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The Dungeon Master
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Wed 13 Jul 2016
at 11:21
Getting to know you
Please answer the following.

What are your bonds with the other characters?

Why were you travelling to Elion?

What motivates you the most? (Doing good, treasure, crushing skulls, etc.)

What is your greatest fear?

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Cales dude
 player, 2 posts
Wed 13 Jul 2016
at 23:51
Getting to know you
Keenen will play an important role in the events to
come. I have foreseen it!

Goran  is keeping an important secret from me.

Caswell Blackhart was born in Elion. His father is the warden of Drakegate district in Elion.

Caswells motivation is to unlock magical secrets.

Caswell fears nothing. He fears something unimaginable or something I haven't come up with yet
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Thu 14 Jul 2016
at 21:57
Getting to know you
     Keenen Arrow-Eye owes me his life, whether he admits it or not.
     I worry about the ability of Caswell Blackhart to survive in the dungeon.

Goran was traveling to Elion from his home, a dwarf settlement in the south (name TBD), in order to find work as a mercenary.

Goran is motivated by a desire to be free from both rules and obligations. He is also motivated by the desire to acquire lots and lots of gold, since being rich will allow him to do (more or less) as he pleases.

Goran's greatest fear is imprisonment, slavery, or being a captive of any kind. He is also mildly afraid of thunderstorms, since he grew up mostly underground and is not accustomed to them.

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Keenan Arrow-Eye
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Fri 5 Aug 2016
at 12:05
Getting to know you
I have guided Goran before, and he owes me for it.

Caswell doesn't understand how to survive in nature, so I will teach him.

Keenan is a wanderer, and Elion is as good a place to go as any...

Keenan's prime motivation is survival. As an exile he searches for his place in the world, allies to guard his back, and a way to right the wrongs he caused in his homeland.

Keenan's major fear is death. He has an aversion to giant spiders.

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