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Dungeons Rules and New Items (Read Third)
The Six Rules of the Great Dungeons

1) Once entered you can not leave till you have found an item that can get you out. There is no going back once you have progressed to the next area.

2) You can not enter or leave a Dungeon by any magical, spell-like ability, supernatural or extraordinary ability. Excepted noted by an item.

3) Upon death in a dungeon you will be ejected and left unconscious at the entrance. Any Items you were carrying or on you person will be lost. Exception: Collared Monsters or bound items from class features or magic.

4) You will always start back on the first floor unless you have a item that allows you to do otherwise.

5) The dungeons are ever changing you will never find yourself on a floor you been on before. Or expect the encounters to be the same or of the same power. Do not expect to find anything you left or did not pick up.

6) You can not enter a Dungeon with more then 20 items. This does not include your collars. Minions are allowed 2 items each. Ammunition does not count for this.

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Dungeons Rules and New Items (Read Third)
New Items

Monster Collars

In the Realm of Vostrad creatures found in dungeons are traded, used as combat partners and even fused together to form new ones. This is the core item of this process. Every hunter is given one at the start of their career and can find another one within the walls of Dungeons. For those who have a familiar, animal companion, mount or other such minions can apply one collar to them. If you do so this is permanent application.

 Once a Character has gotten a second collar he gains the ability to fuse his minions into one creature. This is followed by the link below the cost will be calculated by the GM and cost DP point. This process can only be done within a dungeons.

Minions can be collard one of two ways. If a creature is render unconscious a collar can be applied to them. Second is to a creature hatched from an egg.

Collars are an Item that can not be bought and sold openly and are limited to two per character for use. They also can not be created. (Note:Collars can not be used on PC or followers from leadership. Second a PC can not control a Minion that is more then one CR higher then his/her level.)

Fusing Link:

Exit Crystal
A small blue crystal that can fit in you palm. When crushed allows to exit any Dungeon. (*note will work on a entire party)

Cannot be made. Cost: 5,000 GP

Pita Fruit
Small apple like fruit. When fed to a collard minion will fully heal and restore all of its abilities (I.E anything limited to per day).

Cannot be made Cost: 10,000 GP

Oleen Fruit
When fed to a collar minion. The collard minion is sacrificed with all items it is carrying to allow its master to escape the dungeon. (*note will work on a entire party)

Cannot be made Cost: 1,000 GP

Egg Maker
This rare potion only found in Dungeons. When consumed will revert any minion or creature back to its egg form.

Cannot be Made Cost: 25,000 GP

Minions and monsters have their own trade value in this game. To find a monsters worth ((CR x CR)x Fusions)x 100. Example a CR 1 would be worth 100 GP compared to a CR 10 Fused twice 20,000 GP . This is amount is double for Eggs.

Pendent of Memory
This artifact is a rare find in dungeons. It allow the user and his/her party to return to the last floor they left a dungeon on.

Cannot be Made Cost: 50,000 GP

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Dungeons Rules and New Items (Read Third)


I do not expect everyone to want to run the dungeon get out, sell loot, and sleep. Wake up and repeat.....So take a look at this http://www.d20pfsrd.com/gamema...#TOC-Downtime-Events. You can start things up to fund you Dungeon Delving.

Beyond just that you can change your community. If you find that you can not get the items you need or want. Tired of getting mugged or being charged to get into the dungeon. Use you downtime to change how things are.