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Melee Weapons
Melee weapons increase the Physical Stress inflicted by Combat Attacks. Their Damage rating indicates how much extra Stress they inflict on a successful attack.

Light Weapons (Damage 1, Resource 1, Asset 0) - Light Weapons can easily be wielded in one hand and generally easy to conceal with reasonable effort. Dagger, knife, cestus, sai, club, claw, whip and khatar are all under the category of light weapons.
Medium Weapons (Damage 2, Resource 1, Asset 0) - Medium Weapons can be wielded one-handed, but generally offer more control if wielded with two hands. Most can be concealed, but it is difficult even with reasonable effort. Sword, mace, hammer, spear, staff, hatchet and chain are all under the category of medium weapons.
Heavy Weapons (Damage 3, Mobility -1, Resource 2, Asset 0) - Heavy Weapons require two-hands to wield and are almost impossible to conceal under reasonable circumstances. Scythe, great sword, great axe, halberd, lance, sledge and poleaxe are all under the category of heavy weapons.

Exceptional (Resource +1, Asset +1) - Exceptional Weapons gain +1 Attack and +1 Initiative over their average counterparts.
Magicite (Resource +1, Asset +1) - Weapons forged of magicite alloys inflict additional elemental damage based on their element. This adds +1 to Damage and changes the damage inflicted from Physical to a damage type appropriate to the magicite that the weapon has been infused with.


Ranged Weapons
Ranged weapons require the Archery skill to use and increase the Physical Stress inflicted by Archery Attacks. Ranged weapons also allow the character to make attacks against other characters in adjacent zones.

Sling (Damage 1, Resource 0, Asset 0) - A simple ranged weapon that launches small, hard projectiles as weapons. They typically use rocks as ammunition, though gadgeteers are known to supply more exotic pellets.
Recurve Bow (Damage 2, Resource 1, Asset 0) - The standard weapon of most archers on Sarda. While the exact style of bow varies, the general design is the same. Vanga tend to use bows made of wood, horn, leather and sinew. Human bows are made of wood, horn and linen string. Zagro bows are the most unique in that elite hunters always use bows made of dragon bone, hide and sinew. Recurve bows are still common in Wutai and Doma, but have fallen out of favor in Valheim, Alexandria, Vena and Fabul where crossbows are more common.
Crossbow (Damage 2, Armor Piercing 1, Resource 2, Asset 1) - Crossbows have grown in popularity in most nations, due to the fact that they are as deadly as recurve bows, but far easier to use. Crossbows are the standard ranged weapon used by moogles as they lack the strength to use or be effective with standard recurve bows. Crossbows are also the standard equipment used by the Valheim, Vena, Alexandria and Fabul militias. Vanga typically eschew the use of crossbows, seeing it as another sign of the weakness of humans and moogles. Zagro have no particular bias against crossbows, although most traditionalists prefer the old ways. Most crossbows require an action to reload between being fired.
Caster Gun (Damage 3, Resource 4, Asset 1) - Caster Guns are relatively recent magitek invention, typically found only in Valheim and Alexandria. When equipped with a piece of magicite, the Caster Gun is able to utilize the owner’s Mana to launch concentrated bolts of magical energy at opponents of an element appropriate to the magicite being used. Each shot from a Caster Gun costs the user 1 Mana. Caster Guns cannot be used without magicite and the magicite used to power a Caster Gun grants no other benefits other then allowing the Caster Gun to be used.
Mako Cannon (Damage 10, Resource NA, Asset NA) - Mako Cannons are magitek weapons of mass destruction employed exclusively by the Alexandrian Empire. Each Steel Dragon is equipped with a single Mako Cannon, while the Highwind itself has three. Not merely a scaled up version of a Caster Gun, a Mako Cannon is made up of a specialized array of magicite that channels power through a mithril and adamant forged focus. While highly destructive, each use of a Mako Cannon requires a significant investment of energy and require a significant amount of time between shots to recharge. The recharge time and total number of times a Mako Cannon can fire depends on its array.
Steel Dragons utilize a standard array that taps into the Steel Dragons internal mana reserve. Each shot drains 5 Mana from this reserve and the Mako Cannon requires three turns to recharge after being used. The Mako Cannons used by the Highwind and the elite Steel Dragons used by the Red Wings are more advanced and seem to only require a single turn to recharge.

