about Naomi's mittens, and the things she'd seen in the water when she was hallucinating. If that was even what it was.

Her body shuddered, her back arching and her grip on Gina's breast tightening as the transformation started to overtake her, patches of white-blue scales cropping up in those glossy places where her skin had started to itch. Her ears twisted and stretched, becoming distinctly fin-like, with another emerging from the back of her neck.

Slits opened in the sides, too, gills that fanned slightly, and Jeanne reached up to scratch at them instinctively, only to find her forearms and the backs of her hands had begun to harden with a dark blue shell, along with her shins.

It was less majestic than she expected, and somewhat more armored. She ended up wrapping both arms around Gina, squeezing her a little more tightly than intended as she tried to sort everything out mentally without suddenly looking like a complete shipwreck.

", not so bad, eh?" She offered to Natalia, a touch of nervousness in her voice.

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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
Gina squeaked as Jeanne squeezed her, but by now she was used to the feeling of the goddess manhandling her. Godhandling her.

Natalia's eyes widened as she watch Jeanne take on her true form. Or, well, a third of they way to her true form. Nonetheless, the princess seemed utterly enraptured, her eyes twinkling at the young deity before her.

"You- You look," she stammered, "you're beautiful!"

Natalia let herself into the water, suddenly regretting letting Gina get between her and her goddess. She wanted - needed - a closer look. Gina, on the other hand, squirmed around to get a look for herself, giving Natalia the opening she needed to slip into the tub beside her.

"Woooow!" Gina gasped, getting the same awed and enthralled look in her eyes as Natalia. "You're so pretty, Miss O! I mean, like, you were pretty to begin with, but now you're... You're..."

Gina's brow furrowed.

"...What are you?"
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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
"I am fucking amazing, Gina," Jeanne preened, a blush crossing her cheeks. She squirmed a bit to make room for Natalia to squeeze in, then leaned in to give each of her followers a little kiss on...whatever she could reach, mostly.

Definitely going to need a hot tub, sooner rather than later. Not that Jeanne had anywhere to put it. Or made near enough to afford a hot tub.

"More seriously, zough?" Her razor grin spread, her unnatural amber eyes widening with a tiny spark of madness. "I am a goddess, and you are My first followairs, you know? I chose you." Ultimately, the goddess decided to omit the part where she was sort of a baby god at best, a big fish in a small swimming pool. Easy on the g-word? Whatever, fuck it.

"You and Kylie and Isabelle, and I 'ave a laundry list of ozzairs, too...Nishimura, as of earliair...Black, I will take tomorrow..." It felt good to be transparent about it. Maybe too transparent; there was still a distant fear that the spell might be broken if she made the wrong move, but given the three of them had already screwed each others' brains out, it seemed like it wouldn't matter too much.
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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
The two girls shared a look of disbelief, and then... belief.

"A... goddess?" Natalia murmured as the idea slowly sunk in. For a moment, she look as though she were about to deny it, but then her eyes crossed Jeanne's fins, then her hands. Why deny what was right in front of her? "That... That explains everything!"

She was nearly ecstatic in her divine revelation, while Gina took a bit longer to let the idea sink in. Probably because she was second-guessing what a goddess was, exactly. It's like a god, but with an ess.

"A goddess..." She echoed, slowly nodding to herself. "That makes sense... I think."

Natalia, on the other hand, was practically vibrating with zeal and excitement.

"And I was your first... I was your very first..." She smiled to herself, breathing just a bit heavily than was entirely normal. "I knew it, even yesterday, I knew you were special."

It took a moment, but eventually Natalia settled down against Jeanne. Gina leaned against the side of the tub, deep in thought as she tried to work out the implications of this. It was hard.

"So you want- So you need more," Natalia murmured. "More people need to know... We can help! Can't we..?"

Her last question was directed at Gina, who provided no answers and instead looked to Jeanne. Could they..?
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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
"Non. I mean, ouais." Jeanne leaned back, lazily twirling a lock of Natalia's hair and wrinkling her nose a little bit. "It iz...not a good idea to just go telling everyone about zis, you know? Believe Me, it does not end well for ze god if ze word starts spreading too casually. Ze wrong people 'ear it, and zen zey pick up zeir torches and machetes and start gutting fish."

