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The Rules.

Posted by GMFor group 0
GM, 7 posts
Thu 21 Jul 2016
at 23:33
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The Rules

Below are a list of rules. Please abide by them and everything will go great!

* These rules can be changed or added to at any time, so please check back often for any GM updates.
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GM, 9 posts
Fri 22 Jul 2016
at 06:09
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Any thread in group 0 is a Public thread, which means that anyone visiting the game can read it, including minors. RPoL TOS states that rules need to be in place regarding what is visible to minors who may visit Adult games. Illegal drug use, alcohol use, self-harm, violence, sexual content and extreme cursing etc must be kept in the group threads that are not view able for visitors.

Please try and keep current with the day and time in the game. If the time changes and you're in the middle of playing something out, don't worry, just move them on as swiftly as you can.

If you're going to be away, please PM the Mod and let them know, otherwise, they may assume you don't want to play anymore, and delete you.

Also, if you're going away, remove your character from any situations they might be in with another character, so that the other player isn't kept waiting for a response.

When entering or leaving a thread, please leave a small note detailing where you came from or where you're going.

I.E. (From The Gym)
(To The Sauna)
This prevents players from getting confused, and from characters trying to interact with a character who's moved on elsewhere.
GM, 10 posts
Fri 22 Jul 2016
at 06:12
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Character Portraits

Please ensure that you select a portrait as soon as you join the game.

To submit a portrait for a made up character, please submit it to

Until your portrait is approved, please use an existing portrait. No comic/anime/painting pictures please!

Also, feel free to upload pictures into your character description. You may upload four pictures if you desire. It seems Photobucket is a good venue and its free! simply upload your portrait to their site and then copy from the bar that's labeled 'IMG' into your character description.

Use what's written here and after album/ incorporate the rest of the link from your IMG tab.


  <.img src="     ">

(add the last quotation and bracket after inserting your link! Also, so the link would show up in this, a period was added before img, remove the period to correctly upload your photos.)

(The above is what you'd use to prepare to upload your link into your character description)

(then paste whatever the IMG link is)


(Combine the two together)

<.img src="[/IMG]">

(And your image should load! If not, feel free to PM a Mod and ask for help, its what we're here for!)
GM, 11 posts
Fri 22 Jul 2016
at 06:13
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Remember to try and play your character as if the situation is happening in real life. How would they react to a certain circumstance? Put yourself in their shoes and really think about it. Please use common sense.

As this is a game based on 'real life', the characters therein for the most part, live free and colorful lives. But just like in real life, there are certain consequences to actions or limitations to a situation, always keep that in mind while playing.

Posts need to be at least two paragraphs! the longer the post, the more your scene partner has to go on.

We will not condone one line posts, ever.

Please write in third person past tense.

The best way I can describe this rule, is to think about everything you did today. Say it out loud while talking about yourself in third person.

i.e. Carla strode into the room and addressed her accountant, looking at him with a frown she said,
“what?”(The right way!)

Carla walks into the room and looks at her accountant, she frowns,
“what?” (Wrong way)

Grammatical and spelling errors can be overlooked, but please try and use spellcheck or grammar-check if you can, as it makes posts easier to read and understand. ^_^

This is a freeform game for the most part, there will be an underlying plot but mostly it is up to the players to discern where they will go or who they will come in contact with.

NPC'S will be provided for scenes at the GM's discretion. Please clear NPC requests with GMs before posting.

For major decisions the Moderator's will roll dice to determine the outcome.

Please give other members a chance to respond to a written post, even if the post
doesn’t concern that character, players may want to engage in the action.

Moderator’s will not condone multiple back and forth posts between two members responding to the other. It segregates the other members and such behavior is unacceptable. Multiple back and forth posts will be deleted. This is not a chat room, it’s a game meant to be enjoyed by everyone!

Out of Character posts AKA OOC’S will be reserved for the OOC board.

If you're going to be away from the game for a considerable amount of time, please let me know. We can set your character aside until you are able to return!

Failure to post for more than two weeks without letting me know will result in removal from the game.
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GM, 12 posts
Fri 22 Jul 2016
at 06:17
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God-Modding is writing the actions of another players character without express consent from that player. God-Modding is generally frowned upon in RP's.

In rare instances there are certain players that have written together before, and will allow god-moding of each others' characters. If you do NOT have permission to move another persons' character, and you wish to move them for the sake of the story, PM the player before posting.

Even if you HAVE written with another player before and think it's okay, send a courtesy PM.

If a player is caught god-modding, a warning will be issued. If it happens a second time, the player will be removed from the game.

In the event that two evenly powered player characters engage in a fight, dice rolls will be used to determine the winning outcome.
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GM, 13 posts
Fri 22 Jul 2016
at 06:21
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Please respect the other members in the RPG, treat them as you wish to be treated. Disagreements need to be dealt with privately or if the Moderator is needed, a date can be made when both parties can come together and discuss their concerns. Moderators are always available to assist a player.

Remember, this is a group effort, EVERYONE plays an important role in the game, I can not stress this enough, everyone matters and will be taken care of. In order to have a truly positive and meaningful experience in an RPG, each member needs to watch the back of another. Teamwork, positivity and courtesy are required to engage in an RPG like this!

Some members may have same sex oriented characters, if one isn’t comfortable with the idea, either keep the concern to oneself, quietly leave the group or acknowledge the fact, put it in the past and enjoy the game. A Moderator will attempt to make everyone as comfortable as possible but not at the expense of dampening creativity or discriminating against a members orientation. Such requests are foolish and unacceptable.
GM, 14 posts
Fri 22 Jul 2016
at 06:22
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Final Word

Last but most certainly not least, Mods will have the final word. They will be monitoring this game closely, and anyone found to be breaking rules will be punished. The first time a rule is broken, the player will be informed. The second time, the player will be formally warned. There is no third time. If the infraction continues, the player will swiftly be removed from the game and reported to the Rpol Administrators.
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