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Fri 5 Aug 2016
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Character Creation
Once you've been accepted into the game, you can create your character.

Characters will be built at 4th level. Steps for character creation are:

  • Build a character at 1st level with normal starting equipment and post to your Character Sheet area. Roll 2 sets of attributes, using 4d6 for each attribute dropping the lowest value. If neither set is to your liking, you can use an array or use a 27-point-buy whichever works best for you.
  • PM the DM to review.
  • Level them up to our agreed-upon starting level (4) with no additional equipment.
  • PM the DM to review again.
  • Add equipment--see the info below for more details.
  • PM the DM one more time to review and approve.

Any WOTC source is acceptable, though you will have to work pretty hard to justify Eberron choices in Greyhawk. (Action Points, for example, will not be used.)

You can assume your PCs have 350gp in mundane goods each including potions of healing, and one Uncommon magic item each. If you want a mount or something more expensive, let's discuss.

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