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Rules and FAQs Please Read
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1) Conduct: Obey "Wheaton's Law" at all times. (Aka don't be a dink). If you have an issue please PM me to resolve it. Also this group is open to all, so there will be no content of a mature or adult nature, this includes expletives please, if your character needs to express displeasure, please find a non swear or replace your swear completely with symbols.

2) Posting: Please try to post as often as possible. I will endeavour to post at least 3-4 times per week but I am limited by your responses. If you don't post within 48 hours, your character will do nothing and the round will continue, if you ask for a delay, I will delay for 24 hours (no more) before continuing the round. There will be times when I am delayed or unable to post, when this happens I will do my best to let you know how long I will be unavailable.

3) Extended AFK: Should your group move on in your absence, they will do so without you, you will remain at your last position until you post again. For every "Day" that your group travels, your character will consume 1 ration. After 3 days with no rations, you will begin to starve to death. If you post before this happens, OR before you die, you can attempt to catch up to your group, or try to return to your camp/base to rest and await their return.

4) Starvation: each day after the 3rd day without rations will count as a failed Death Saving Throw, so on the 6th day without rations, you will die of starvation, the only way to combat this is to find food by foraging or buying more rations.

5) Posting Etiquette: Please try to post in coherent full sentences using proper spelling, punctuation and grammar.

6) Please separate your paragraphs.

7) Please post your dialogue in an easily readable colour, please also use the same colour and italics for thoughts (note that thoughts are not telepathically transmitted unless specified, so if you want someone to know something, you have to speak it.

8) Languages other than Common: I have set up language groups so if you wish to converse in a specific language, please use the relevant language group) Contact me if you do not have access to the languages that you should.

9) OOC: Please do not post OOC content in the group story thread. Relevant table talk should be posted within spoiler tags

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
please post dice rolls, and any other relevant comments or questions inside spoiler tags
Non- relevant chat should be psoted in the OOC thread.

10) Your character will be completely new to the world and as such will have NO backstory, other than that provided by me, everything needed to build your character will be detailed on the RTJ form. Your character will however have a background in this world, and the world will treat you as though you have always existed, despite your only just being summoned to it.

11) Dice Rolls: Please do not volunteer rolls for perception/investigation etc,  unless you are specifically looking for something in particular. If you're just wandering around you will be using Passive Wisdom and Intelligence scores. If I think you need to roll, I will ask you to.  All dice rolls must be made through the site dice roller and the copied into your post in spoiler tags. You may not reroll any dice without permission, I will always take the first result unless I have specified otherwise.

12) Combat: When you enter combat, I will describe the situation and give you as much information as possible including target location(s), Initiative, AC, HP and any DC information required. I don't know if other DM's do this but I plan to roll initiative separately for each enemy in an encounter just to spice things up a little.


"Your party is traveling along a road and notice a flock of Blood Hawks circling ahead, as you get to around 120' from the birds, they suddenly become hostile and swoop to attack."

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Roll Initiative and post your actions.
Note, in the time it takes you to realize that you are under attack and react, the birds have closed to 60'.
There are 5 Blood Hawks AC12, HP7, Initiative #1=11, #2=10, #3=3, #4=15, #5=16
If you act before the birds, and do not possess a ranged weapon, you may throw any melee weapon that has the "thrown" property (bear in mind the rules for disadvantage on long range) or you may ready an attack for when a bird comes near.

13: Initiative: roll you initiative as normal, and post your actions, be sure to check my descriptions for any adavantage/disadvantage or other modifiers.

=Player 1::
"I aim my bow at the first bird, and loose an arrow hitting it squarely in the chest."

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Player 1 rolled 18 (1d20+3) Initiative
Player 1 rolled 25 (1d20+5) Attack. CRITICAL HIT
Player 1 rolled 12 (1d8+3+1d8) Piercing Damage

Question, I rolled a Crit, what is the chance that my arrow goes straight through the first bird and maybe hits a second?

14: Resolution: Once everyone has posted (or after a suitable amount of time has been given for people to post) I will tally up all the actions and roll any enemy attacks for the round.

15 CRITICAL HIT: If you roll a CRIT, then here is YOUR chance to get creative. Under normal circumstances, if you roll more Damage than your target's Hit Points, that creature is dead, likewise if you roll less Damage the target is wounded as per your weapon's/spells damage information. On a CRITICAL HIT however, the rules can be flexed a little ;) you still can't kill a creature if you roll less than it's Hit Points, BUT you may be able to affect it in some other way. Likewise, if you roll more than the target's Hit Points, not only does it get to die in an interesting way, BUT if you can think up a plausible way to use those extra Damage Points, I will work it in if I can.

