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Rules for Play and Conduct (Read First)

     This game is rated 'Mature'.  Mature games are games which have  (as some minor portion of them)  mature themes,  strong language,  drug use,  and/or extensive violence.  Mature Games must remain suitable for all ages.  I will not tolerate any violations of RPoL's Policy on Mature-Rated Games, cheating;  abuse;  OoC racist/sexist comments or innuendo;  harassment of Players;  excessive arguing;  or anything of this nature.  We are all adults,  so I expect everyone to act like one.

     In regards specifically to matters of a sexual nature  (as this game is rated Mature),  Players may use their discretion  (following the Rules and Guidelines of RPoL's Game Policy).  But try to consider the other players as well.  As a rule,  let's keep anything sexually explicit out of the game.


     Any Player not behaving in an appropriate manner  (or one whom I receive any complaints from other Players about)  will get a warning the first time it happens.  If the problem persists,  the Player in question will get a PM stating that they have been immediately,  and irrevocably,  removed from the game  (which I will promptly do).  No Exceptions.  We are all here to have fun,  so don't ruin things for other people,  and don't be a jerk.

Here are a few Rules/Guidelines I ask all my Players to abide by and know.  Some of these may seem harsh,  but keep in mind; I do this to be fair and to make a "level playing field" for everyone.

1).  I am the GM.  This is my game.  My word is final.
     While I do my best to make the game enjoyable for everyone,  there will come a time when I'm sure you  (or someone else)  won't be happy with some rule or action I,  or another Player,  have done or said.  I can't make everyone happy all the time.  I CAN, however,  make things fair,  which is what I try my best to do.

2).  NO rules lawyers.
     This game may use a lot of PATHFINDER Rules  (when in doubt these are the Rules I use),  but remember,  it is a home-brew game.  When I make any changes that may affect any of my players,  I do let them know ahead of time  (and usually we will discuss it and come to an agreement).  Also,  every PC/NPC/MONSTER in this game all follow the same rules/guidelines.  PLEASE DO NOT REFERENCE ANY MONSTER MANUAL or make assumptions based on that,  as I tend to "home-brew" them.

     ALWAYS make all your rolls via the "Dice Roller" App on here  (copy and paste the results into the post).  Fill in all pertinent information for the roll as well.

4).  ROLEplay.  Not ROLLplay.
     Being on a web forum is a perfect way to roleplay out everything.  A lot of times  (for ease of play,  and speed),  I will make rolls for my players when they interact,  describing the results,  not just telling them "yes you rolled a 20 on your Diplomacy Check,  you won the argument" etc..  Also,  I tend to not use maps during combat,  you will have to just use your imagination.  I will fully describe everything with distances and relative positions.  I encourage my players to describe what they are trying to do for their rolls,  then send me a secret/private line in the post as to what game mechanic it was.
i.e. "I sit there,  listening intently as  (NPC)  tells me his story".  Private to Games Master:  <IN-GAME MECHANIC>  SENSE MOTIVE: 22

5).  POST,  POST,  POST!!!
     Post as often as you can.  I only ask Players post four times per week,  as I know people do other things than play on this site.  I am aware we all have R/L things going on.  That being said,  the game cannot advance unless my players post.  It's as simple as that.  If for any reason you will not be able to post for any length of time,  PM me ASAP and let me know whats going on.  During combat, you will be required to post as often as you can.  I will not NPC your character or anything of that nature  (it is assumed your character does nothing or takes a "Delay Action").  We will have to work something out if you are going away over an extended period,  or during combat,  etc.

6).  Remember,  this is a GAME,  NOT real-life.  Differences between  PCs/NPCs are acceptable  (and sometimes encouraged).

     No one gets along with everyone all the time.  There is bound to be some strife between players, and players will be expected to work it out in-game.  IF it comes to PvP  (as long as both players understand IT IS A GAME and should be taken as such),  I have no objections to it.  Just don't make it an excuse for everything,  or make it all the time.

7).  Descriptions & Portraits
     Players will be expected to fill out a complete character description  (and have a portrait as close to their characters likeness as they can find).  Players may feel free to add a picture to their Character Description  (provided it is accurate and meets all of RpoL's Rules).

8).  GM Disclaimer
     I reserve the right to make any alterations to your character I see fit.
     This does not come up often, but I AM allowed to say no to whatever it is  (or change it if need be).  Especially if it's something I feel you/your character is doing just "for the power" (i.e. min/maxing, etc.).

9).  I pull no punches as the GM.
     First,  I want to say this game will be about 70% combat.  I don't make easy encounters  (for the most part).  I don't play nice.  I play NPC's to their Intelligence  (the smarter they are,  the more intelligent they will act).  Creatures follow the same rules as Players.  If the Ogre Magi goes down,  and the goblin shaman can cast cure wounds on him;  he will,  and you will have to deal with him again.
     Players and creatures are on the same playing field.  It is no different than healing your wizard, and he gets up and casts spells.  Besides,  if a creature has survived long enough,  he learns,  if of average intelligence,  just like a Player can.  So it is entirely possible that the party wizard lying bleeding at the feet of the shaman will get stabbed again.  They are evil after all,  not sweet and innocent.  Maybe the first level goblin is not that smart,  but we have already passed those levels.  It is your job to protect a downed member.  That said,  I am not vindictive or looking to kill anyone,  I'm just warning you that I am far more realistic than most GM's.  This does NOT mean EVERY combat will be a "Killer/TPK."  Combat happens infrequently  (unless PC's initiate it unforeseen).  But,  when it does,  it can get serious.  Not as much with "lackeys/cannon-fodder",  but the "BBEG" will be tough.
     Example:  I had a cave with harpies.  One guy climbs into the cave.  Sees the Harpies.  "I'm a fighter, so I charge and attack one."  So all five fight back and kill him before the rest of the party can climb and save him.
     Very simple example but my point is...  Why didn't you have the other harpies fly out and attack the rest of the party?...  Would you?...  Would they?...  Just to "spare a PC death"?...  If one drow came into your camp at night and attacked,  would you rush out to meet the rest of his party that you knew could not help him right away?...  No!  This is a very simple example,  but you will have to use thought and foresight to see your way through.

