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Actions in Combat
Actions in combat:
Every person has access to 1 full action or 2 half actions per combat round.

Basic actions

Half actions:
Aim(+10% ws/bs for one attack)
Cast(Without channeling)
Move(Difficult terrain halves move)
Ready(Draw weapon or item)
Stand or mount
Standard attack

Full actions:
Charge attack(+10% ws, must be >4 yards away)
Cast(With channeling)
Disengage(No attacks of opportunity vs. you when leaving combat this way)
Swift attack(Can use more than one attack, must have 2 or more attacks/round)

Reload(based on weapon)
Using a skill in combat(Check description)

Advanced actions:

Half actions:
Delay(Saves a half action for later use, before next turn)
Feint(Opposite WS check, if successful, next attack can not be parried/dodged)
Maneuver(move opponent 2yards/1sq in any direction, opposite WS check)
Parrying stance(Can attempt to parry one attack, shield/offhand = free action)

Full actions:
All out attack(+20% to ws, but cannot parry nor dodge)
Defensive stance(No attacks, but all who attack gains -20% WS to hit)
Guarded attack(-10% to all attacks, +10% to parry/dodge)
Jump/leap(Jumping down or leaping across something)
Run(-20% BS,+20% WS versus runner. Allows full speed movement)

Free actions during combat:
Dodge blow(Agi skill check) or Parry(if in stance or having shield/offhand).
Only one of these skill can be used versus one attack, not both.
This means in short, that you can declare either dodge or parry against one attack, but not do this more than once a round.
If you are hit by a foe using more than one attack(via swift attack for instance), you can use parry on one, dodge on the second, but not both parry and dodge on the first attack.

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