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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
A gentle hand ran through Jeanne's hair as Luka pulled her closer. The Russian smiled down at the French woman, shifting her position into more of a proper cuddle.

"They sent the wrong person to babysit you, I think," she murmured. "I was supposed to just stay out of the way and observe, but... You share with Luka and maybe Luka can help you out a bit, yes? I am, eh, curious about your kind and eager to learn."

The Russian shimmied a bit further so the two of them could lay down on the couch, even if it meant Jeanne had to mostly lay down on top of her. Luka didn't seem to mind in the slightest, despite Jeanne's... build.

"So, eh, how is everything?" She asked, stroking Jeanne's hair like her own pet goddess. "All of... this? Whatever you want to call it."
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
Jeanne relaxed into Luka's arms, burying her face in the younger woman's shoulder. It was a warm, comforting feeling, familiar in some ways and very different in others; she'd remembered it from a much more violent time, hazy with a sort of bloodlust and probably not as many meds as she should have been on. It was purer now, sort of, but in a way Luka also acted as a sort of bastion of normalcy, and a bridge between her old life and her new one.

She didn't hate that the Wake didn't seem to affect the Russian much, if at all.

"'Igh Priestess, 'Ead Consort, Seer and Advisair...ouais, yeah, I sink Court Wizaird is still open. I will 'ave to check wis my people, we will get back to you," the goddess cackled.

She took a moment to collect her thoughts before she tackled Luka's second question.

"We 'ave been calling it Art Club, but eh, I do not 'ave any illusions about it, you know? It iz a cult. My Seer 'ad a vizion about you, so I was fifty-fifty on whezzair GBR was going to nip zis in ze bud or...somesing."

"I...woke up on wednesday, I guess. Whatevair 'appened. Since zen, I 'ave discovaired like, sree major powairs. Fucking supair strengss, which was...a trip, and ze...transformation, which iz a lot of sings, and ze Wake, which iz..., it iz brainwashing. You are ze first person I 'ave seen since zen zat resists it. It iz a subtle sing unless, I sink, I spend a lot of time wis someone, or, eh..."

Her eyes flicked up to Luka's face, though the angle was a little awkward.

"...Or I force it. Which I 'ave been experimenting wis. ...And zat iz why art club iz painting on 'igh schoolairs and zen cuddling naked in ze bass."

Maybe she should have taken a step back and explained about Papa, but...there might have still been a line she could cross that would send Luka back to their old bosses. Regardless of the reason she'd intended to come here to begin with.

"I am getting ze gang all togezzair sometime zis weekend, at a biggair meeting place. Zey 'ave a pool, it will be great."
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
Luka murmured softly, twirling a lock of Jeanne's hair around her finger, then burying her hand in that long, wild mane. It was a bit strange to think that, back in the Choir Girls, Luka had always been the baby of the group - only a year older than Jeanne's cultists when they had come together.

"Court Wizard, eh?" She laughed, staring up at the ceiling as she considered the idea. "I do not think that would be so bad, if I get to have fun with cute girls like you do."

As Jeanne explained everything that had happened, Luka nodded along dutifully. When she mentioned the Russian's immunity to the wake however, Luka couldn't help but let out a small gigggle.

"I wondered what this was," she said, still laughing quietly. "I feel it, but it is like... baby trying to beat you up. I, eh, get the feeling the little goddess is not so tough just yet. Maybe is good thing that big, strong Luka has come, yes?"

She gave Jeanne an affectionate squeeze to make light of her teasing, but it was hard to ignore the truth in it. If Jeanne focused, she could feel the vast difference between Luka's will and even someone like Genevieve or Natalia. Trying to break her with the Wake would be not unlike storming a fortress with a BB gun.

"Pool party sounds nice, if I am invited," Luka continued. "I brought sexy bikini and everything, you know?"
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
"Merde. Fuck you," the baby goddess pouted. "It 'as been like sree days, give me a break, you know?" Jeanne had always sort of been the kind of person who would try to storm a fortress with a BB gun - all the better, likely, that Luka was there. Not that she'd admit it, or likely even look at it that way; the whole thing seemed to put her in a bad mood from the outset. She let out a string of aimless, irritated French before continuing.

