The summoning   Posted by Reese Conway.Group: 0
Reese Conway
 GM, 4 posts
Sun 24 Jul 2016
at 14:49
The summoning
each new god and human pair will go through their summoning here once the arrive. Based on their first encounter the will be given the next topic to where they will be advancing to by the mystic sphere.
 babylonian godess, 4 posts
Wed 27 Jul 2016
at 23:18
The summoning
The first summoning of Latura involves a sacrifice of seven lives with at least one suicide preferably a slow agonizing death though Latura understands the needs for expediency in some matters. Those that she favors most are children with great malice in their hearts and having one present curries favor.
The Mystic Sphere
 mystic, 4 posts
 hard headed
Thu 28 Jul 2016
at 00:12
The summoning
In reply to Latura (msg # 2):
With the first summoning of Latura she is deemed to be a bad path god with malice and destruction in mind for the war realm!