She brushed the girl's cheek with the armored back of her hand; there was a novelty to it that she couldn't help but sort of enjoy.

"What you girls can do for Me right now what I tell you. If I need you to get somesing or someone for Me zen you do it, ouais? No problem. ...Eh, likewise, if Nishimura needs somesing, you do what she says too, ouais? If it evair seems like you need to covair for her, zen you do so."

Jeanne gave it another moment of thought, rolling her shoulders and scratching idly at her gills.

"I will be looking for a bettair place for all of us to meet up. Maybe get a 'ot tub and shit, too, so we do not 'ave to be so cramped. I also want you - and Kylie and Isabelle - to pick up body paints and start practicing, and start involving anyone else zat I bring into our fold, too. I am sinking we can work zat into a ritual,, like a prayer to Me, somesing like zat."

A grin crossed her face. It felt much, much better to stop beating around the bush.

"...I 'ave kind of sought about what you should call Me. La Déesse, maybe. Or My Lady iz good..."
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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
Natalia murmured softly and kissed Jeanne's chest. "Of course... my lady." She smiled as she said, blushing just a bit. In time, Jeanne's current head priestess would get used to it, but for now it was still just a little weird.

Gina squeezed in - emphasis on squeeze - mushing together with the other two. "Nishimura..." she hummed, pondering the name. "She's that weird girl from art class, right?"

"Gina," Natalia chided, though there was little venom in it. It was softer, almost matronly - her way of saying 'I understand my role now', or at least, she assumed she did. "You don't say things like that. If- if La Déesse says she's one of us, then she's one of us."

"Yes, mooom," Gina grumped. She sighed and snuggled against her newly official goddess, pondering something new this time around. "...Isabelle has a hot tub at her place, y'know? ...Y'know, my lady?"

Natalia nodded. "She doesn't like people knowing, but her family is, like, super rich. I mean, normal-rich, not Palmera-rich. Her dad is some big business man and her mom is the vice-principal at Coral. But, like, she didn't want Isabelle to go to the school she works at or something, so she goes to our school."

"With the poor kids~" Gina hummed.
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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
"Non, non, Nishimura is weird, but good weird," she lightly defended her retainer and current bottom bitch. ...Well, Natalia was sort of her other bottom bitch, but that was different. She could have two bottom bitches for two different reasons.

Jeanne held both girls close to her, running her fingers through their hair, and as the conversation moved on a single word rambled through her mind.


She hadn't known where to start before, aside from maybe Mr. Hoffman, but all of a sudden a plan erupted onto the scene in a glorious golden light. Somehow, the phrase 'super rich' lit her blood on fire, made her heart do a backflip. Jeanne had never really considered herself a greedy person, but then, she'd never had the means to be a greedy person before, right?

Now all it would take was enough time around them. Some extra effort. Isabelle might be able to provide for that, right? And that wasn't all.

She knew how Isabelle looked - round and harmless and a little plump, leaning toward a type if Jeanne really had one...or she would be, in a decade or two. So her mom was probably directly in La Déesse's strike zone. It was a two birds in one stone thing.

...And there was her husband, who probably actually had the money, but it wasn't like Jeanne had to screw him. His wife could do that. They could all be in on it together.

And she'd get to use the hot tub.

Jeanne's fangy smile was a mile wide as the implications ran through her head.

"Chouchous, you 'ave no idea 'ow much easiair you just made sings for Me."
...Wait, how was having access to a fuckton of money helping her conquer Palmera again?

...Eh. She'd figure it out, possibly while swimming in a vault filled with gold coins. Just thinking about it made her blood burn wickedly.

Oh, and since she was the vice-principal, maybe she could round up all the rich girls with the biggest bustlines, too...

Briefly, Jeanne considered if this was what it was like to go mad with power. Probably. Maybe. A little bit.

"Ahh, shit, I cannot even 'andle zis, you know? Fuck." She squeezed her high priestess and head consort to her tightly, cackling in a way that was almost certainly not threatening and kind of evil. "Ahh...Isabelle and I 'ave so, so much to talk about now. I will 'ave to find time for 'er zis weekend..."
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Fri 22 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
"We're just... glad to be of help to you," Natalia answered, quite content to cuddle up with Gina and their goddess. Both seemed pretty damn tired out from the evenings fun, really. "If you need any help arranging things, just say the word."

