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 dying with magic
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Sat 16 Jul 2016
at 22:48
Magic is dying, and the Magus is dying with it. We travel together to the realm of Umbra where magic was born.

Choose a name for your character, and your preferred pronouns for that character.

Each character must have one of these titles:

Apprentice, Golem, Raven
Of Ravenhall

Hero, Swineherd, Midwife
Of Barley Town

Heir, Knight, Fugitive
Of Stormguard

Giant, Fox, Ranger
Of Mistwood

Merchant, Scholar, Crab Singer
Of Istallia

What these MEAN is something we'll discover during the story. You can have ideas of what it might mean and you can share that with us.  Or you can simply leave it undefined and explore it over the course of the game.

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