A Dusty Old Tome.   Posted by Death.Group: 0
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A Dusty Old Tome
Please post your character here.
Doktor Hedda Toteile
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A Dusty Old Tome
Doktor Hedda Toteile (PL 7, 120)

Abilities [52]
Str 5
Sta 5
Fgt 3
Agl 3
Dex 0
Int 5
Awa 5
Pre 0

Defenses [8]
Parry 2/5
Dodge 2/5
Tou */9
Fort 0/+5
Wil 4/+9

Skills [26]
Athletics 3 (+8)
Close Combat (Medical Equipment) 3 (+6)
Expertise (Weird Biology) 12 (+17)
Insight 4 (+9)
Investigation 4 (+9)
Perception 4 (+9)
Persuasion 6 (+6)
Stealth 2 (+5)
Treatment 12 (+17)
Vehicles 2 (+2)

Advantages [12]
Equipment 4
Luck 2
Attractive 1
Fast Grab
Improved Hold
Improved Grab
Improved Initiative 1
All-Out Attack

Powers [22]
Flesh-Construct Body: Protection 4, Immunity 5 (Age, Poison, Disease, Suffocation), Extra Limbs 4 (Sustained), Quickness 2 (only while arms extended), All Hands:  Multiattack on Str damage 8 (22)

Equipment [20]
Bonesaw:  Str-based Damage 3, Improved Critical (4)
Handcuffs (1)
Lantern (1)
Wagon: Size H [3], Str 12 [4], Spd 3 [3], Tou 10 [1], Defense 6, Features: Hidden compartments, Living Quarters, Surgery [3]

Motivation:  Acceptance.  Hedda wants to find a place where she can be accepted.
Prejudice:  While pretty in her own way, Hedda is a construct made out of a collection of corpses, with visible stitch-marks showing where and how she was assembled.  And then her extra arms pop out.  People find this unsettling.  So do many animals.
Honor:  Hedda cannot leave an injured or sick person untreated.

History:  Heinrich, the late Duke of Gotha, was a great scientist.  Some called him mad, but as mad scientists go, he was quite restrained.  Insane experiments, yes, making a few monsters here and there, yes, grave robbing, of course, but he never resorted to murder.  Neither did his lover, the famed craftsman Domen of Krait.  But alas, Heinrich knew that he would never have an heir-- and even if he became desperate, none would marry him.  That didn't bother him, but he did so want to have a child to raise.

Naturally, being a mad scientist, he set out to make one.

He made Hedda out of fresh corpses and failed experiments, and she was the apple of Heinrich and Domen's eyes.  She was quite intelligent, and took the Duke's interest in anatomy in a different direction, leading to a study of medicine and surgery.  Domen made her a mobile surgery, and they all lived quite happily together.

Well, until the peasantry arose against Heinrich's fiendish experiments and burned Gotha Castle to the ground with Heinrich, Domen, and almost all of their work inside.  Hedda managed to escape the flames, and sadly set out to obey her fathers' last wish, and find a new life for herself in the world.

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