Gina began to doze off against her teacher's side, and it was a good few minutes before either of them stirred from their relaxed stupor.

"Are we still getting pizza..?" Gina asked, looking up to Jeanne with big, pleading eyes as she rested her chin on the goddess' chest. "I'm getting pretty hungry after all of that... stuff."

"Food would be nice..." Natalia echoed, though she wasn't quite ready to stop using Jeanne as a divine pillow just yet. "I could buy, if you'd like."

"I want bacon double cheeseburger..." The black-haired girl murmured sleepily, settling back in to mimic Natalia's position.

Natalia blinked up at Jeanne. "What kind of pizza do you like, my lady?"
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Fri 22 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
It was hard to want to get up, or get out of the water, or do anything, really, aside from snuggle her two favorite cultists to her. But Jeanne's stomach was protesting its emptiness, too, and reluctantly she pushed herself more upright, releasing the girls from her claws.

"Do not worry, ouais? I will covair ze pizza." Each girl got a gentle little kiss and a grin. "...But, eh, one of you 'as to get ze door when it comes." She didn't entirely want to relinquish her scaly radiance until she absolutely had to. She didn't really want to get dressed either. One of the girls would have to, but that was firmly their problem.

Once she managed to make her way out of the tub, Jeanne toweled off and smoothly crossed the apartment to flop down on the couch and put in her pizza order. Two pizzas, meat lovers' - that would satisfy her and Gina and then some, and if Natalia didn't like meat, she'd learn fast.

...Everything was great, she decided. She didn't want for anything right at that moment. Except for maybe something decent on TV, and even then, she was more interested in the girls and they were certainly more interested in her.

-Life is awesome- she texted to Naomi on a whim, just to make sure she knew.
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Fri 22 Jul 2016
at 20:21
The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
"I'll get it," Natalia answered.

The Princess followed Jeanne out of the tub - spending a bit more time with Jeanne's used towel than was entirely necessary - and began picking through the living room for her clothes. Gina, on the other hand, stayed firmly in the tub, eyes closed as she relaxed. A moment later, Natalia poked her head in.

"Gina, you're gonna fall asleep in the tub. Go sit with La Déesse."

"M'kaaay," the big-breasted girl drawled as she rose from the tub and dried off.

Following the goddess' example, she left the getting dressed to Natalia and plopped down beside Jeanne on the couch. Gina let out a tired sigh as she rested her head against the teacher's shoulder, trying not to look over at her phone. Shortly after, Natalia joined her on Jeanne's opposite side as she waited for the pizza.

A few minutes after Jeanne sent the text off, her phone buzzed twice in quick succession.


-also did you do the thing in the tub?-
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Fri 22 Jul 2016
at 23:38
The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
She hugged Gina in eagerly, tenderly rubbing the brunette's arm as she more than likely started drifting off again. Natalia  got another smile as Jeanne pulled her in too, basically forgetting about the TV in light of the girls she was with. ...Until her phone buzzed, and she made a face and let Natalia go.

Jeanne had sent the first text and everything, but still, minor interruptions of skinship were a crime.

...Pics, huh. She'd thought about it before, but it seemed like it broke up the whole mystical flow of the thing. Right then, though, they weren't doing anything in particular...and so Jeanne hugged her disciples in close and held out her phone for a semi-nudie shot, then sent that along with her response.

-I got scales and gills and shit now oui. it feels great but I have reservations on trying to push it farther. and I have not tried to turn back yet.-
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Sat 23 Jul 2016
at 09:21
The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
"Ooh!" Gina giggled as she was pulled in, smiling bright for the picture despite her drowsiness. Natalia, however, was caught entirely off guard and just blinked in confusion at the camera.

While Jeanne was sending and texting, the 'high priestess' cocked an eyebrow and asked, "A memento?"

"Ooh, that's a pretty good idea!" Gina giggled, quickly settling back into place. Her hand went up to cover Jeanne's, her fingers idly exploring the goddess' shell.

