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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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Guns & Gadgets (For the Spy who has everything)
Every Spy that works for I.C.E. is given a standard issue case containing the following items:

Cyanide cigarette

In case of capture where breakout or rescue seems unlikely - Don't confuse it with your favorite pack of Camels!

Bug detector

A small device that is designed to detect the presence of a phone tap device in a regular telephone. Looks like a everyday belt buckle, I.C.E. agents always go everywhere in style.

Tape recorder camera

A small reel-to-reel tape recorder hidden within a camera. Very handy for surveillance work. The audio is very nice as well.

Dagger shoe

A shoe with a poisoned blade concealed within the tip, worn by I.C.E. agents. Every smartly dressed agent has one or two. Never can be too careful.

Garrote watch

A wristwatch from which a wire garrote can be drawn. A sensible watch for the discerning agent.

Homing beacons

Small devices that can be hidden in the heel of a shoe. No one will ever suspect while your out on the dance floor.

Attaché Case

More than just a fashion statement, this cleverly disguised case features forty rounds of spare ammunition, a retractable throwing knife, and an AR7 folding sniper rifle.

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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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Guns & Gadgets (For the Spy who has everything)
The weapon of choice for many I.C.E. agents:

Beretta Model 1934

Beretta Model 1935

Walther PPK

FN Model 1910 with silencer

AR-7 sniper rifle (always kept in a smart looking "attache" case)

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Thu 21 Jul 2016
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Guns & Gadgets (For the Spy who has everything)
No I.C.E. agent is complete without his fancy automobile! I.C.E. agents have a dazzling array of vehicles to choose from and now Radio phone's come standard in all cars!