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Southern Wind
The Southern Wind is actually an Avalonian ship, built in Wandesburrow. Shortly after it set sail on its second voyage, it was attacked and captured by pirates, who prompt sailed it far to the south, around the Horn of Montaigne, through the Widow's Sea, past the Odisea Peninsula and the Signore Islands and on into the Numanari Approach. It's destination was Iskander. It foolishly attacked the Vodaccian ship Crimson Wind; the Vodacce proved more than capable of defeating the pirates and capturing the ship. A prize crew was put aboard, augmented by sailors from Iskander, and the intent was to return the ship to Avalon, or at least see whether it was still wanted.

The ship then retraced its path back to Avalon, and after suitable negotiations, it was awarded to Vodacce under Captain Marcelo Marino.

TYPE: Brig.


DECKS: 3.5+; poop deck; aft quarter deck (wheelhouse, captain's cabin); main deck (officer's quarters aft, galley fore); lower (gun) deck; orlop deck (crew quarters forward, passenger quarter aft).

GUNS: 20 (10 per side)

CREW: 39
CaptainMarcelo Marino
Lieutenant/First Mate/XONPC
Ship’s MasterNPC
Bosun’s MateNPC
Master of the TopsChristian Neville
Master of the Fo’c’sleSamira al’Anwar
Master-at-ArmsEdward Port
Chippy (ship’s carpenter)NPC
(Master) GunnerNPC
Gunny (gunner’s mate)NPC
Powder Monkeys10
Ship's ChaplainFather Alemberto
SurgeonLydie de Tuille
Surgeon’s mateNPC
Lolly (nurse)None
MidshipmenChristian Neville +2
Master Mariners2
Able-bodied SeamenNicoli Mushkov +3
Ordinaries (ordinary seamen)8
PassengerEtienne d'Emeraude
OOC: If I've got you in the wrong position, just let me know. Also, if you feel you'd be better at a different position, let me know that, too.

ORIGIN: Ships made in Avalon tend to be smaller and built for speed. Gain two Bonus Dice for any Risks involving speed and maneuverability—such as trying to flat outrun another Ship. If your Ship is from Avalon, it is most likely a brig, brigantine, or schooner.

HISTORY 1--Captured by Pirates: Your Ship was captured by pirates and probably sold to another pirate at one of the Brotherhood’s friendly ports. Your ship is equipped with smuggling compartments used to hide valuable Cargo (or Crew). When you hide something in your smuggling compartments during a Scene, it cannot be found during that Scene unless the person looking knows exactly where to look (such as if they are a former crewmember, for example—word of mouth is not enough). You can hide a single Cargo in this way. This doesn’t give you the ability to transport additional Cargo, only to protect what you have.

HISTORY 2--Friend of Iskandar: Your Ship has visited the docks of Iskandar, and is a respected and trusted friend of the city, earning the title of “Sadiq Iskandar.” You can spend a Raise or a Hero Point when encountering an NPC from the Crescent Empire. They are friendly, until you give them a reason not to be.

HISTORY 3--Prominent Battle: Your Ship survived a horrible battle and has gained a reputation for being able to survive. Your Ship can take 5 Critical Hits before becoming Crippled, instead of 4.

HISTORY 4--Round the Horn: Your Ship has a small and strange mascot from the Land of Ifri... a small golden-furred monkey named Simbu. He is considered a lucky charm--the Ship has Good Fortune. Once per game, one Hero on the Ship can spend a Hero Point to use the Ship’s Good Fortune to re-roll any number of dice in a Risk they just made, so long as they are aboard the Ship.

SeekerAlain GaspardMontaigneAristocrat
SeekerAlicia de LarrochaCastilleScientist
SeekerGabriela TorresCastilleAristocrat Scholar
SeekerKalen MacleaodHighland MarchesKnight Errant
SeekerMathurin BerkouchardCastilleSwashbuckler
SeekerSeraphine du RachietteseMontaignePorte Sorceress
CrewEdward PortAvalonFighter
CrewLydie de TuilleMontaignePorte Sorceress
CrewMarcelo MarinoVodacceSwordsman
CrewNicoli MushkovUssuraFighter/shapechanger
CrewSamira al’AnwarCrescentSailor/Swordsman
CrewChristian NevilleAvalonSailor

OOC: I think I've got everybody situated in the right group. If I got something wrong, just let know.

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