Buzz, buzz.


Gina blinked and glanced over, her curiosity getting the better of her. "Who are you talking to..?"

Nishi's next text took a few more minutes to come through.

-Yeah don't go try going any further with out supervision that would be bad. We'll go somewhere nice and deep in the ocean for you to try it out tomorrow unless you need to save up gogo juice. You think that felt good you aint seen shit yet mon ami. Going back to normal should be pretty much the same thing as you just did. But like in reverse. Think puny human thoughts or whatever.-
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
at 03:17
The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
"Ouais. It iz a memento, for ze first night of many," she cackled, flipping back to the photo momentarily to show the girls. It wasn't exactly high quality, but she didn't care that much, and they wouldn't either.

There was a part of Jeanne that did feel a little bit like a scumbag for the whole thing. But it was a small part, easily squashed by the girls on either side of her. Especially Gina.

"I am talking to Nishimura. She iz, might call her a demigod? She iz My advisor. As of Art class today. We 'ave some plans to do more...god shit zis weekend, but she also wanted to see ze shining faces of My two loveliest followairs." Well, it was more that a small, arrogant part of Jeanne wanted to prove she'd just banged two high schoolers. To another high schooler.

That wasn't the saddest moment in her teaching career, but it was very close.

-Oui okay. Also I have a lead on a good start for corrupting the ignorant masses we'll talk tomorrow.-

...She'd probably have to send the girls home before she went to bed. That would be kind of lonely, though, and it was incredibly tempting to keep them here and let them deal with their own excuses tomorrow...

"...Before I forget," she started as soon as she thought of it, "I want you to bring ovair a couple of sets of spare clothes next time, ouais? Zen you can stay ze night once in a while wizzout it being a sing."
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
at 03:44
The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
"You sent that to Nishimura..?" Natalia asked, giving Jeanne a little frown. A trouble look crossed her face as she considered someone else being higher up on Jeanne's divine totem pole than her. "Well, I guess if she's like you say, it's fine..."

"Oooh!" Gina, on the other hand, seemed pretty entertained by the idea and marvelled at the picture. "Send me a copy!"

Natalia's smouldering pout turned back toward Jeanne. "...Me too."

"Oh wait, I don't think you have my number, hang on," said Gina as she reluctantly pried herself away from teacher and went fishing around in her lump of jeans. She found her cell and plopped back down in short order, setting about exchanging numbers with the goddess.

Surely nothing bad would come from spreading naked pictures of herself and her students around. Surely.

A moment later, Nishi texted back.

-'Enlightening'. Talk to you tomorrow, boss. Have a good night.-

Natalia considered Jeanne's statement for a moment, then shrugged.

"I barely wore what I brought here," she said, resting her head against the teacher's shoulder. "I could just wear that tomorrow and say I'm, like, staying over to help Gina study or whatever. But I might need to borrow some socks..."

"Saaaame," Gina drawled, snuggling the goddess' other arm between her pillows. She seemed to be picking up on what Jeanne liked. "But, like, not the socks thing. I could tell my parents Nattie's helping me study at her place."

"We do it enough that they wouldn't bother checking, too," Natalia added.
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
at 04:04
The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
Natalia got a copy of the photo more or less on the spot, and Jeanne eagerly awaited Gina's number, studying the girl in a totally nonsexual way as she rummaged through her jeans for her phone. When she returned and they traded, Jeanne sent it to her too. The consequences of spreading these pictures around briefly came to mind, but it sounded astoundingly like a problem for an underling with future sight more than a Déesse sort of thing.

"Magnifique. I can take care of ze socks, chouchou." She leaned over to kiss Natalia's cheek as a big, sharp grin crossed her face. She had at least regular socks lying around, if not exactly the sexy kind. ...Well, she did have the sexy kind, too, but her thighs were a little wider than Natalia's. Fuck it, whatever, they'd deal in the morning; for this, Jeanne would have gone out to the store naked just to buy more.

With the next day's arrangements and the night's entertainment arranged, all that was left was to wait for the pizza, snuggle until they got tired, and then maybe have another quickie.

It was great to be the queen.
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]