The Setting (IMPORTANT) (MUST READ)   Posted by Professor Oak.Group: public
Professor Oak
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Sun 26 Jun 2016
at 12:58
Somehow, through a massive earthquake that literally rocked the earth, all the regions have been fused together. The world is doing well trying to cope with the fusion, even forming joint societies, such as the Pokemon Research foundation, where all the Professors have joined forces to figure out how humans and Pokemon alike will adjust to this new lifestyle. However, not everyone is doing so well. Legendary Pokemon have become confused with their new surroundings, and are causing chaos for control over this huge new region. The evil organisations from each region have joined forces, seeking to gain control over the people in this time of crisis. So, the strongest trainers have been summoned to join forces, and to liberate each region, and to calm and catch the Legendary Pokemon.

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