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Chapter 2: People and Places
The cave system seems much smaller when you can go room to room without worry of attack. It appears as though you have cleansed the Cragmaw Hideout. It takes an extra trip by each person to and from the cave to load up the crates from the cave into Gundar's cart, completely packed now with the original goods meant for Barthen's Provisions and the items from the cave. Your wards have never been happier to see you and show nervous excitement at the tale of your victory at the cave. While hauling the items you notice a symbol of a blue lion painted on the crates. Sildar points out that these must belong to Lionshield, a merchant company with a post in Phandalin.

It is still some time before you finally reach your destination. The rutted track emerges from a wooded hillside, and you catch your first glimpse of Phandalin. The town consists of forty or fifty simple log buildings, some built on old fieldstone foundations. More old ruins-crumbling stone walls covered in ivy and briars-surround the newer houses and shops, showing how this must have been a much larger town in centuries past. Most of the newer buildings are set on the sides of the cart track, which widens into a muddy main street of sorts as it climbs toward a ruined manor house on a hillside at the east side of town.

As you approach, you see children playing on the town green and townsfolk tending to chores or running errands at shops. Many people look up as you approach, but all return to their business as you go by.

Sildar seems much more at ease. "My friends," he says, "let us secure lodgings. I'm told the local inn is very quaint. It is getting on in the day, you can stow your wagon and deliver the goods tomorrow."

His idea never seemed better. It had been a tiresome and trying day.

In the center of town stands a large, newly built roadhouse of fieldstone and rough-hewn timbers. The common room is filled with locals nursing mugs of ale or cider, all of them eyeing you with curiosity.

Ahhhh, the smell of ale and good company. I am going to secure my lodgings for the night and drink my fill. Please, the people here are kind, enjoy yourself and feel safe. With that the old knight heads to the bar to talk to the innkeeper.

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Chapter 2: People and Places
Thomas dispatches William to see to the wagon and oxen and pours a handful of coins into Gunther's hand before sending him off to prepare their rooms for the night (1 for Moira and Illeana and another for Thomas and his household retinue).

With that done, he takes a seat with Sildar to get some food and drink and learn more about the town and who is in charge here.
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Chapter 2: People and Places
Viktor takes his share of the coin from the goblin cave and mingles with the people, drinking and carousing and seeing what the news is in town.
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Chapter 2: People and Places
Thomas sits with Sildar at a table near the middle of the room. Sildar stuffs a pipe full of tobacco to enjoy with his ale. During your meal and drink he tells you about several of his adventures and sprinkles in discussion of Phandalin, drifting from present to past.

You learn of Harbin Wester, the Townsmaster of Phandalin and of Linene Graywind, to whom the Lionshield crates in your cart belong to. There is also Elmar Barthen of Barthen's Provisions, Gundren's cart's original destination. You, of course, have already met the proprietor of Stonehill, Toblen Stonehill. He is a short, friendly young human. Sildar explains that he is a native of the town to the east Triboar. He came here to prospect but soon realized he had much more skill at running an inn. If you are interested there is a temple, the only temple of town, Shrine of Luck in the care of Sister Garaele, a young elf.

It doesn't take long for Sildar to mention the one menace to the town, the Redbrands. They are a no good group of bandits that cause trouble around the town. They seem to frequent the Sleeping Giant tap house at the east end of town.

Before retiring to his room for the night Sildar does not forget to give you the 50gp he had promised. As he walks away he turns to remind you, specifically, to find him at the Townmasters Hall tomorrow as he would like to speak with you further regarding today's events.

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Chapter 2: People and Places
Viktor sets about mingling, eavesdropping, socializing and observing throughout the inn. As the hours grow later the population inside grows, all the better for learning about a town.

Narth, an old farmer: "Sister Garaele, who oversees the
Shrine of Luck, recently left town for a few days, then
returned wounded and exhausted."

Elsa, a gossipy barmaid: "Daran Edermath, the orchard
keeper, is a former adventurer."

Lanar, a miner: "Orc raiders have been seen on the
east end of Triboar Trail. The town master is looking for
someone to run them off."

Trilena, the innkeeper's wife: "Thel Dendrar, a local
woodcarver, stood up to the Redbrands a ten day ago
when they came by his shop and leered at his wife. The
ruffians murdered him. Several townsfolk saw it happen.
The Redbrands grabbed his body, and now his wife,
daughter, and son have gone missing too."

Pip, Toblen's young son: "Qelline Alderleaf's son
Carp said he found a secret tunnel in the woods, but
Redbrands almost caught him."

Freda, a weaver: "The Redbrands hassle every business
in town, except for the Phandalin Miner's Exchange.
They don't want trouble with Halia Thornton, who runs

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