"...Become a biggair fish and suddenly it iz a biggair pond, you know? It iz probably ze same for you." She pushed herself up a little, bit, at least enough to get a better look at Luka. Maybe it was an attempt to communicate how serious she was. "Ze 'arder I sink about it ze less I feel like I know what I am doing. My shit list iz growing by ze minute, and I sink ze old man expects me to lead 'ooevair else wakes up."

A pause, and she slumped against Luka again.

"Zis was a lot easiair on ze ozzair side of ze pitchfork, fuck. I need to get back in shape. Need guns. Need to train ze kids to use zem." All of her threats were theoretical, more or less, but it didn't stop it from weighing on Jeanne's mind, and Luka's pleasant but very obvious reminder that GBR (and, god help her, probably other organizations like it) was still a thing.

...And her Sisters. She would probably do well to start looking for them, too.

"I am trying to remembair what ze freaks we used to 'unt did right, and what zey did wrong. Pain in ze ass, Shark. ...Luka."
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
"Old-" Luka began to say before letting out an irritated growl. "Guns? Fucking training kids to shoot? What the fuck war are you thinking of fighting, eh? Fucking schoolgirls is one thing, but making them fight? Doing the same shit to them that people did to us? To me?"

The Russian brought her hand around from Jeanne's hair, stroking the goddess's cheek, and finally coming to a stop on her shoulder. It was hard to find any one emotion in Luka's expression. Her brow said she was frustrated and her lips said she was angry, but more than anything else, her eyes were worried.

"This is exactly the reason I come here to look after you," she said, putting on her Mama Luka voice. "Four years and you are still... You are still Jenny."

The Russian let out a soft chuckle and pulled Jeanne closer, giving her a gentle kiss on the forehead. She even ruffled the goddess's hair for good measure.

"What the fuck am I going to do with you, eh? Still scare the shits out of me, after all this years. Just... relax, okay? No one is going to come kill you yet, unless you do something stupid. So take it easy and get all of your eggs in the basket."
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
Jeanne met Luka's worried anger with a grim determination edged with a certain uncomfortable madness, the kind that took more than medication and on again-off again therapy to fix. A few years of what passed for a normal life did not really stop Jenny from being Dangerous, not at her core, but...

...but it melted away, mostly, when Luka kissed her forehead. It didn't disappear, it probably wouldn't ever disappear, but it went back into hibernation, at least. Instead, she just sort of moved on to looking worried and, in a way, exhausted.

"...If someone comes for me, I do not want a bunch of dead kids, Luka." She didn't seem like she wanted to admit the enemy wasn't exactly just over the horizon. "And..."

A pause.

"And look, I do 'as been a hard couple of weeks, you know? Just bear wis me or somesing, because a few weeks ago my biggest concern was 'ow to get ze 'usband of zis one woman I work wis out of ze picture. Wizzout just killing him. And sometimes I really fucking miss 'kill it' being ze best and most accessible solution to my problems. Now it iz just..."

She furrowed her brow.

"I do not know. Mindfuck it, I guess. And when zere are problems I cannot mindfuck it iz easy to want to just kill zem. And most of ze problems I cannot mindfuck are also problems I cannot kill, so I am chasing my tail here, you know?"

Jenny neglected to mention that almost all of these problems were entirely in her head or hugging her and very definitely on her side for the time being.

She sighed, the gears turning in her head for another minute.

"...Giving guns to ze kids iz probably a non, yeah. Maybe I can save myself some time and just find some cute police officairs..." she mumbled as she collapsed back onto Luka in full. "I was always a shitty shot anyway, I do not sink I could train zem."

Another pause, and she smiled into Luka's chest.

"A couple of zem 'ave potential for CQC, zough."
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
"Still the same Jenny..." Luka murmured, running a hand through Jeanne's hair again. "Like I say, is why Luka is here. Make sure Jenny does not get too rash and do something stupid, like... Shit, I don't know. Armed takeover of the mayor's office, maybe."

She laughed, but no, that definitely sounded like something Jeanne might consider at the moment.

"By the time someone comes for you, and Jenny and Luka can not handle it by themselves, then you will be prepare. Nobody is going to come for you this week, or next week, or shit, probably not even this year. Then, maybe, you will have soldiers who are not fucking teenagers with guns. Until then, just... take it easy."