Example 1, in the previously documented encounter, Player 1 rolled a CRIT and, more importantly, asked if anything special happened...
Player 1 reacts the quickest of all his companions and shoots an arrow straight at the incoming birds hitting the first hawk in the chest. Player 1's arrow hits the bird so hard that it not only skewers the bird, but also hits one of the other birds that was right behind it. The shock of the hit, and the weight of the dead bird still skewered on the arrow, knocks the bird out of the air and it falls to it's death.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)

I like your thinking Player 1, have an inspiration point. This is how I resolved your critical hit...
Your arrow lodges itself in bird 1's body with the point sticking out, bird 4 was directly behind bird 1 and had no way of knowing the arrow was coming so it is a guaranteed hit. You rolled 12 damage, bird 1 only had 7 hit points so this left 5 damage for bird 4 who also had 7 hit points, leaving bird 4 with 2 hit points until it fell out of the sky

DM rolled 4 (1d10) checking to see if there is a bird directly behind bird #1 1= bird 1 (no extra damage) 2-5= birds 2-5 (hit) 6-10 (miss)
DM rolled 6 (1d10) falling damage

Example 2: During the first encounter in this campaign, the Cleric Jhon rolled a CRIT sling attack against incoming goblins.

  Following the others outside toward the wall, unfortunately his cloak gets caught on the door and slows him down a bit.  "Damn cloak!" 

  Pulling it off the door, he arrives at the wall he pulls out his sling and places a stone inside it. "I'm ready" as he starts to swing the sling above his head looking for a target.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)

20:25, Today: Jhon rolled 6 using 1d20+2.  Initiative.
20:25, Today: Jhon rolled 22 using 1d20+2.  sling attack.
20:29, Today: Jhon rolled 5 using 2d4+1.  Sling DMG with crit.

When I resolved this round, Jhon had not made any suggestions as to how his CRIT would go down, it didn't do enough damage to kill, but it did severely wound the Goblin so I also let the attack knock the Goblin unconcious. (If Jhon had suggested this, I would have given him an Inspiration Point)

The Dreamweaver:
Jhon loosed the stone from his sling hitting one of the goblins in the head, the goblin fell to the ground, unconcious.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)

6Jhon1610Jhon rolled 6 using 1d20+2. Initiative.   Jhon rolled 22 using 1d20+2. Sling attack (CRIT).   Jhon rolled 5 using 2d4+1. Sling DMG with crit.
6Goblin #18157  2UNCONCIOUS at 120' from wall

16 Improvised Weapons: Some of you may have noticed you have a shield, or another item that you didn't pick as a weapon, listed in your weapons. I had a request to use Shields as weapons, and I thought it only fair that if I allowed them as an improvised weapon, then I should pre-empt any other equipment that might be weapon worthy. For instance, if you have a crowbar, this to me works like a mace so I gave it the properties of a mace, likewise a couple of you got small knives from your backgrounds, I treated these as daggers, except you cannot throw them.

17 Holy Symbols and Arcane Foci: If you have an Arcane Focus or Holy Symbol on something that can be used as a weapon, that weapon is now treated as a Magic Weapon - there are no +1 bonuses or anything like that, but if a creature can only be harmed with magic weapons, these items will work. Also if your weapon has an Holy Symbol, then it's Damage Type has been changed to Radiant Damage.

18: Bonus actions and Unarmed Strikes: I have had some inquiries about these, and this is how I have resolved the mechanics. - Unless you have a skill or feat that allows a Bonus Attack or Unarmed Strike then you are at a disadvantage, and as such have no Strength/Dex modifiers for these attacks. This is to preserve the benefits of the Two-Weapon fighting, Tavern Brawler and Monk abilities.

 > If you are using a 1 Handed Weapon with nothing in your off hand, you may take a Bonus Action to punch any opponent within 5' of you (Roll 1d20+Proficiency) for 1 point of damage if you hit.
 > If you are using a 1 Handed Weapon in it's Versatile capacity you DO NOT get a Bonus Action
 > If you are using a 1 handed weapon + shield, then you may take a Bonus Action to hit any opponent within 5' of you (Roll 1d20+Proficiency) for 1d4 Damage.
 > If you are using a 2 Handed Weapon, you DO NOT get a Bonus Action, unless you have a skill or Feat that specifies otherwise.

19: Levelling up: When you level up please roll your Hit Die for that level and add your Constitution Modifier. If you roll less than half of your Hit Die, then you just use half of your Hir Die + your Constitution Modifier. Please see table below.

Hit DieRollResult
62 or lower3 + Constitution Modifier
63 or higherResult + Constitution Modifier
83 or lower4 + Constitution Modifier
84 or higherresult + Constitution Modifier
104 or lower5 + Constitution Modifier
105 or higherresult + Constitution Modifier
125 or lower6 + Constitution Modifier
126 or higherresult + Constitution Modifier

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