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High King
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Fri 1 Jul 2016
at 00:03
Char Creation rules
STRONG Sidhe Bias, default answer is NO on any other kith.

This may change somewhat as the game progresses.

I have a moderate bias towards Wilders for this game, as I do NOT want it overcrowded with Childlings, and grumps also could detract from the atmosphere im wanting

but if you have an interesting concept I'll hear it

Seelie Unseelie, or Shadow Court are all acceptable.

No Dauntain please.

Any of the 8 houses

Title is capped at 3

I want players in Politics, but not powerhouses, that should be achieved in play

Freehold is also capped at 3 (Thats enough for a modeerate noble holding, let greater sites be found or created in play)

Also , I'd ask that Freeholds, and Retinue's be laid out in detail.

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High King
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Wed 13 Jul 2016
at 16:03
Char Creation rules
ok well any more thoughts or should I go ahead and start a IC thread, so we can get down to it.