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Continuity & Character Details
This will be the location for information about the world you came to Barovia from, and other details for character creation.

1. Because there's a chance that you, being 3rd level characters, have gained a magic item or significant piece of treasure in your travels, I'll be rolling on the treasure chart in the DMG and PMing you with any cool items you've picked up.

Don't wait for that PM before posting. I'll get to you long before you might need any item you get.

2. Also due to 3rd level, ignore the starting wealth in the PH. Roll 1d20 and triple it. If you roll 3 or under, you have 10gp.

3. Your characters already know each other and have been adventuring together as a group for a year or more when our story begins.

4. Before you were taken to Barovia, you lived and adventured in the Seven Sovereignties. These lands were once the dominion of the Empire of Valentia (which took up the western 70% of a continent of the same name) before it fell nearly 700 years ago. There were decades of war after the empire fell as senators, lords, generals and high mages struggled over the resources, trade routes and land that had once been shared by all Imperial citizens. Eventually the warring parties, exhausted, came to an agreement which carved out seven states which would live in peace and, if necessary, come to each other's defense.

5. In the Seven Sovereignties, most who are religious follow gods from the Greco-Roman pantheon, but there are followers of other gods scattered throughout the lands.

6. In recent months, a vast horde of undead has swarmed out of the Astrani Woods and laid waste to the eastern portions of two of the seven states. The High Queen (appointed by the other sovereigns as a supreme commander of their armies during the crisis) has called for adventurers or anyone with military experience to rally to Saint Liam, the capital of the eastern state of Penthesileia. You were headed there when you stopped to camp in a misty wood on a pleasant summer night...

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Continuity & Character Details

Magic items

Valentia's magic was far more advanced than anything in common use now, and relied at least partially on The Font, a source of arcane power that was a closely guarded secret. Much of the Valentian magical knowledge was lost in various purges by the three Mad Emperors and the Raving Triumvirate. Many of the spells that are commonly used by wizards today were "back-engineered" from "Valentian relics" preserved after the fall or recovered from Valentian ruins by adventurers.

These relics are relatively common in the ruins of the Empire. Each is infused with a single spell, identifiable and usable one to three times by anyone who possesses the item. When that power is used, it's gone and the item becomes completely normal and mundane.

Some scholars theorize that the reason the relics don't work in the same way as other magic items is due to being infused with chaotic magical power from a school of magic now lost. Others believe the magic has simply faded over the centuries, and that the fading includes the spells that allowed the items to be recharged. Still others believe they had a connection to the lost Font which, when severed, made them significantly less powerful.

The reason I'm posting this is that some of you will be receiving such relics as your magic item. I'll post further details in the individual party OOC threads.