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Wed 3 Aug 2016
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Character Creation/RTJ
1) Please make sure you have read the Game Info and setting overview (as presented in the two Common Lore threads available to you; The Kingdom of Taneth and Behind the Veil) before creating a character and submitting your RTJ.

2) Spells and magic have some particular limitations in this setting/game. Be sure to read Behind the Veil for details. Should you wish to play any character that has an ability (or later gains one) that might even appear magical, BE WARNED: While I am more than happy for you to gain magical abilities in this setting/game (I hope at least one character does!), you will face some difficulties in performing such feats, particularly in social scenarios. I implore you not to play such a character if you are not prepared to face the consequences of using magic openly in this setting.

3) We will be following the standard TOR character creation process, choosing Culture, Background, Calling, etc. as normal from the Adventurer's Book of The One Ring core rules, substituting names and themes as described in The Rules of Engagement. To summarise;

- Human -> Barding
- Dwarf -> Dwarf of the Lonely Mountain
- Gnome -> Woodman of Wilderland
- Halfling -> Hobbit of the Shire
- Orc -> Beorning

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Thu 4 Aug 2016
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Request to Join
Please do not submit a Character Sheet.

Any RTJ including a Character Sheet or anything even resembling one before I ask directly for one will be summarily ignored.

The application process will involve some roleplaying. Just as you are applying to join this game, your character is signing up for a dangerous quest. Respond to the post following this one, in character, as if you were playing. No dice rolls will be required, but it might help to have at least an idea of your characters' stats before you apply. The posts you make in your application will be your writing and posting samples, as well as your chance to tell me as much about your character as you feel you need to.

Please don't try to cram everything into your first post; the application process will be a series of posts, back and forth between you and I, playing out your characters' responses as appropriate. When the scene is complete, I will let you know and depending on your success, we can move on to the next segment of your application.

Once the roleplaying segment of your RTJ is over, I will ask you for three Setting Feature suggestions. These should be elements relating to your character that you would like to be included the setting, the game as a whole and/or the plot. These could be anything; here's some suggestions to give you some ideas:

- An organisation or society unique to your culture (or perhaps more widespread)
- A hidden sect you know of (or are part of...)
- Your home village or town
- NPC's your character knows or has heard of, admires or hates
- An interesting landmark or historical site you've visited or know of
- A childrens rhyme, famous song or notorious tale you're fond of (or loathe)
- A mythological beast, horrible creature or other terror of the night/far away places that fascinates you, gives you the willies just thinking about it or you dream of one day encountering.

Let your imagination run riot with this one and don't feel constrained by the above suggestions, but please try to conform somewhat to the tone and genre of the setting material presented in the Lore threads available and please try not to directly contradict anything there (e.g. if you said you were raised in an Elven city, you're definitely on the wrong track). Also note that your suggestions should all be somehow related to your character, even if only remotely.

Feel free to hint at or outright include these Setting Features during the first segment of your RTJ (if appropriate), but please note that these are only suggestions; I can't include everything and some of them may not fit my own conception of the setting. Any Setting Features I don't actively implement may find a place in a rumour or story somewhere in the Lore, but I cannot make any guarantees. If you do include any of your Setting Features in the first segment that I don't implement in the game; your character was either telling a tall tale, outright lying or has been lied to or mislead him/herself. You have been warned!

There's some wiggle room for maneuver here and I'm open to discussion. Don't be afraid to ask if I think something would or wouldn't be suitable before submitting your "formal" three Features. All I'm looking for is some Player input to the setting; I might be running it, but everyone is playing this game.

Once you've given me three Setting Features, we can move on to nailing down the nitty-gritty of your stats and backstory, such as things your character wouldn't reveal in an interview of the sort presented in the first segment. At this point also, I'd like to see a Character Sheet. I'll reiterate my earlier sentiment; if I see a Character Sheet before I ask you directly for one, your RTJ will be summarily ignored.

If you make it this far, it's a fair bet you'll be accepted into the game but again, I can make no guarantees. I will be accepting a maximum of 6 Players, provisionally. Depending on the level and quality of interest, I may accept more (but this is highly unlikely). I am not accepting players on 1st-come-1st-serve basis; the quality of the RTJ's I receive over the two week recruitment period I am allowing will determine who I accept.

Good Luck!

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Thu 4 Aug 2016
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Signing Up
The Kingdom is dying. Everyone knows it. The icy grip of Winter has strangled the land and refuses to relinquish its hold. Prayers have been sent by their thousand, answers have been sought high and low, but to no avail. A summons has been sent across the entire Kingdom, to every city, town and village still accessible; the thrones call for aid.

For The Attention of All Subjects

Any man, woman or child
In possession of the determination or any skill, talent or artifact
Capable of finding a solution to the current crisis
Is ordered to report to the Capital.
There, to present their case and if deemed WORTHY
To be named Champion of the Land
And sent forth in quest with all support of the Kingdom
To end this blight and restore order to Our Land

You have answered this Summons.

In the City of Welbridge, after waiting in a depressingly short queue for some time, you were given a wooden chit and told to report at the time, date and place inscribed on it. Upon arriving at the rather non-descript watch house at the appropriate time, you handed over your chit and were shown to a back room. There, a gaunt and world weary looking Sergeant sat waiting behind a desk cluttered with dozens of wood-framed wax tablets; some sealed, others open and blank.

He picked up a clean tablet and gestured to the seat opposite him "Please, take a seat and we will begin." He waited for you to sit before he continued. As you sat, your escort closed the door quietly behind you. The Sergeant looked at you neutrally and picked up a stylus, ready to take down your details. "Now, for the record, please state your full name, racial denomination and your place and date of birth."

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