The Russian let out a contented sigh as she settled in and buried her face in Jeanne's hair. While one hand played with the Frenchwoman's locks, the other slipped down, fingertips brushing against Jeanne's lower back before abruptly diving under her shorts and panties. Luka groped at Jeanne's derrière, gentle but firm, as if to plant her flag on those heavenly cheeks and claim them as her own.

"J'ai raté cet cul," Luka sighed, smiling blissfully as she dug her fingers in to punctuate the statement. Apparently, she was under the impression that whispering in French was sexy even to actual French people.

"So... when is pool party?" She asked, still absent-mindedly massaging Jeanne's rear. "You never tell me if I am actually invited."

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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
Jenny's back arched not entirely unlike a cat's as Luka's hand trailed down, and she couldn't help bug giggle as the Russian squeezed, her face burning red at the decidedly un-Jenny-like sound. She slid upward to meet Luka face-to-face, touching their noses together for a fraction of a second and meeting the blonde's eyes with her own.

"I am not sure yet, you know? You might 'ave to convince me." Her lips brushed playfully against Luka's, and it was abundantly clear that...well, Jenny was still Jenny in a lot of ways. It was probably inevitable that they'd do this less than an hour after they met up again...or maybe Luka was just that much of a charmer.

More than likely, it was six of one, half a dozen of the other.
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
"Convincing, eh?" Luka teased, giving Jeanne a rougher squeeze. "I suppose Luka will have to show you the benefits of a Court Wizard, yes?"

Kissing had always been Luka's bedroom fixation, and the moment Jeanne brushed her lips, Luka's switch was fully flipped. The hand buried in Jeanne's hair pulled her in for a much longer, much more passionate kiss. Luka had always kissed like a natural lover, but this, somehow, was different. It was a kiss between two slightly-more-than-friends who hadn't seen each other in four years and, had circumstances been anything else, could have been much, more.

The hand in Jeanne's hair then wandered down to join the other, working over Jeanne's main attraction as she pleased. Shifting slightly, the Russian held the goddess's hips down, grinding Jeanne's crotch against her-

Wait no, hang on, Luka didn't have-



Well, that was one benefit of a Court Wizard.

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Wed 14 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
Jeanne broke the kiss only once and only briefly in a moment of surprise, reaching down to grope around between them. She furrowed her brow, then, but a moment was just a moment, a wizard was wizard, and if there was any time in her life to try something new, it was this one.

...She made a mental note to ask about it later.


Jenny completely forgot about that mental note as she snuggled with Luka afterward, a pleasant sort of fuzzy afterglow with a familiar scent and nowhere to be. Almost nowhere to be.

She'd really been looking forward to the pool party up until she had to pull herself away from her nest on top of her favorite Russian on her favorite couch with trashy daytime TV chattering in the background. The goddess groped for her phone over on the coffee table, but it was just a little too far and she was a little too unwilling to actually get it.

"...I 'ave to buy body paint," she mumbled. "...and maybe 'ave Natalia and Naomi set everysing up." There was a little pause, and electric amber eyes turned on Luka before she reached up to boop her nose. "I am convinced, by ze way."
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Wed 14 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
Luka giggled and gave Jeanne a quick peck on the lips. She really had to feel bad for those girls who grew too attached to Russia's Greatest Love Machine.

"I am glad," Luka laughed, letting a hand fall over the edge of the couch to pick up... some article of clothing. With any luck, it would be one of her own, but anything would do. The other hand was right back on Jeanne's rear, and probably wouldn't be going anywhere until Jeanne did. It was just too nice to play with.

"Why don't, eh, you let me pick up paints?" Luka offered, fishing up a pair of panties on the end of a hooked finger. Nope, not hers. "Just make me list, you can put everything else together."

Bra? Oh, that one was right. She wasn't exactly in a position to put it on just yet, however. Giving up for the time being, she wrapped her arm around Jeanne and squeezed her tight, enjoying her warmth.

"Mm, you know," Luka murmured, half to herself, "I suppose if is your cult, I don't need sexy bikini... Would have to put Little Luka away, though..."
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Wed 14 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
"I was sinking about asking, but eh, I did not want to put too much on you, you know?" Jeanne settled back in against Luka's neck for a moment, then begrudgingly pulled herself out of the blonde's grasp, lazily going for her tank top. "It should not be much. Maybe more tarp. Body paints. Somesing somesing...I do not know if I should bring wine or somesing. Maybe make it a sacrament."

