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Three societies exist that the player may be a part of. Questions are advised because a massive story of text leaves little to be discovered.
Everyone is innately psionic. To neglect this brings on shame and social stigma. This psionic capacity is somewhat low-key tho. Everyone has it but for most people it's a rather simple power.

The Imperium
Resource rich cradle worlds that are ruled by corporate nations. Social classes are defined as ranking in a business with the unemployed at the lowest of society and the Owners at the top. Also known for gladiatorial spectator sports.

The Outlander
Pioneering individuals settled band of decently resourced systems. Social structure resembles feudal Europe with no top ruler. Each house has others whom owe fealty. Social classes are defined by societal role. 3 underclasses and 1 ruling class. Merchants, Warriors, Farmers, and Nobles.

The Eldritch
Quasi Religious society with strange psionic technology. Society based on martial and social success. Converting others to Eldritch rule brings promotion in one's Devotionary.

There is far more to each of these but this is a good snapshot.

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So far templates have been designed for 6 races.

Icorno (Organic Robots)
Lithymn (Stone Singers)
Silithe (Plant Humanoid)

Races named from existing sci-fi races are resemble but are not exactly the same their namesakes.

On the note of racial cultures, they tend to not exist strongly for a few reasons. I may retroactively add history for races later on but not yet. The reason for a mixed culture is that throughout most of their history the races have been strongly intermixed. This may change retroactively but as a whole people tend to view themselves defined more by the planet or system they are from then by their race. Also interracial families is a part of this setting. Children are the same race a their mothers. This may resemble the Asari from Mass Effect.

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Artificial environments and soft terraforming are used practices. Many of these are powered by Psionic Investiture.
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Sun 14 Aug 2016
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TL 7 acts as typical. Up to TL 9 technology is common but functions using psionically invested devices. Special rules with these. The rely on the user's energy to be present to function. This doesn't consume energy but it holds it from being used otherwise. It functions as a catalyst that allows the device to use typical electrical energy to function.

Pending research but possibly typical technology may resemble 1950's tech with more advanced stuff common but psionically dependent. Possibly looking for almost a retrotech and rough tech vibe especially with outlander.

Imperium may be more advanced with 1970's like tech.

Most is a case by case decision since deciding everything ahead of time may show missing pieces.

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