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Dread Pirate Robert
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Thu 4 Aug 2016
at 22:36
On Stranger Tides
The captain can tolerate some delay when the ship sails, as the tide takes awhile to go out completely. Fortunately, everyone seemed to be on board, so the anchors were hoisted and the ropes cast off.

The tide begins to pull the ship away from the wharf. It isn't until the ship is pointed out to sea and about 100 yards offshore that the sails are hoisted.

It takes about a half hour to clear the tide, and full sail is deployed.

It's then that the captain requests the Seeker's presence in his cabin.
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Fri 5 Aug 2016
at 13:45
On Stranger Tides
The tall blonde stands on the deck, feeling the wind as it catches on the sails.  A strong confidence reveals itself as he chants in a deep melodious voice,

"May you see the way
wherever the journey takes you,
sailing safely over rough water and weathering the waves’ dips and crests

May you find treasure in Earth’s infinite variety, beauty and surprise
May you hear the ocean’s music in every shell you hold to your ear

May your boat fill with insight, laughter, generosity and love
as you discover new landscapes and explore the wide expanse of memory.”

His voice fades, but not before ending with a quieter, "And thus the song begins."

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Gabriela Torres
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Fri 5 Aug 2016
at 17:55
On Stranger Tides
Gabriela heard the singing while on her way to the captain's cabin, and came over.

"That was very nice. An old Vesten song?"
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Fri 5 Aug 2016
at 18:08
On Stranger Tides
He shakes his head slightly.  "I heard that blessing once from an Avalonian cook.  He loved his stout.  Told me that he heard it was an ancient blessing from way back during the time of Numa itself.  Don't know if he was telling the truth himself, but it sounded a good tale."

He glances and grins slightly.  "Most old Vestenmennavenjar songs are made to be remembered while drunk, or while going to battle.  But we do have our share of great sagas and blessings."
Alain Gaspard
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Wed 10 Aug 2016
at 15:29
On Stranger Tides
Alain below deck insures that his gear is properly stored. He changes his clothes to something more appropriate for sailing. When he emerges back on the deck; he is dressed in dark pantaloons with a white laced shirt with a cravat held in place by a blue sapphire pin. Around his wait a blue sash that matches the pin. He wears a simply, but functional pair of black cotton gloves.

As he passes, "Lovely music." With that said he makes his way to the chart room to meet with the captain.