She glanced back to Luka with a sheepish smile.

"I am still figuring out zis cult meetings and rituals shit. I sink I 'ave some ideas from watching ze girls paint on each ozzair last time? It iz just a hunch, but I sink I can use it for somesing."

Watching Jeanne wiggle into her panties was probably a wonder of the world. If it wasn't, it should have been.

"I sink you should still bring ze bikini, just in case? I 'ave only, eh...I 'ave only slept wis two girls out of seven. Plus ze parents of one of zem. I cannot promise it will turn into an orgy." Though with Luka there, the chances went up significantly...

Jeanne idly wondered if the swimming pool was going to be big enough for her full snake form...maybe that was just a bad thing to expect, but it would be kind of amazing, and she'd get to show off to Luka...

The goddess snagged her phone a moment later and scrolled down to Natalia's number, then fired off a text.

-I still need Isabelle's address chouchou. Also gather the girls for sometime tonight. 7 or 8-

She paused and looked back over to Luka after she sent her text.

"Should we buy snacks? I 'ave not srown a cult meeting before."
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Wed 14 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
Luka sat up herself, taking a moment just to enjoy the show as Jeanne got dressed. Four years later and it was still just as fun to watch...

"Is nothing, don't worry about it," Luka answered. Her tattoos glowed momentarily as the Russian waved a hand, dismissing her special soldier. "I think tarp will be easier to move in my truck than Jenny's bike, anyway."

She bent down to find her own underwear and reluctantly stood to get dressed, still keeping an eye on Jeanne as she went.

"They will probably have booze there, is fine," she answered, shimmying back into her jeans. "If it does not turn into orgy, you are doing this cult thing wrong, I think."

Jeanne's text got a response a mere minute later. It wasn't hard to imagine Natalia anxiously waiting for details on the weekend's meetup. Along with Isabelle's address, Natalia added.

-Shouldnt we wait til u talk to Isabelle's parents? Or are we meeting somewhere else if that doesnt work out?-

Luka tossed on her tanktop and coat last, flicking the lapel for show.

"Snacks would be good, yes," she said, grinning. "So, eh, is there any girls Luka is not allowed to touch? Which one is prettiest?"
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Fri 16 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
"Eh, zere iz a Japanese girl wis glasses and fish 'ands. She iz my, eh, my advisor and seer, so no touchies." Jeanne thought for a moment about whether she wanted to forbid any of the others.

"Ze blonde ringleader, Natalia, iz mine. And zere should be a shy little wallflowair, too, wis big boobs and glasses. Just go easy on her, she will probably already be scared and awkward."

She also weighed whether she should get a shower. Answer was a reluctant yes, given what else she had on her agenda.

-Heading there now. They won't say no chouchou i promise ;)- Was the little winky face too much? Eh, whatever. It wasn't going to get any weirder, right?

"...Maybe just be careful in general. Zey are 'igh schoolairs. ...And ze ones wis ze biggest boobs are mine if I am not busy."

Jeanne didn't readily offer her opinion on the prettiest, but it was probably Natalia. Or she really remembered their cup sizes better than their faces. Jenny was still Jenny.

Luka got a slightly awkward smile when Jeanne's texting was squared away.

"I am, eh...I am going to talk wis ze parents of one of ze girls, too. ...So maybe if zat goes well, ze maman iz mine, too." Nerves were turning back to excitement quickly. Having Luka there to give her a hand with the mundane things was a huge help, wizardry notwithstanding.
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Fri 16 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
Natalie sent off a quick, -Of course my lady ❤️❤️❤️- before Jeanne could even put her phone away. Such a good little sycophant.

"Shit, Jenny is a greedy girl, eh?" Luka laughed. "I will try to remember all of that, but, eh, I make no promise that some things will not slip my mind. Maybe you should mark which ones belong to who, you know? Give them, eh, little doggy tags or something. Would be cute, yes?"

Once Luka was dressed, she settled back on the couch and found her own phone to fiddle with.

"You know, Jenny," she started, smirking, "I know it has been four years, but I think I am still better with the normal people than you are. I will not break any of your schoolgirls' hearts, do not worry."

