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Kingdoms of Sarda
Sarda is the northernmost continent in the World and is home to several large kingdoms. This is a brief overview of the various locations found within the setting as well as the general character of the world and its people.

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Cecil Garland
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Home of the Alexandrian Empire, currently the largest and most powerful kingdom on the continent of Sarda. The Alexandrian Empire has recently begun using magicite empowered soldiers and war machines in order to wage a war of conquest against the other kingdoms. In order to accomplish this, they have begun aggressively acquiring any magicite the Empire can get its hands on through both conquest, mining operations and occasionally trade.

Alexandria is ruled by Emperor Talon Victus VI, who ascended to the throne five years ago after his father became ill and abdicated the throne. Alexandria’s war of aggression began shortly after that with the first appearance of the Vajra and Steel Dragons. Since then, the kingdoms neighboring Alexandria have either been conquered or annexed. Alexandria is currently at war with the kingdom of Doma.

Even before the war began, Alexandria was the largest of the kingdoms and known for its military might. However, during the reign of Emperor Drakus Victus III, the Alexandrian Royal Knights were known as a force of justice in the world and would protect the people of Sarda from threats. Emperor Drakus himself was seen as a great hero who prior to ascending to the Alexandrian Throne saved the world from the threat of the sorcerer Thanatos.
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Doma is the westernmost kingdom, it once held territory on the mainland, but Alexandria’s forces have conquered all of Doma’s mainland territories and now only the Emerald Islands remain unconquered. For the moment the thick walls of Castle Macca and the Lion Teeth Straits keep Alexandria’s forces at bay. The Macca Bridge is the major point of conflict, built over a thousand years ago as the only land route to the Emerald Isles. So far, despite the odds, the highland warriors of Doma have managed to hold the bridge against the Empire, but most feel it’s only a matter of time before the bridge and then the Emerald Isles fall under imperial control.

The citizens of Doma are known as Highlanders, because the country of Doma consists mostly of large coastal cliffs, rocky hills and thick woodlands that give way to mountains in the north. They are known far and wide for being fierce warriors with indomitable fighting spirits, but they are the least technologically advanced of the kingdoms. Lacking the mineral resources of other kingdoms, they import most of their metal craft from Valheim and rarely use magicite, stubbornly preferring to rely upon their natural abilities. The only exception are the Doman Druids who are said to have a close connection with the land and wield potent nature magic.

Doma once had a number of kings, who each ruled their own territory somewhat autonomously from one another, but all paid fealty to the High King. Almost all of Doma’s kings have fallen in battle defending their homes against the Empire’s forces. The current High King is Caelan Lionheart who rules from Castle Macca and personally commands Doma’s remaining warriors with the two remaining kings of Doma.
Tiana Maro
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Sun 17 Jul 2016
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Fabul, the southern kingdom is the second largest of the kingdoms after Alexandria. Much of Fabul consists of desert terrain, but the magi of Fabul have used magicite to make the desert bloom, importing large quantities of blue magicite from the north to create fabulous oasis cities. Fabul is known as the Magic Kingdom and its magi are considered the most potent magic wielders in the world, wielding enough power to give even the empire’s magitek warriors pause.

Even before the Empire’s war of aggression, Fabul had a poor relationship with Alexandria and the two kingdoms would often come into conflict over territory. Five hundred years ago the Great War began when Fabul attempted to use its magic to conquer the other kingdoms, much as Alexandria is doing now. However, Alexandria’s might held Fabul at bay by forging an alliance with the other kingdoms. The Sorcerer King of Fabul was defeated shortly thereafter and the forces of Fabul were pushed back. As a result Fabul lost a great deal of territory and resources, most of it to Alexandria. While Fabul has taken no aggressive action since then, they have never forgiven Alexandria for that defeat.

Fabul is currently ruled by King Wasim Maro II. Little is known about King Wasim except that he is a powerful magi. He makes few public appearances and spends most of his time within the royal palace in Yarda, the capital of Fabul. So far he has taken no action against the Empire except to expel all Alexandrians from Fabul’s borders and increase the presence of the Salamandra, Fabul’s elite war magi.
Mogan Kupola
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The Moogle Kingdom was once located northeast of Alexandria. It was one of the smaller kingdoms on Sarda, consisting mostly of gently rolling hills and wooded areas, the moogles of Kupola lead a relatively peaceful existence, doing a great deal of trade with Alexandria, Valheim and Wutai.

While not particularly adept warriors, Kupolan geomancers were known to be adept at locating and using magicite, which made them a force to be reckoned with in combat. Kupola gadgeteers were also adept at using magitek, mostly to build defenses for their towns and villages. As a result the Kupolans were quite technologically advanced, especially compared to Wutai and Alexandria.

Unfortunately, Kupola’s magicite stores attracted the attention of the Empire and Kupola was the first kingdom to fall under imperial conquest. The Kupolan defenses, designed mostly to keep out wild monsters proved no match against Alexandria's magitek enhanced soldiers. Today, Kupola is under full imperial control, all of its major towns are occupied by imperial soldiers as well as its only major city Poporo. The fate of Kupola’s king and queen are currently unknown, but it is believed they escaped the imperial invasion and are currently in hiding.

