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Player Characters
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Evgeny Sergeyevich Zhukov
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Mon 25 Jul 2016
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Evgeny Sergeyevich Zhukov
CHARACTER NAME: Evgeny Sergeyevich Zhukov
RANK: Kaptain
SPECIALTY: Cavalry Scout
WEIGHT: 76 kg
HEIGHT: 1.8 m
AGE: 31


HEAD: 10/10
CHEST: 30/30
L ARM: 19/19
R ARM: 19/19
L LEG: 19/19
R LEG: 19/19

MEB: 7
RADS: 28
LOAD:  32 Kg

LNG (Russian): 100
BC: 80
RCN: 70
FO: 60
PST: 60
EQ: 50
HW: 50
ELC: 50
INS: 50
LCG: 50
MEC: 50
SBH: 50
SWM: 50
TVD: 50
CRM: 40
FSH: 40
MC: 40
SCR: 40
TW: 40
WVD: 40


MILITARY: 280 - FO: 70 (60), PST: 70 (60), LCG: 50, HW: 30, CRM: 20, TW: 20, MC: 20
BACKGROUND: 300 - FSH: 20 (40), EQ: 50, SBH: 50, RCN: 140 (+50), SCR: 40
EDUCATION: 300 - BC: 90 (60), ELC: 50, INS: 50, MEC: 50, SWM: 30, TVD: 30

PST: 36 / 18 / 6
LCG: 30 / 15 / 5
HW: 30 / 15 / 5
CRM: 24 / 12 / 4

13:43, Today: Secret Roll: Evgeny Sergeyevich Zhukov drew the 2 cards: AD, AS using a deck of 52 cards.

Ace of Diamonds = Generous: Will gladly give anything he has to someone in need, will make trades that do not favor him, and will refuse payment for help with many tasks.

Ace of Spades = Charismatic: A leader who others are naturally drawn to and want to follow. Likely to have a large and extremely loyal following.

"Yes, that Zhukov.  Inevitably, if someone doesnít already know, that question comes up.  No, Iím not his grandson, just grandnephew.  Still, everyone in my family is tied to the military and my great uncle.  Itís not a complaint.  Service in the Sovetskaya Armiya has treated us well.  I spent my summers at our dacha on Lake Istrinskoye, which was a welcome relief from school in Moscow.  Half my time at the Suvorov was spent taking or giving beatings.  Every other cadet wanted to show that they could best a Zhukov.  I gave as good as I got though and earned many good friends in the process.  After Commissioning, I took over an armored recon platoon.  BRDM-2s, like the one that pulled Brezhnev's coffin.  Hated the job, mostly because I knew if anything kicked off, weíd be the first on the chopping block.  Plus there was no room inside the damn thing.  It was worse than a coffin.  Iím certain that is why Brezhnev wanted one at his funeral; there were at least four people who envied the General Secretary, even if no one else did.  Who said Russians donít have a sense of humor?

After a few years of recon duty, I secured a slot at M.V. Frunze to work on my master's degree.  Sure, I used the name to gain admission; why not?  I've used it to help plenty of people over the years, calling-in favors for commendations and promotions for my men.  It was time I did so for myself.  Papa did the same thing.  Given how his career turned out, I actually didnít know if it would help or not.  Sergey certainly didnít do much to improve the Zhukov brand.  They never let him into the General officer ranks and he retired a Colonel; punishment for being a terrible field commander.  While his uncle was being driven in a ZIL, papa had to drive his own Volga.  Something of an indignity for a cavalry man who had spent his life in the commanderís hatch with the unitís best driver at the wheel.

Personally, I prefer a good horse.  And given that it looks like war is inevitable, you wonít hear me complaining in retirement about the size of my car or who drives it either.  Assuming any of us make it to retirement."

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Gennady Vorobyov
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Tue 26 Jul 2016
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Gennady Vorobyov
Name: 1LT Gennady Vorobyov
Army: Soviet Nationality: Russian
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Age: 26
Branch: Armor  Specialty: Tank Crewman/Commander

Fitness: 16
Agility: 16
Constitution: 7
Stature: 13
Intelligence: 16
Education: 10

Strength: 14
Hit Capacity: Head: 7   Chest: 34   Other: 20
Weight: 92k
Load: 34k
Throw: 28

