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RTJ and Character Creation (Read Last)

    First, read all Notice Threads! Then, list your character NAME, RACE and CLASS in your request to join (no other stats). Your RTJ should also include a brief description, of your character and its history.

 Once you have access, a character sheet will be opened for you to fill out. Use the Character Creation thread to build your character and then PM a GM for approval when you're finished.

    GMing: If you're applying to be a GM INSTEAD of a player, please let us know and give us a brief description of your d20 experience.

    Note: RTJs sent in without reading notice threads will be REJECTED.
          3rd Party is allowed upon GM approval.

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RTJ and Character Creation (Read Last)
Use CHARACTER DETAILS to fill out your initial character sheet. Then, let a GM know when you're ready to be approved (note the RTJ rules). DO NOT alter the format and DO NOT PM your sheet. You cannot compete until approved. Don't forget a character portrait and description.

Table of Contents
Creating a Character

Playable Races

You can find the SRDs here: http://paizo.com/prd/ and http://www.d20pfsrd.com/


Characters are built using Build points (BP). You buy your race, level, and even starting equipment by spending BP.

Ability Scores
28 Point Buy (you can't lower scores for extra points)

Build Points
Start with 340 Build points to spend (that's 368 total with the 28 points for ability scores).

Hit Dice
Maximize all HD for player characters, animal companions, cohorts, & eidolons (not other summoned creatures or anything else).

Traits cost 5 BP.

Perfect Submission
Many players will overspend ability points or starting gold, or put incorrect bonuses or change the character sheet or leave stats blank (such as cost and weight of items). I expect submissions to take several tries.


A playable race costs an amount of BP to play.
   Custom Races are allowed.
   Any Race that does not have an RP Value are not allowed.

BP Cost
The cost calculation for races is as follows: RP*RP/18=BP cost to be that race (round down). For example, Centaurs are 28 RP. 28*28 = 784/18 = 43.5 rounded down = 43 BP to play a centaur.


You can choose to get your favored class bonus or +1 hit point and skill rank per level. You can have only up to 2 base classes and one prestige class. Each class can have only one archetype or alternate feature (not both). Alternate classes have their own archetypes (separate from their previous incarnations' archetypes). Unchained do not yet have archetypes. You buy your total character level using the following table for BP cost. You gain ability boosts, hit points, skill ranks, feats and class features for level ups, as normal.

Note: For those who take the Human Fast Learner feat you gain +1 HP/+1 Skill per level and your favored class bonus.

LevelBP Coststarting gold

Mythic Tiers:
  I will make use of the Pathfinder  "Mythic Adventures"  book.  Characters will not start the game with any Mythic Tiers. However, they will have a chance to earn mythic tiers as the story progresses.
     Upon gaining their first Mythic Tier, characters gain a mythic feat  (as usual).  This feat may be any feat the character meets the prerequisites for  (it does not have to be a mythic feat).  Characters also gain a mythic feat every time they gain a mythic tier  (instead of at every odd mythic tier earned).  After a character has acquired their first mythic tier, they may take a mythic feat in place of the feat normally gained through level advancement.  They may not take a mythic feat in place of a feat gained through class abilities  (such as the fighter bonus feat gained at every even level, or the wizard bonus feat gained every 5th level).


Sheaths and other items used for storing carried equipment are assumed as part of the clothing and do not even count towards carrying capacity or item limit unless they are magical or alchemical in nature, in which case they count normally.

All items weigh at least 0.1 lb.

The standard coin weighs about a third of an ounce (50 to the pound).

You cannot customize items unless you have the ability to craft it (assuming you take 10 with all checks involved).

Progression after Creation

You will progress on the fast track after character generation.

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RTJ and Character Creation (Read Last)
When you finish filling out your sheet. Send this with request of approval.

Total Battle Points: 0000/0000 BP used
 Race      ( 00 BP): RaceName - LinkToHumanRacialTraits
 Class     (000 BP): ClassName Level
 Abilities ( 28 BP): Str 10, Con 10, Dex 10, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10
 Equipment ( 00 BP): 0000/0000 GP used
 00,000 gp - 00 lb | ItemNameHere
 00,000 gp - 00 lb | ItemNameHere
*00,000 gp - 00 lb | ItemNameHere
*00,000 gp - 00 lb | ItemNameHere

Base/New Race Name:
Base Race Cost: (If any)

Racial Qualities         RP Cost
QualitesNameHere           00

Racial Traits            RP Cost
TraitNameHere              00

Total RP Cost              00
      BP Cost              00

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