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1 - Ravenhall - The Bridge
The bridge to Ravenhall is understated, not exactly what one might expect on the road to a magical place. Just simple stone over a calm river.

Some would probably even be disappointed. Teller wasn't.

It had been a long, hard journey from Istallia and he was glad for the opportunity to rest. Teller had been surprised at the summons from the Magus. But, as is tradition in the lands west of the Sea, when the Magus calls, one answers.

It had been miles since he last stretched his legs and though Ravenhall was in sight, his body couldn't help one last complaint.

He climbed off the wagon and paced along the bridge, stretching out his legs. It wasn't well-traveled. Magic's importance was dwindling in the world. It had been a long time since the Magus had been more than a memory.

In his childhood, Teller had met the Magus, on one of his many trips through the lands. Teller remembered his gnarled hands, and his eyes that twinkled with mischief - that would suddenly grow sad and wistful. It was clear even then that magic was dying.

Still, the title of Magus had passed to Apprentice, and then another by now. This would not be the Magus that he'd met, or even the Apprentice that always accompanied him. This was someone altogether new.

Teller walked to the edge of the bridge and looked down at his reflection. An old man stared back at him. "How did I grow so old?" he muttered aloud, then chuckled at himself. "Am I too old for this?" He asked the reflection, but it didn't respond. Not that Teller expected that. Still, this was Ravenhall Island, probably the most magical place in the western lands. So, he indulged the idle thought, and waited.

Still indulging himself, he said to his reflection, "I must be off!"

After giving the reflection a little while to respond, he pulled his hundred year old body back on the wagon and nudged the aurochs into pulling his wagon along. "I can't believe I'm late," he muttered to himself. Summer was almost over.


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