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Here are some details for the game.

Players will be 100/-50 points It is TL2.  The culture in the game is based on Asian influences.

Equipment will come from low-tech and we will be using the edge protection rules.

From martial arts we will be using expanded hit locations bleeding rules and combat options

 The genders are somewhat equal.

There is magic but it is rare and you can't start with it.  It is tied to the spirits and religion of the world.

Check with me on anythingbcinematic/exotic/supernatural as many things wouldn't fit with the setting while others would need a very good reason

The game will begin in a village on the brink of a potential mining boom.

The majority of people are status -1 with craftsmen and such being status 0 and a rare few being higher than that.

Later I will post the common weapons and armor present in the setting including some pretty statted armor sets built using rules from low tech.

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Thu 30 Jun 2016
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Creation Myth

Long before the existance of this world there lived the Hayami.  Great warrior gods that had forged a glorius empire from nothing.  They waged constant battle against the Denizens of the Pit who had the goal of returning all of existence to the void.  One of the Hayami named Rikushi had had visions of the wars to come.  She decided to end the cycle by forever trapping those of the pit.  In a Desperate Quest the Hayami followed Rikushi to ally with the great Giant Ganebo.  After securing the alliance by wedding Rikushi to the giant the final battle against the Pit began.

When all seemed lost Ganebo arrived and with a great gulp devoured the armies of the pit.  UNder the influence of Hayami magic Ganebo fell into a deep slumber.  His body became the world and his breath the air.  Ever Bound to her Husband Rikushi fell into a slumber as well deep benath Ganezumo Mountain.  Her siblings Rikoon of the Sun and Lunally of the Moon watch over her eternal slumber.

In time the Lesser Spirits or Kizumi came to pupulate Ganebo’s world and spread life across it.  From these Lesser spirits came the first men as friends to share the world.

Now Mankind pays homage to the Hayami for defending the world, Rikushi, and Ganebo for their Sacrifice, and the Kizumi for their gift of life.

Recent History

As Long as anyone can remember the village has been mostly at peace.  Every so Often a call goes out for those that would join the imperial army in exchange for rewards from the epires conquests.  The last Such conquest was ten years ago and by the accounts of those few that returned home it went poorly.  That conquest had been attempted in the far east.

Locally things have gone well recently.  The village is in an area several days travel from four towns and the City of Xing.  The area is overseen by a regional Governer named Mizou.  The Governer is well liked with the exception of how his son is allowed to run around one step above a bandit yet never faces repercussions

The Village is mainly farming families though there are some that work a small Iron mine in the hills and the craftsmen present swell the ranks.  If More Iron is found the small village is likely to grow into a town in its own right with the wealth brought from the mine.