The conquest of Kupola has caused most moogles to flee lands controlled by the empire. These moogle refugees have flooded neighboring kingdoms and been received with mixed reactions by the residents of the other kingdoms.
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Sun 17 Jul 2016
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The northern kingdom, rich in mineral wealth and long time allies of Alexandria. It is the most technologically advanced of the kingdoms and was the first to develop magitek, the process of using magicite to power machines. Valheim has remained allied with Alexandria since the Empire began its war of aggression supplying Alexandria with both magicite, magitek and mineral resources.

Valheim consists mostly of mountainous territory with a large number of mining towns. In the past, Valheim exported a great deal of its mineral wealth and technology to other kingdoms in return for acquiring resources it lacks. Mako reactors power most of Valheim’s cities, using gold and crimson magicite to provide light, heat and other conveniences to Valheim’s citizens that are mostly unheard of in other parts of Sarda.

While technologically advanced, Valheim has a relatively small population compared to the amount of territory and wealth it controls. Valheim Knights are extremely well equipped and resourceful compared to the soldiers of other kingdoms, but their small numbers means that they mostly act as defenders for Valheim’s settlements and are rarely seen outside of Valheim’s borders.

Valheim is currently ruled by King Edgar Figaro. His late father, King Magnus was a once a companion and close friend of Emperor Drakus. As a result, King Edgar and his younger brother grew up with Emperor Talon and the two are said to be close friends. While Alexandria’s war of aggression did not strain relationships between Alexandria and Valheim, it did cause a schism between Edgar and his younger brother Sabin. Apparently, unhappy with Edgar’s choice to remain allied with Alexandria, Sabin is said to have left Valheim and isolated himself in Wutai. Neither Edgar nor Sabin have spoken with one another in the five years since then.

Valheim is also plagued by a terrorist group known as AEGIS, which opposes Valheim's alliance with Alexandria. AEGIS activists often protest imperial activity within Valheim's borders and some have gone so far as to sabotage equipment and make life as difficult for any imperials they come across as possible. This has caused tensions to steadily rise between imperials in Valheim and the native residents.
Fang Yun
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Sun 17 Jul 2016
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The eastern kingdom, located within the high peaks of the Wutai Mountains. Wutai is an isolationist kingdom of monks, mystics and artisans who dwell in mountain strongholds built within and upon the Wutai Mountains. The citizens of Wutai see the people of the other kingdoms as barbaric. The people of Fabul are decadent, Valheim and Vena are obsessed with empty material things and Alexandria with power. Since the war began, the Wind Gates to the Wutai Mountains have been closed and the wandering warriors of Wutai who once traveled far and wide across Sarda have not been seen.

Wutai settlements are all built high in the mountains around a central temple. The settlements are administrated by one or more elders attached to the temple who are known as the Enlightened. All citizens of Wutai are trained in the martial arts and most can wield potent mystical powers. The use of magicite is rare in Wutai, typically only used to empower weapons, most of which are heirlooms that have been passed down through a family for generations.

Wutai is ruled by a queen, who is always chosen through divination by the high priestess of Da Chao, Wutai’s oldest temple. The queen is believed to be an incarnation of Wutaia the Goddess of Ten Faces who is central to the Wutaia faith practiced by the citizens of Wutai. Little is know about Sasame, the current queen as she has never been seen outside of Da Chao Temple, especially since the closing of the Wind Gates.
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Sun 17 Jul 2016
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Vena is a mercantile nation located on the southwest coast. The merchant princes of Vena once operated trade routes across the continent, trading with all of the kingdoms. However, Alexandria’s aggression has cut off many of Vena’s trade routes and eliminated a number of its former trading partners. Lacking significant military resources, Vena has chosen to ally itself with Alexandria. While that choice has spared Vena from imperial conquest it has also cost Vena trade partnerships with the other kingdoms of Sarda. However, Vena does continue to maintain trade relations with kingdoms on other continents.

Vena is currently ruled by Queen Isabella Catalina. She is known as a great beauty and her daughter Rubinia Catalina is said to take after her. Emperor Talon is said to be smitten by Rubinia, but so far, Queen Isabella and the princess have politely rebuffed all of Emperor Talon’s advances. With Vena’s alliance to Alexandria secure, Queen Isabella’s major concern at the moment seems to be the increase in pirate activity along the coast. Most of the aggression seems to be by a band of pirates known as the Sea Dragons.
Rena Shadowstep
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Vanara is not a kingdom per se, but the name for the western wilds that the Vanga Clans claim as their ancestral territory. It consists of miles and miles of dense primeval forest filled with dangerous, exceptionally strong wild beasts. While it is difficult to navigate for outsiders, the Vanga Clans are right at home within Vanara.

Little is known about Vanara by outsiders as anyone who doesn’t belong to one of the Vanga Clans is unwelcome within the forest. However, it is said that a great tree grows at the center of the forest. The Vanga refer to it as Amundi, the Mana Tree and believe that their god Hanuman sleeps beneath its roots.

Vanara has neither king, nor queen. Instead each of the Vanga Clans has its own chieftain who settle disputes between one another through contests of might, agility and cunning. While there are over a dozen Vanga Clans the five strongest clans of Vanara are the Sasquatch, Fenris, Kodiak, Panther and Strix Clans. Each clan has its own settlement within Vanara. The Fenris and Kodiak settlements lie closest to the border of Vanara in the east and south respectively, while the Sasquatch live near the Mana Tree. The Panther live in the north, while the Strix live the furthest from the human kingdoms in the west.