Mil Exp Base: 6
Time in Combat: 19
Coolness: 5
RADS: 25

Combat Rifleman: 70  Base Hit #: 42/21/7
Melee Combat: 20
Body Combat: 75  Damage: 10
Wheeled Vehicle Driver: 40
Throw Weapon: 20
Swimming: 50
Large Caliber Gun: 50  Base Hit #: 30/15/5
Tank Vehicle Driver: 30
Interrogation: 50
Language: Russian: 100
Language: Chinese: 50
Medical: 50
Electronics: 50
Forward Observer: 50
Pistol: 35  Base Hit #: 21/10/3
Recon: 50
Computer: 50
Foraging: 50

9mm Tokarev (100)
AKM (300)
SVD (500)
Knifex4 (20)
Bayonet (20)
Fatiguesx4 (200)
Rucksackx2 (40)
Doctor's Med Kit (1000)
Kevlar Flak Jacket (800)
Sleeping Bag (50)
25x Image Intensifier (2500)
IR Goggles (250)


The offspring of parents who were ethnically and nationality opposites (Russian father and Chinese mother), Gennady left his village on the outskirts of Blagoveschenk at the age of 17. There had been nothing there for him but the farms so when he arrived in Blagoveschenk he was quick to accept the pitch of an army sergeant looking to recruit new blood into the Soviet Army.

For the next 6 years, he worked hard at learning all the skills involved as a crewman on a BMP-2. He learned early on that being one of those dismounts in the back wasn't going to lead him very far. He had paid his dues back there but he preferred being the gunner.

He had gained favor with the Company Commander due to his desire to constantly improve his combat skills. When a shortage of young officers began to hit the battalion, the Company Commander had recommended him for a commission and placed him in the commander's position on his vehicle. Soon, very soon, he hoped to command his own company. For now, he would just focus on having the best crew in the company.

Note: Blagoveschenk sits on the Amur River on the Soviet side of the Sino-Soviet border. His parents had met when they were very young, married and had Gennady. His mother had taught him Chinese as well as Russian as he was growing up.
Akim Bronislava
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Wed 27 Jul 2016
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Gennady Vorobyov

Akim Bronislava

Army: Soviet Nationality: Georgian
Rank: Senior Sergeant
Age: 35
Branch: Infantry  Specialty: Armored Infantry

Agility: 16
Fitness: 13
Constitution: 16
Education: 8
Intelligence: 10
Stature: 13
Strength: 17

Hit Capacity:
Head: 16
Chest: 46
Others: 29

MEB: 4
Coolness Under Fire: 2
Months in Combat: 21
RADS: 11
Load: 46kg
Throw Range: 34m
Body Combat Damage: 9 pts

Combat Rifleman: 80 Base Hit #: 48/24/8
Melee Combat 50
Body Combat: 70 (ARB)
Wheeled Vehicle Driver: 40
Throw Weapon: 50
Swimming: 50
Heavy Weapon: 40 Base Hit #: 24/12/4
Instruction: 60
Language: Russian: 100
Language: Chinese: 50
Language: English: 50
Pistol: 10 Base Hit #: 6/3/1
Recon: 50
Scrounging: 65
Equestrian: 50


Akim was born in a family of modest means in Georgia. His father was a mines inspector for a government ministry which provided a good income for the USSR. At an early age his father moved the family to Tajikistan to take up another post.

His older brothers excelled at school and Akim did not only managing to represent his academy in boxing and picking up English from the music he listen to and the classes he took. When he did not pass his final exams his father found him a job working in one of the coal mines. During his time in the pits Akim learned Chinese from the itinerant workers who had crossed the border to work in the province.

It was only a matter of months before Akim decided this was not the life for him and he enlisted in the Army. He had a relative aptitude for the life and settled in quite well being liked by his fellow soldiers and relied upon by the officers. He also brought quite a lot of pride for the Regiment winning several boxing matches over the course of his career.
Mikhail Vladimirovich Petrov
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Wed 27 Jul 2016
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Gennady Vorobyov
Still a work in progress in terms of skill points. I'll try and get them finalised over the next day or so.

Name:  Mikhail Vladimirovich Petrov
Rank: Lieutenant
Branch: Main Political Administration
Speciality: Political Officer
Nationality: Russian
Weight: 76 kilos
Height: 1.81 metres
Age: 26

Dobryy den' tovarishchi, good day Comrades.

My name is Mikhail Vladimirovich Petrov. I was born in Leningrad in 1970. My father is a manager at the Kirov Factory Number 100, where they make tractors and agricultural machinery and my mother is a school teacher. I have one sister, who is five years younger than me. She hopes to be a scientist, is currently studying at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Eight months ago I proposed to my girlfriend, Anastasia, who works as a secretary at the Foreign Ministry in Moscow. We plan to marry next summer.