After a second, she waved her cellphone in Jeanne's general direction.

"Here," she said, "we exchange numbers. You can tell me where and when you want to meet, and Luka can send you dirty messages."
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Fri 16 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
Jenny offered her own awkward little laugh.

"You get your own cult, you can 'ave as many of zose girls as you like, ouais?" ...She couldn't help but think maybe tagging her favorites was sort of an intriguing idea, though. Maybe that would be her first order of business for the night, painting the ones she wanted to hog for herself.

Or she could just pick up a few dog collars or something.

The next point made her laugh, though she wasn't exactly proud of it - Luka WAS better with normal people than she was. She always had been. Most of what Jeanne had going for her was looking kind of scary when she wanted to, and she'd even lost a bit of that as she'd gained weight.

"I am a teachair, you know? I do fine most of ze time. I will just be mad if you seduce my cult away from me, you know?" She scratched the back of her head as she plopped on down next to Luka, still in her underwear. "...And, eh...If I do not worry about zem, maybe nobody will, you know? Since zey know."


"...Anyway, my numbair iz..." Jeanne traded numbers with Luka, and followed up with the address Natalia had sent her. "...and I told 'er to set sings up for seven or eight. Ze, eh...Zere may be a worst-case, zough? If ze sing I do goes souss I sink it really fucks people up. It 'as only 'appened once so far, but you know, it might put a dampair on ze evening."

She was pretty sure she had more than enough juice for two, though (even if it was weird to think she'd be doing it to a man; she figured Poplawski would be her first, if anyone, or Hoffman).

Jenny pushed herself back to her feet before long and stretched.

"I am going to grab a showair, zen 'ead out to set ze place up, zough. Can you sink of anysing else we will need?"
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Fri 16 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
"Jenny, you have brainwash powers," Luka pouted. "Be real here, I am not seducing shit away from you. But sharing is virtue, you know? Is no fun if you hog all the pretty girls for yourself."

Luka's expression darkened as Jeanne brought up the incident with Genevieve.

"You did not mention that part," she said flatly. For a brief second, it felt as though Luka might take her down right then and there, but Luka grunted and went back to her phone, muttering to herself. "...Shit. Maybe I can find someone to help with that... Lucille maybe, or the new kid... No, not her..."

When Jeanne got up, Luka eyed her as she stretched, then got up herself.

"Just give me list of paints you want, with brands preferably," she said, thumbing her phone to open the notes. "I will get tarp, ehhh, snacks, drinks and some other fun things I packed. And, eh, then I will meet you there once everything is set."
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Fri 16 Sep 2016
at 23:10
Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
"She will be fine, I sink." Probably. She hoped. The topic of Genevieve didn't leave Jeanne looking much happier, at very least, and that was if nothing else a sign that vouched for her mental stability. The goddess hurried to a notepad in her kitchenette and started scribbling down paints and brands, as well as where she figured the best place to pick them up was.

She may not have been used to using her phone for that kind of thing. Though Luka was certainly more 'with it' than old Jenny.

"...Lucille? New kid?" She couldn't help but ask, though there was a darkness in her voice. "I would razzair keep anyone else out of zis, you know?"
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Fri 16 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
Luka gave the paper a sideways look, but accepted it and stuffed it in the pocket of her jeans.

"Other mages," she answered, not giving the question much mind. "They are, how you would call, eh, warlocks. Specialize in mind magic, which Luka is, frankly, shit at. Could maybe fix things if shit gets bad, but I have no idea how your power works, anyways. I would not call unless emergency, or you asked. Is fine."

The Russian sighed and took a moment to recompose herself, letting the breath flow in and out. After a second, she looked up with her usual cheerful, rakish grin back in place.

"Everything will be fine," she said at last. "Tonight will be fun. We will go swimming, have drinks, play with pretty girls, and, eh, whatever else you have in mind."

As she headed for the door, Luka gave Jeanne's rear a playful slap and laughed to herself. Lukas will be Lukas, after all.

"See you soon!" She called out just before heading through the door.

With that, Hurricane Luka had passed and Jeanne was left alone, free to get ready for her big night.
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Thu 22 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
Jeanne nodded along with the mage's explanation, distantly grateful that there was some kind of safety net. She hadn't exactly experimented with it, but she could tell already that the blips of questionable sanity her Wake seemed to be able to induce were probably a strictly one-way thing; it had not, on the whole, proven to be a therapeutic sort of magic.

