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Homebrew Rules
You canít multiclass until you reach level 10
  • Once you multi-class, you may choose which class your earned exp goes to. Exp may be divided between your classes, but not shared.
  • DM may choose to assign specific exp points specifically to a class.

Experience is as follows:
  • Earned exp is standard and will be handed out during long rests as relevant.
  • Level ups will only occur during long rests. No exceptions.
  • DM may hand out extra exp for anything the DM finds exceptional: i.e. creativity, how critical attacks are handled, general RP, ect.

If you do something extremely bad you will be penalized by DM via a deduction of exp points, the amount of which will be determined by the severity of the offense.
  • Offenses include, but are not limited to:
  • Actions Out Of Character
  • The killing of innocents for no reason

If you wish to learn a new skill/language you must:
  • Ask DM to do so, as they will have specific requirements.
  • Learning a new language will require a specific number of hours of study, which will vary depending on the languages you already speak.
  • Learning a new skill proficiency will require training from someone who is already proficient in this skill and will require a specific number of hours of study.
  • If one of your party members is proficient, you may ask them to teach you, but they must also spend the specified hours training you, they can however train with you as you travel.
  • If you would rather go to an NPC, that NPC will be in a specific location and you will have to return there to continue training.

If you wish to gain ability points outside of standard leveling ability increases:
  •   you may request it from DM. It will have certain requirements that you will have to meet, such as a side-quest to acquire an item and then using that item in order to increase the stat, or a certain amount of training from a certain NPC that you must find.
  • The number of points gained to the stat is at DMís discretion.

If you wish to gain a Feat outside of standard ability increases:
  • You must make a request with DM.
  • A Feat gained in this manner will require a minimum of 1 side-quest, possibly more depending on the nature of the Feat.
  • How and when this quest comes to you will be determined by DM.

[*] Most if not all of these things will be expensive.

[*] If there is something you would like to be able to do and it doesn't really seem to exist, you are welcome to come to me, and so long as I find the ability/feat reasonable I will do my best to put it together for you.

I am willing to work with you guys on special Items you want to try to create or even homebrew skills/traits/feats.

Limit 2 fo each thing. i.e. 2 feats, 2 skill points, 2 proficiency skills/tools, ect.

Rules may be added to or changed as we go along.

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Homebrew Rules
In reply to DM (msg # 1):

I know I said it when I posted the ad looking for player, but I am going to reiterate it here so that it's on the record:

Please keep game play going by being available to post at lease once a day. I understand that life can get in the way sometimes. Things happen and we go on vacation or real life throws us a curve ball.

If such a thing happens, please let me know you're going to be offline and for how long you will be offline for (if you know). This way we can work it out so that your character either stays with the group or perhaps goes to run an errand, and the story can progress.

If a lot of us are going to be offline over the same period, I will probably suspend game play until everyone gets back.

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