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Tue 12 Jul 2016
at 20:34
Basic qualifications for players:

  • Must be able to post three times a week at minimum (allowing for real-life issues from time to time, of course) and be willing to give me advanced head's up when you can't post.
  • Must be willing to commit for at least THREE MONTHS or until the end of the module, if that (improbably) happens to be before the end of the three months.
  • Must be able to write reasonably well--complete sentences, coherent thoughts.

Players who say nice things about the above but show to be lacking in an area (such as ability to understand the rules or warn the GM when they can't post consistently) will be warned and asked to recommit. If they don't improve, they'll be removed.

I am serious about the 3 months' commitment. If you can't do that, please don't apply.

I expect to run this as a series of discrete adventures. We can trade players and or characters around at the junction points of the story. However I would prefer to have people play out one section which is why I am asking for the commitment.

For your RTJ:

  • Share your RPG background.
  • Tell me about your favorite RPG campaign.
  • Share your Fantasy AGE or Dragon Age or Ashes of Valkana experience, if any. Not a prerequiste, just for my information.
  • Share if you have played, or watched Ashes of Valkana. Note I am running the adventures pretty much as written, so lack of knowledge is a plus for your own enjoyment, but not a requirement.
  • Please describe your character concept. These can be subject to change as the players discuss their ideas in OOC.

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