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Mon 4 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
A new day, a new god.

The sun was already shining bright on Jeanne's ride to work, as if welcoming the city's new, glorious queen. Or, well, it was like that most days, but today was special. The palm trees swayed in the sea breeze along the boulevards, while gulls squawked and circled overhead. Perhaps most importantly, there were no more damn fish ogling her in the puddles.

Palmera High School was a surprisingly large building for the amount of students it held, built in the same Mediterranean style as most of the city - all stuccoed walls, arched windows and even a red tile roof over the front vestibule. Despite being the 'lower-class' school of the city, it still showed off the affluence inherent to Palmera. It had its own green multi-purpose sports fields to the rear, and even an outdoor pool.

Students were still milling about before class, enjoying the nice weather while they could and talking amongst themselves.

Or at least, they were until Miss Olbright walked by.

The change in atmosphere was easy to see. The moment Jeanne passed within about fifteen feet of a group of students, their conversations would hush and some would watch her pass with the same look in their eye as that cashier from earlier in the day. It sure as hell would be nicer to teach if her students paid that much attention to her.

As she entered the school itself, the effect was even easier to notice in the narrower halls. What was most interesting was the sheer variety in reactions. Some immediately shut up and stared at her, some kept talking in hushed voices while eying her, others just tried to look anywhere but at Jeanne. Mister Galiano walked by on the way to his class, giving Jeanne a smile and a nod, but it could quite hide the hint of awe in his eyes. Somehow, in one night, Miss Olbright had managed to become the most feared and respected teacher in the school.
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Mon 4 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
It had been a long morning, but Ms. O was bright and perky, especially for her occasionally-hungover standards (though she was usually good at hiding that). It was obvious looking at her that she was still tired, but as the French flag bike helmet came off and she hung it on a beaten-up motorcycle with a single iris painted on, she seemed to shine.

Ms. Olbright always had a certain wildness to her, with lightly-tanned skin and long, black hair that seemed fluffy and untameable, pulled back in a loose ponytail today like it was just about any other day. Her eyes were a honey-amber color that, today, seemed to sparkle with something new and confident, and a dark blue fleur de lis-patterned bandana was tied on her hair today.

She was squeezed into her usual jeans with one of her usual tees and her usual bomber jacket, which would be replaced with an artist's smock when she got to her classroom. Through mundane observation, not much had changed aside from the I-just-got-laid spring in her step.

The kids got her usual smiles and nods, the ones she recognized at least, and she took her time striding down the halls toward the teachers' lounge, preening a little.

"Morning, 'Enry," she chirped to Mr. Galiano as she passed by, and she slid into the lounge like a snake to steal an unnecessary cup of morning coffee.
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Mon 4 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
Mister Galiano managed to spit out a, "Good morning!" before hurrying on his way. It was distinctly impersonal, somehow. The kids on the other hand, just tended toward nervous smiles when Miss O singled them out for attention. A small few, however, managed to muster something more genuine, at least. Oddly enough, Gina Stanley was among them. Between teaching Art and French, she knew just about all of The Clique's members in some way, aside from the more insignificant ones.

The teacher's lounge had the usual break room trappings: a fridge, sink, coffee maker, and a few couches around a coffee table. That, and a handful of boxed-in study desks they'd borrowed from the school library for when a teacher needed a quiet place to work on a less plan or grade some tests, since classrooms tended to be shared amongst a given department. Only the lucky few had a classroom of their own.

Three teachers were in at the moment. Cassie Turner sat on the couch, flipping through her lesson plan, and looked as though she were getting ready to leave for class - especially so once Jeanne entered the room. All Jeanne got out of her was a nervous, "Hey."

Genevieve Lott was holed up at a study desk, working away. Come to think of it, she had first period off, didn't she? When Jeanne entered, she spared a smile and a wave over her shoulder, hesitating briefly before deciding she had better throw in a, "Morning, Jeanne~" for good measure.

Finally, Glenn Kwan hung around the the coffee machine, fighting to stay alive. Jeanne may have had a habit of coming in looking hung-over, but Glenn was rarely much better.

"'Eyy," he greeted the Frenchie, holding his coffee like it was his newborn child. For a moment, it seemed as if he was unaffected, but... no, there was that faint glimmer in his eye that said something was off. "You look... chipper. Something good happen?"

He paused, furrowing his brow, then point at the fountain of life.

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Mon 4 Jul 2016
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The House of Orléans [Jeanne]
Gina got a sweeter smile than most. The kid was nice. Dumb as two bricks tied together, but nice. Cute, too, although Jeanne usually went out of her way not to entertain that kind of thinking too much. Or...well, she used to. ...No, she still wasn't going to fuck high schoolers, was she? It wasn't like having divine right made that okay. ...No, wait, that by definition made it okay. Hrm.

...Zeus fucked all kinds of things, too, but she decided immediately that Zeus was not someone she wanted to model her godhood on, with all the rape and bestiality.

The point was, Gina had great tits for a high schooler and Jeanne would remember that if she suddenly found her morals sliding down a pair of big, slippery slopes.

When she hit the teachers' lounge, Jeanne settled right in on a couch, flashing Ms. Turner a grin and a little 'hey'. She was nervous, and that Nervous was cute. Very cute on Cassie, who was very cute to start with. The phrase 'house mouse' came to mind instantly, but Jeanne brushed it away, taking an extra moment to take in that sweet nervous energy instead.

Genevieve grabbed Jeanne's attention off of Cassie quickly, possibly for the best, and her smile turned a little stiffer, both awkward and a little bold. She had been the first one to come to mind when the idea of a cult came up, but she suddenly felt like a dog that caught the car it was chasing.

"Bonjour, Genevieve," she started, throwing in her own little wave, then...sort of stopping in her tracks, sweating just a little. Should she ask about the kids? Or what the lesson plan was? Shit, all it took was 'Morning, Jeanne~' to make her feel like totally not a god at all.

She was equal parts annoyed and relieved at Glenn's offer, her smile relaxing into something more natural.

"Ouais, zat would be great. I am 'oping wis some luck, I can make it until lunch wizzout wanting to die today. Ze morning was long. Surprisingly good, but long."

He wasn't her type, being of the Y-chromosome persuasion, but that didn't mean Jeanne didn't like him. It didn't mean she'd say no to having him in a cult, either. He was easy to be around, generally a lot of fun and the kind of guy who'd have your back if you did something stupid. Which Jenny tended to end up doing here and there. Honestly, he almost made her a little bit jealous, with the way he carried a room.