10).  Do not quote challenges,  CR,  "Wealth by Level",  or anything like that to me.
     You will find that I rapidly skip,  or don't care about wealth per level,  how much should be earned per encounter.  You will probably find far more than you are used to.  You won't find a +5 armor,  shield,  ring and cloak.  But it is quite easy to give out things that make a character stronger without making them invincible.  But, because of this, you will eventually fight tougher challenges than will be expected for your level,  provided you stick with me long enough.  You will feel like a hero at the end of the day.

11).  A fight will not usually be over in three rounds.

     I will sometimes use things  (not always)  like reserve troops,  someone hiding,  an invisible character moving around and joining at the right moment,  etc.  This relates to #9,  but I just wanted you to know that when a fight happens,  you better give it your full attention.

12).  Not everything in the Game World is "CR Appropriate".

     The Game World, much like the real world,  is not adjusted to your level of power or abilities all the time.  If you go off mucking around somewhere, you should expect to get hurt,  probably badly.  Or worse,  dead.  Just because you decide to venture into a dungeon,  haunted forest,  or the like,  does not mean that the encounters there will be tailored specifically to your level.

13).  For every action,  there is an equal and opposite reaction.
     Just because you are the PC,  does not mean you do not have consequences to your actions.  Sometimes,  they will be good,  sometimes bad,  depending on what you did,  and how you did it  (or even,  who you did it to).  If you piss off the local evil warlord,  he will send someone to set you straight.  Conversely,  if you save an entire town from certain doom,  the citizens will reward you.  It may not be in cold hard coinage,  but it will be a reward.

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Rules for Play and Conduct (Read First)

When speaking / Posting in-game,  players will be expected to use the following rules:

1) Players may select any color (OTHER THAN RED or ORANGE) when speaking in Common.

2)   When speaking in any language other than Common,  please use the "Language Group" section from the "Insert a Private Line" drop-down menu.  This way,  each character only can speak,  (and understand)  the languages in which they are proficient. (I will add them as needed)

3) Thoughts will be in "Quotations" in Italics.

4) Any OoC  (such as Dice Roll Results,  etc.,  etc.)  will be strictly done in a Private Line to the GM  (or any Players involved).

5) Any other OoC, which must be handled in an IC Post,  (such as the Cleric PC letting everyone know how much he channeled energy for,  a mage casting a group beneficial spell,  etc.,  etc.)  will be posted at the bottom of the IC post in ORANGE.

6) RED is reserved for GM purposes only.

*Tip: Use  [Language unknown:    <o>]  rather than "Private to group" to have the text visible but automatically scrambled for people who don't speak the language  (i.e. aren't in the group).

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Rules for Play and Conduct (Read First)

1) In the initial combat round post,  I will describe the scene and the actions of any NPCs involved in the scene.  Any pertinent effects  (such as ongoing magical effects,  etc.),  will be posted at the top.

2) Each player gets to make a single post,  describing their character's actions within their post,  along with any necessary rolls towards those actions in a Private Line to the GM  (any spell effects,  etc.  that affect another PC may be posted as OoC at the bottom).  All PCs who beat the NPCs' initiative  (or who are grouped together between different NPC initiative groups)  may act in any order they choose.
       i.e.: Player 1 and Player 2 beat the BBEG's initiative,  they may act whenever they want (Player 2 before or after player 1).

2) For ATTACKS,  include the results of the attack roll,  damage,  damage type  (B/P/S,  Elemental,  etc.),  if a roll is a possible crit,  include the crit confirmation roll in the private line.

3) For SPELLCASTING,  include damage,  Save DC's,  type of save,  if SR applies,  and any other relevant information,  etc.

4) For SUMMONING  (such as the various summon monster or summon nature's ally spells),  include a link to the creature's stats.

5) For anything other than those mentioned above,  include all information involved,  in the Private Line.  Also include any other factors involved with your actions.

6) I will give 48 hours time  (from the time of my initial post)  in the real world for all Players to get in their character's post for Round 1.  Once that time's up,  I will post a conclusion to that round,  describing the results of all rolls on all sides.  I will list the results of each character's actions in descending order of their Initiative Score in the concluding post for that round.  If a Player cannot manage a post describing their intent within that time,  I will be describing their action in the concluding post as a "delay" action.

7) After concluding Round 1,  I will then change the subject line to Round 2 - [location],  and the process will repeat itself until the conclusion of the combat.

8) During combat, NPC's and PC's health will be listed (next to the PC's/NPC's name) as follows (except for the person directly involved who will know the actual Hit Points of their character). Each one equates to roughly 20% health.
           Lightly Wounded
           Moderately Wounded
           Heavily Wounded
           Severely Wounded
           Critically Wounded
           Down (i.e. either unconscious, dead or dying)

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