Luka got a laugh and a smile as she left, but the expression left quickly once she was gone.

...It was good to see her again, among other things. But she'd only needed to see that look for a second to know that with Luka there, she was going to be on somewhat thin ice. She was probably the best and most lenient babysitter Jeanne could have asked for, but if she saw or heard too much she didn't like, they were going to have a Problem. And she had a feeling it wasn't a Problem she'd walk out from intact, if at all.


...Well, it wasn't that different from her time with the Choir Girls anyway. Given the choice between embracing her best friend and fearing her, Jeanne consciously chose to just embrace her. Luka wasn't a harsh person, she'd do everything she could to make sure things didn't go south, and they'd wing the rest.

After another lengthy shower and a slip into something resembling professional - a blouse that made her look fatter than she liked, pantyhose, a pencil skirt, and an attempt at brushing her hair - Jeanne slipped out again, donning her bike helmet and making her way toward Isabelle's place to, hopefully, charm the panties off of her mother.

...And her dad, if she had to. Maybe.
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Thu 22 Sep 2016
at 20:47
Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
By the time Jeanne got on the road, it was nearing six o'clock and the sun was just beginning to set, casting an orange and purple tint across the town. The weather was Palmera-perfect and Jeanne had managed to catch just the tail end of rush hour traffic. The drive was one of the more pleasant that the city had to offer, taking the newly-appointed goddess from the edges of Fisher's Village toward the richer, beach-side neighbourhoods on the opposite end of town.

When Jeanne finally arrived in Isabelle's neighbourhood, however, things got much trickier. The entire area was a hedgemaze built for cars, with each house hidden from view by bushes that could reach ten feet high. The only glimpses at the actual houses were through finely-appointed gates - Oh god, Jeanne was going to have to use one of those call buttons to get in, wasn't she? Each residence seemed to straddle the line between 'large house' and 'small mansion', with that classic Southern California neo-Mediterranean style.

After a lot of dead ends, u-turns and general map-checking, Jeanne managed to locate the Amadori residence. Like most of its neighbours, the house's gate was tucked away between thick hedge walls, and there was a strong chance that she - and any other previous visitors - drove past it a few times before spotting it. A few feet into the driveway, she could spot a brick pedestal with something resembling a callbox built into the side.

Somewhere along the way, Jeanne had also gotten a text from an unknown number that read:

-Hi Miss O it's Isabelle! Got your number from Nattie hope it's okay. I tried talking to my parents but I didn't really know how to explain it properly so I just said you wanted to talk to them about doing some art club events here. See you soon!-

And shortly after, a second one from Natalia:

-Everyone's on board, my lady ❤️ . Arlene said her parents were really excited and wanted to call you tomorrow. She's actually really cute I don't know why we weren't friends with her sooner.-

Probably for various reasons, though her selective memory and new outlook on life worked wonders to bury them in the past.
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Sat 24 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
Despite her best efforts to dress up and look dignified, the moment Jeanne left Fisher's Village she immediately felt both underdressed and out of place (though that may have been just as much because there were no other motorcycle-riding office ladies on the road). Still, they were only mortals, right? Some small part of her assured her that everyone in this neighborhood was more like a credit card waiting to be used than anything superior and oppressive.

...Maybe debit card was more appropriate; it wasn't like she'd pay them back in anything but her presence. She didn't think too hard about it; letting her mind wander while she was riding was not really a great idea.

Once she found her destination, Jeanne parked her bike and checked her phone, grinning at the messages she missed. She made a mental note to expect a call from Arlene's (hopefully cute) parents and recorded Isabelle's number down in her phone.

With all of that out of the way, La Déesse took a deep breath and stepped up to the pedestal, hunting for a call button, then pressed it and offered:


...Was she supposed to talk first or just hit it? Did she need to hold it? Fucking rich people, god damn.
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Sat 24 Sep 2016
at 00:29
Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
A security camera mounted beside the gate swivelled and focused on Jeanne, while a familiar, chipper voice crackled over the call box.

"Hi, Miss O!" Isabelle said as the gate hummed and opened inward. "Come on in! You can bring your bike in, too! There's plenty of room in the driveway so just park wherever."