All of my family are loyal Party members of course. The Party has always looked after us. As a child I first joined the Little Octobrists, then the Young Pioneers, and, finally, Komsomol, the youth wing of the Party. At the age of eighteen I was accepted into the Leningrad State University. After I graduated from University in 1992 it was time for me to serve the State in the Red Army. I was selected for officer training at the V.I. Lenin Military - Political Academy at Moscow. My first assignment was at the Ministry of Defence in Moscow, where I served as an aide to Lieutenant General N K Komarov. I joined the 2nd Tamanskaya Guards Division six months ago as a Political Officer.

My duties are to make sure that my unit maintains a spirit of high idealism, diligence, and selfless devotion to the Motherland, and to make sure that the officers and men of the 15th Guards 'Shavlinsky' Motorized Rifle Regiment are ready to fight the enemies of the Rodina. I am proud to serve the Soviet Union.
Sonya Renko
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
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Gennady Vorobyov
Trying to find my rule book, somewhere in this mansion.  I now know where it isn't.  Intending to be an LT, sniper unit.  I keep seeing these Russian sniper women on Pinterest ...

Asiatic Russian, from a commune in the midst of nowhere.  Efficient and studious enough to get some recommendations from the resident political officials and a retired officer or two to get an officer's posting.  To be continued ...
Vladimir Mudragel
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Sat 30 Jul 2016
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Gennady Vorobyov
Character: Vladimir Mudragel
Age: 27
Rank: 1st Lieutenant Branch: Intelligence Specialty: Analyst
Nationality: Ukrainian Weight: 68 Kg.

=====================++ATTRIBUTES & SKILLS++=====================

STR: 7 AGL: 14 CON: 5 STA: 4 INT: 14 EDU: 16

Hit Capacity

Head: 5 Chest: 16 L/R Arm: 9 Abdomen: 9    L/R Leg: 9
Coolness Under Fire: 4 Rads: Load: 19 Kg.    Throw Range: 14 m.


CRM (Combat Rifleman): 70 CMP (Computer): 50
MC (Melee Combat): 50         Med (Medical): 40
BC (Body Combat): 40         INS (Instruction): 20
WVD (Wheeled Vehicle Driver):         LNG (Language): Russian 100
TW (Throw Weapon): 50         German 60
CBE (Combat Engineer): 30 English 40
SWM (Swimming): 60         MTN (Mountaineering): 50
BIO (Biology): 70 CHM (Chemistry): 70
ELC (Electronics): 50 GEO (Geology): 30
GS (Gunsmith): 30 INT (Interrogation): 40
SBH (Small Boat Handling): 60         SCO (Scuba Diving): 50
EQ (Equestrian): 50 MET (Meteorology): 30
PST (Pistol) 20

Weapon Skill Short Medium   Long Body Combat Damage: 2
CRM: 70          42       21       7 Time in Combat: 24 months
PST: 20          12       6        2 Preferred Weapon:  SVD
HW: 0 ROF: SA Damage: 4
LCG: 0 Range: 75 Armor:
LB: 0 Mag: 10 Weight: 4kg
  Ammo: 7.62mm L
- Combat Fatigues - SVD w/ shoulder sling and (3) spare clips
- Combat Webbing - PM Makarov w/ holster and (1) spare clip
- Rucksack - Combat Knife

  His father was a professor at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy where he taught organic chemistry.  However, most of his time was spent doing biologic research for the military.  While he never towed the party line publicly, he cared deeply for his people and their lands.  Any research he could do that would help defend his people was a worthy investment.  It was during this time that he met his future wife, Vladimirsí mother, at a meeting with several field commanders.  Her father had been there to inspect the doctors work and always traveled with his children, believing in family before all.
  It was in this environment that Vladimir was ultimately raised.  His father insisted on a first class education and would settle for nothing less.  His mother was as caring, loving, and supportive as any could be found.  Added to this the benefits that came from his grandfathers military success and no finer a household could a person want for.  Thatís why their untimely death in the late hours one cold December tore him down to his very core.  Having just received his PhD he had planned on a future in research like his father, but the death of his parents was too much to bare.  Having nothing left in the way of family, something he desperately needed, he found himself drawn to his only remaining familyÖhis grandfather.  His new path had been found.
Sonya Renko
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Sat 30 Jul 2016
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Gennady Vorobyov
I have found the rules and started character gen