Exceptional (Resource +1, Asset +1)- Exceptional Ranged weapons gain +1 Accuracy and can target opponents up to two zones away rather then just adjacent zones.


Shields are melee equipment that increase a character’s ability to use the Combat skill to physically block attacks. Shields can only be used with weapons that can be wielded in one hand. All shields have a Defense bonus that applies anytime the character attempts to block an Attack using his Combat skill. Shields also all characters to use the Combat skill to block rather then dodge ranged attacks. Shields count as melee weapons and can be used to attack with, but have a Damage rating of 0.

Light (+1 Defense, Resource 1, Asset 0) - Also known as gladiator shields or bucklers, these small round shields are affixed to the combatants arm.
Medium (+1 Defense, Resource 1, Asset 0) - Larger shields, typically of the kite or square design, these are typically big enough to provide full cover for a warrior’s upper torso. If a character fails to completely block an attack with a medium shield, he still gains 1 Armor against the attack. Medium shields provide an additional +1 Defense against Ranged Attacks.
Heavy (+2 Defense, -1 Mobility, Resource 2, Asset 0) - Heavy shields are typically of the tower design and large enough to provide cover for a warrior’s entire body.  If a character fails to completely block an attack with a heavy shield, he still gains 2 Armor against the attack. Heavy shields also provide an additional +1 Defense against Ranged Attacks.
Spiked (Resource +1) - Grants the shield a Damage rating of 1 when used as a weapon.
Exceptional (Resource +1, Asset +1) - Grants the shield an additional +1 Defense.


Armor covers the body typically with thick leather or metal plates to reduce the damage inflicted by attacks. All armor has an Armor rating, which reduces the final damage inflicted by attacks dealt to the wearer to a minimum of 0.

Light Armor (Armor 1, Mobility -1, Resource 1, Asset 0) - Breastplates, greaves, heavy coats and thick hide all fall under the category of light armor. It provides coverage of vital areas and reduces the impact from most blows.
Medium Armor (Armor 2, Mobility -1, Resource 2, Asset 0) - A suit of armor that provides full coverage of a character’s body, not just the vital areas and usually consists of overlapping metal plates. It significantly reduces the damage inflicted by most melee attacks.
Heavy Armor (Armor 3, Mobility -2, Resource 3, Asset 1) - A suit of finely crafted armor, with layered plates and padding to protect the character’s entire body from harm. Typically very heavy and not employed those who want to move swiftly or enjoy freedom of movement.
Exceptional (Resource +1, Asset +1) - +1 Armor and reduces the Mobility Penalty of the armor by 1.


The following are miscellaneous pieces of common magical equipment found throughout Sarda. Some require magicite to function, others are simply enchanted with useful abilities by mages or clerics.

Mage Gauntlet (Resource 3, Asset 1) - Mage gauntlets consist of an intricately crafted gauntlet made of metal and leather, etched with runes. They have at least one socket for magicite allowing the wearer to use and attune it. Exceptional Mage Gauntlets (Resource +1, Asset +1) have three magicite sockets. In addition to providing sockets for magicite attunement, a Mage Gauntlet grants +1 Sorcery when activating any Spells held by an attuned piece of magicite. They are common tools used by most magi across Sarda.
Sage Circlet (Resource 2, Asset 1) - While they can be quite elaborate, the simplest Sage Circlets consist of a metal band with a magicite socket fitted over the wearer’s forehead. In addition to the benefits of a magicite socket, Sage Circlets enhance the wearer’s mystical perceptions granting +2 to all rolls for the purpose of detecting and identifying magical energies. Having a piece of magicite socketed further attunes the circlet to the magicite’s essence, providing an additional +1 Bonus to detecting energies associated with that type of magicite.
Mage Rod (Resource 2, Asset 1) - A foot long metal or wooden rod specially crafted to attune and channel magical energies. Magi using a mage rod as part of their spellcasting gain +1 to Sorcery rolls to cast spells.

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