As the gate opened, Jeanne could see that the driveway rose in a steep slope and split into a Y-shape. One prong led to the garage, while the other seemed to disappear around the side of the house. And what a house it was...

Much like the others in the neighbourhood, it was just a bit too small to reasonably be called a mansion, but it was still enormous for a house. It was only two storeys and the decor was similar to other houses in the area, with beige stucco and orange-brown clay shingles. The front lawn, mostly taken up by the light brown brick and tile driveway was wonderfully landscaped with neatly trimmed trees and an abundance of bird of paradise flowers. The house had a number of small alcoves and balconies on the second floor, each with a lovely planter mounted on their wrought iron railings.

And if she played her cards right, all of it could belong to her.

In the distance, Jeanne could just make out a grey-haired man in an equally grey suit waiting by the front door - presumably Isabelle's father.
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Sat 24 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
Jenny resisted the sudden urge to flip the camera off, an impulse trained into her as a teenager and mostly trained out of her as a teacher.

"Sank you, Isabelle~" she chirped, then trotted back to her motorcycle to scoot it in. It took the teacher a few seconds to find a spot that seemed out of the way for it, but after that was done, she shot the suited man a warm smile and gave a little wave as she made her way up to him.

"Good evening, Mistair Amadori, " Jeanne started. She just...tried to think of it as a parent-teacher conference with a slightly ulterior motive. "Isabelle spoke to you already about why I am 'ere, ouais? Do you mind if I come in?"
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Sat 24 Sep 2016
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Palmera Nights [Jeanne]
As Jeanne drew closer, she could begin to make out more of the man's appearance. He was smiling pleasantly and looked entirely friendly, but it was hard to ignore the twinge of fear and anxiety that seemed to overcome him when Jeanne faced him.

It was easy to imagine he was a attractive man in his younger days, but given that he was a busy man with a family to look after, he had clearly let himself go a bit over the years. He wasn't fat, per se, but the buttons on his shirt held fast a good inch past his belt, and what was once a handsome babyface was starting to get a bit too baby.

"Miss Olbright, please," he said, reaching out to shake her hand. It was certainly a firm, businessman hand shake, honed through many years of corporate... things. "Come in, come in."

The front hall was just as impressive as the exterior of the house, with tile floors and almost too much decorative pieces stuffed into the room. From the tall potted fern to the, good god, four or five paintings adorning the walls, it was clear that the hall was designed to make a strong impression.

"Isabelle explained some of it to us, but I'm sure there are plenty of blanks to be filled in," Isabelle's father explained as he led Jeanne to the living room.

The living room, on the other hand, was far more modestly decorated, if still luxurious. The couch was long and L-shaped, with one of those cushions sticking out for laying down - the kind that looked like the over-sized mutant offspring of an ottoman. The couched faced a simple fireplace flanked by ornate candle holders and it took Jeanne a moment to realize that, no, that wasn't a blank white wall above it. It was a projector screen pulled down. A big projector screen. And, naturally, there were the more homey appointments: family pictures and old school projects of Isabelle's. The sorts of things that reminded visitors that these were actual, real people.

Currently occupying the couch were the two women of the house. The first was, obviously, Isabelle herself, smiling with bright reverence and exultation as Jeanne arrived. The other was a woman who could only be her mother. Like Isabelle, her mother wore glasses and had long, dark brown hair, though her mother's seemed to misbehave a bit more. She had a thick build, yet kept herself fairly in-shape, letting her wide hips curve beautifully into a relatively slim waist. And then there were the tits, which much have each been the size of her head. Neither Gina nor Arlene had anything on this woman.

"Good evening, Miss Olbright," the woman said, standing to shake Jeanne's hand. She wavered slightly as the Wake encroached on her mental bubble, but it seemed to only make her sharp eyes sharper. Her smile was far less friendly than her husband's, and it wasn't hard to imagine her as the ice queen of Coral High. "Please, have a seat."

Rather than on the couch with her and her daughter, Isabelle's mother gestured to the sofa chair off to the side facing them.

"Can I offer you a drink?" Mister Amadori asked, still doing his best to be friendly despite his wife's demeanour. That note of fear in his expression was still around, but it was hard to say which of the two women were to blame.