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Tue 9 Aug 2016
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The Rules of Engagement (Rules)
House Rules, Optional Rules and Variant Rules

1) Abide by the following maxims and we'll get along just fine.

1A) "Just because it's in an approved or published book, or the (extensive) established lore of the setting, doesn't mean you must be allowed to use or have access to it".

1B) "Just because something in-game did/used something, doesn't mean you can too".

1C) "If it doesn't make sense, it's probably because you don't have all the information...that or it's not supposed to".

1D) "If you feel like you don't have sufficient information to make a decision, ask, but if you're going to ask, please do so in good time and swiftly; few things kill the pace of a PbP game (and therefore the game itself) faster than indecision and procrastination".

1E) "The GM is not infallible, so if you feel the need to correct him, please don't disrupt the flow of the game; do it in the OOC thread or by PM".

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Tue 9 Aug 2016
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When combat begins (I'll let you know when this is the case; it should be fairly obvious!) and for its duration, please include the following information at the bottom of each of your posts, filling in the blanks as appropriate;

Endurance       :     Hope            :     Armour          :
Fatigue         :     Shadow          :     Parry           :

Weary      (Y/N):     Miserable  (Y/N):     Wounded    (Y/N):

Stance :
Weapon :
Task   :
[any rolls copy/pasted from dice roller]

Here's the Code version for copy/pasting (which can also be found in Player Resources)

<tt><orange><u>ROUND X</u>
<b>Endurance       </b>:     <b>Hope            </b>:     <b>Armour          </b>:
<b>Fatigue         </b>:     <b>Shadow          </b>:     <b>Parry           </b>:

<b>Weary      </b>(Y/N):     <b>Miserable  </b>(Y/N):     <b>Wounded    </b>(Y/N):

<b>Stance </b>:
<b>Weapon </b>:
<b>Task   </b>:
[any rolls copy/pasted from dice roller]</orange></tt>

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