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Basic Gameplay
Posting Rate

I expect you to check in daily and contribute SOMETHINGóeven an OOC one-liner is better than nothing. In RP scenes, it's sometimes hard to know when everybody's done. So it would help if you tell me that you have nothing to add OOC.

In general, please let me know when you'll be away as best you're able. Posting a stall note on an unexpectedly busy day is also welcome. I'll do the same.

For posting rate in combat scenes, see below.

Initiative and Combat

I roll individual initiative for groups of monsters (except for groups of identical minor monsters) and follow fairly strict initiative order. Most times when two more PCs share a 'block' in the initiative chart, I'll call on the block of you you to take your turns.

In combat on weekdays, unless you have given advance notice of an absence and we have negotiated specifically, you must post your turn within 24 hours of your initiative first being called (the clock does not run on weekends). If you do not, I reserve the right to NPC you to the best benefit of your PC and the party.

The above applies to all players. If having someone else roll for you gives you hives, tell me at the beginning that you want to always stand by in these situations.

Posting Conventions

Please put your dialogue in color (and in quotes), using "styled text." Choose a color nobody else has used yet. I'll use bold/black in most cases. Do not use orange or blue.

Orange is reserved for out-of-character text needed in the in-game posts. This should go at the bottom of your post. It needs to include any mechanics notes, such as the power you are using, your roll, and any effects. Paste your die rolls at the bottom of the orange text.

If you have rules questions, please PM me first. If itís a question that would be useful for the larger group, Iíll post it to the OOC thread.

I don't routinely read back after I've checked for new messages. If there's an edit you need to be sure I see, especially if it has mechanical impact or affects whether there's something for me specifically to respond to, please either make it a new post or otherwise call my attention to it.

Die Roller

It's important that I know what each roll is for and what it is based on. The die roller field should specify the former. If I've asked for a particular roll, it should be noted there.

Important I have set the "Record Each Die" option to record each die.


Leveling will be by fiat based on appropriate points in the narrative. Don't worry about counting XP.

Biography Lines

Please make sure your biography lines are kept up-to-date with:
HP (Current/Max), AC
Bennies, other items you want to track (spells used, Expertise dice etc.)