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Mon 20 Jun 2016
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Request to join - Information Thread

Also be sure to answer this question:

Why have you answered the governor of Wörden request for help in dealing with the strange creature's pouring out of The Great Forest?

For any other questions, PM me and I will gladly reply.

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Mon 20 Jun 2016
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Request to join - Information Thread
To get the 2nd edition rulebook follow this link here: I'll hand you the character sheet template for you to edit at your leisure.

For doing your character's stats I do have a few changes that I think will increase enjoyment:

-You can pick whatever career you want if you have a certain character in mind or you can roll it as the book instructs.

-Some career's are restricted based on race for obvious reasons but other's seem a bit strange. If you want a specific career that isn't available to your race send me a pm.

-Race, name, gender etc. can be rolled or selected as you see fit.
-Roll stat in order as per book, meaning WS first, etc. ending with Fel in the RPOL dice roller.
-You are allowed to exchange scores as you see fit. For example if you had a 30 WS and a 40 in BS you could switch them so you would have 40 WS and 30 BS instead.
-One Shallya's mercy as normally.

-Roll twice for wounds and for fate points. Keep whichever you please.
-One free advance as well. Per the book.

-Everyone starts with the following(copy to sheet, as you desire):
Common clothing(Detail in any way you like), or take it as the book.
Sling bag (ENC:5/Holds 200 ENC)or backpack (ENC:20/Holds 250 ENC) containing the following:
-Wooden tankard
-Wooden cutlery set
-Hand weapon of choice(Axe/mace or sword)
-Purse with 2d10 GC (/Holds 400 coins of any type).
(usable at start for additional equipment - do send me a pm listing what you got, just to be sure).

Once again if something doesn't seem right or confusing be sure to message me!

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