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Mon 3 Dec 2018
at 00:54
Stone Regeneration in Marvel Universe RPG?
I like a lot of things about the Marvel Universe RPG. Alloting resources instead of rolling dice is a fascinating concept and seems to work well to emulate the genre. However, I'm not sure if we were playing it wrong or if the rules are just irreperably broken. After one good combat round, I the characters seemed to be unable to attack or defend again, reduced to doing nothing but trying to avoid getting killed by either the villains or their environment. Is there something we're missing? Do you have a house rule that helps with stone generation so that characters aren't shooting their wads right out of the gate?
Kenshi Morugu
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Wed 3 Apr 2019
at 19:18
Stone Regeneration in Marvel Universe RPG?
In reply to 12th Doctor (msg # 1):

Is this the FASERIP system, or one of the other editions?

EDIT: Oh no, that's one of the later ones, isn't it? The power stone thing, I thought you meant an actual stone guy regenerating, like Monolith from Elementals or something, lol.
Never mind, I only ever played FASERIP rules Marvel. I can recommend that one and its public domain clones if the power stones rules seem awkward, it was nicely balanced to reward roleplay and duplicate the kind of action seen in the books.

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Thu 4 Apr 2019
at 12:46
Stone Regeneration in Marvel Universe RPG?
Thanks Kenshi, I'm a big fan of FASERIP (I own the boxed sets of the original and advanced versions), but am specifically looking for advice on stone regeneration for this particular system. I don't know if it's the rules that are broken, or if I'm missing something, or if it's just a case of adding panels in the middle of fights, which I'm thinking might be the case.
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Thu 4 Apr 2019
at 19:51
Stone Regeneration in Marvel Universe RPG?
Sounds like you played correctly. The system relies HEAVILY on RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. Going all in is VERY dangerous unless you can end things quickly. Keep in mind a panel isn’t necessarily “one hit”... it could be summarized as many hits. The system makes healing factors, Intelligence as Energy, and Modifiers the most exploitable means of circumventing this. There’s a dedicated MURPG pbp site on proboards that has been going strong since the game was in beta (although most of the old timers are gone, a few of us remain). The newer generation of players there are a little more anime than the system was intended to support... so you can see the established loop-holes/optimizations/break-points pretty easily!
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Fri 14 Jun 2019
at 04:50
Stone Regeneration in Marvel Universe RPG?
The above site mentioned by Deacon is an excellent resource for all things MURPGS. There are even some pretty good “House Rules” regarding some of the broken aspects of the system - such as energy issues.

On average your typical character regenerates between 3-6 stones of energy/round and has a total of between 9-18 stones in their pool. If you are constantly going all out and spending more than 6 stones every round then yes you will be spent by turn 3-4, if not sooner. It is very much a game of energy management and trying to guess how many stones you will think you will need to succeed. It has its flaws, but is actually a fun system to use.