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Fri 5 Aug 2016
at 20:02
Basic qualifications for players:

  1. Must be able to post daily at minimum (allowing for real-life issues from time to time, of course) and be willing to give me advanced head's up when you can't post.
  2. Must be willing to commit for at least one year in real life.
  3. Must be able to write reasonably well--complete sentences, coherent thoughts.
  4. Must have read the game system for which this game is looking for players.

Players who say nice things about the above but show to be lacking in an area (such as ability to understand the rules or warn the GM when they can't post consistently) will be put on a month's probation. If they don't improve, they'll be removed.

I am serious about the year commitment. If you can't do that, please don't apply.

If you were invited to the game, you do not need to RTJ as below. If you joined because of an ad, do the following for your RTJ:

  1. Share your RPG background.
  2. Tell me about your two favorite RPG campaigns ever.
  3. Share if you have any experience D&D 5th edition.
  4. Describe your character concept--background first, with race/class/build overview as a footnote.  DO NOT submit a full character sheet.

If your concept is not easily described with a class/race build that you are aware of, that's fine. I'll work with you if you otherwise pass the RTJ test.

Key points: You must play a genuinely heroic-good character. They can be tormented good guys, bad kids with hearts of gold, or pure uber-do-gooders, but they must be good-gal/good-guy heroes. No anti-heroes, no in-it-for-the-money types.