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House Rules
House Rules

The Golden Roll Rule

When in doubt, donít roll.

Please donít roll unless I ask you to. Rolling with the hope that something will happen will not help you. Think of it this way: your characters are heroes. If I think your character could succeed at a task with a roll of 9, then you will pretty much automatically succeed. Alternatively, if a roll will make the story more interesting or suspenseful, I'll ask for a roll.

This also includes suggesting rolls. You can suggest how your skills or backgrounds apply in a PM, but DON'T ASK FOR A ROLL.

Bennies & Re-Rolls
A general house rule for this game:

For those familiar with the Savage Worlds game, I am borrowing the idea of Bennies for use in this game. This is mostly because the dice roller here at RPOL is evil.

Unlike in Savage Worlds, Bennies refresh at my discretion, not at the end of "chapters" or sessions. I also award Bennies for good roleplay and as a reward for me having fun. Or in revenge to the dicebot for being particularly evil.

Also, when you use a Benny, keep rolling until you get a natural 11 or higher on the die. There is no guarantee of success; it just guarantees you get past this dice roller's notorious strings of low numbers.

Non-Action Actions
In most cases, things involving stats like Communication, Perception, and--often--Intelligence are not actions, and not limited to your turn even in combat.

Ashes of Valkana includes Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halfling, Human, and Saurians. Because the world is ancient and has had many different incarnations, other possibilities can exist for the right concept. I know Dragon Age has clockwork. I don't have that rule book, but obviously that is a possibility. Talk to me, and let us see if we can work out something that fits both of our desires.