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Game Overview.

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Game Overview

S.P.Y. tells the story of the dedicated men and women that form the international Intelligence and Counter-Espionage organization or I.C.E.

I.C.E. protects the world from all foreign and domestic threats by the villainous terrorist organization, S.CORP.I.A.N (Sabotage, Corruption, Intelligence, Assassination and Nuclear power).

Set in the Swingin’ Sixties, six undercover agents have recently had their covers blown and have been killed off. The top agents of I.C.E. are sent to rescue a deep cover agent before they’re killed while the remaining agents work to uncover the mole within the agency.
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I.C.E. Origins

I.C.E. was created by the British government in December of 1953 before the height of the Cold War took root in the 1960's. It was originally meant to be an international, inter-agency network of operatives sharing intelligence to stop global threats.

However no other countries were interested and the project was nearly shelved. General Caldecott Trappe fought to continue the program and used what connections he had to help persuade various countries to agree and join.

Four years later in 1957 and the United States came on board first and offered the program its base of operations within its borders. Second was Canada, followed by France, then West Germany, Greece, Spain, Belgium and Israel among others, with Russia a tenuous participant at the best of times.

Now six years later and I.C.E. is a full fledged and recognized organization with countless I.C.E. agents working around the globe to protect all foreign and domestic interests all over the world.
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The Rise of S.CORP.I.A.N 

S.CORP.I.A.N's history is more than a little muddled. Most believe and agree that it was formed out of communist Russia in 1952 by a special agent that went rogue known only as The Face.

It is generally believed that S.CORP.I.A.N's ultimate goal is world wide domination. They are not above murder, torture and terrorism to further their goals and they actively seek anything they believe can help them reach those goals. S.CORP.I.A.N has high interest in new technology and science breakthroughs and therefore, scientists and tech experts are at constant risk of kidnapping.

Many high ranking officials believe that somehow, through some means The Face is pulling the strings but The Face himself is a mystery, one that seems no one can solve. Russia has disavowed all knowledge of The Face or any connection to him or to S.CORP.I.A.N.
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The Music

The wiki link here lists the Billboard Hot 100 singles of 1963 to help you get a feel for some the music of the time.

Similarly you can listen to this music from 1963 YouTube playlist

Get the "official" S.P.Y. soundtrack here!

The Lingo
Some of the terminology that was used during the decade. These don't have to be used but feel free to pepper your characters speech with them if you so choose.

Ace - Cool
A Gas - Having a lot of fun.
All Show and No Go - Looks good but has no go power.
Beat Feet - Leave the area quickly.
Blast - Had a great time.
Blitzed - Drunk
Book - Leave the scene
Bookin' - Going real fast
Bread - Money
Cat - Guy
Don't Flip Your Wig - Don't lose your cool
Drop a Dime - use the pay phone
Far-out - awesome
Fox - An outstanding looking woman
Groovy - Nice or cool
Heavy -  Needing a lot of thought
Lay It On Me - Speak your piece
Sharp - Real Good Looking

You can use these photos as reference to give you an idea of what the clothes were like for the period. It's not necessarily required, but sometimes it's nice to have a visual aid.

For Men

For Women

Fashion was a bit different "across the pond" however, especially for women.

For Men

For Women
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Additional Information

Intelligence and Counter-Espionage (ICE) Organization
 * Oversight: United Nations Security Council
 * Leadership: Mother and Father
 * Headquarters: The World Savings Bank and Business Building
 * Directorates:
   - Operations (where agents are assigned)
   - Analysis (analysts)
   - Research & Development (all the science and tech stuff)
   - Counterintelligence & Security (makes sure no one spies on ICE or blows it up)
   - Special Projects (assassinations, special operations)
     * ALPHA Team (the best of the best of the best; ICE's most deadly, feared, and efficient assassins, soldiers, etc.)

 SCORPIAN Organization
 * Oversight: Unknown
 * Leadership: The Face
 * Headquarters: Unknown (could be anywhere; island, desert, tundra, etc.)
 * Departments:
   - Acquisitions (finds items, tech, people of interest and obtains them by any means necessary)
   - Science & Technology
     * Reverse Engineering (reverse engineers whatever Acquisitions brings in)
     * Research & Development (focuses on developing new tech in-house)
   - Internal Inquiries (same function as ICE's Counterintelligence & Security)
   - Active Measures (destabilizes foreign governments, blackmails/coerces leadership figures)
   - Analysis (analysts)
   - Special Projects (assassinations, special operations)
     * OMEGA Team (the worst of the worst of the worst; SCORPIAN's most deadly, feared, and efficient assassins, soldiers, etc.)
   - Espionage & Sabotage (obtains intelligence, blows stuff up)
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