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Wed 10 Jul 2019
at 21:52
Beyond the Wall
How do you find games using rules that are not in the main list?
Specifically "Beyond the Wall".
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Wed 10 Jul 2019
at 22:18
Beyond the Wall
  If you don't know who the GM is or what the game name is, you could search for the type of game via genre(s).

  It may be possible to list a game using a system that isn't on the list - I don't know because I haven't created any games for a long time now - but it's presumably less likely that someone will go searching for an unlisted system.
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Thu 11 Jul 2019
at 04:20
Beyond the Wall
The list is not exhaustive - it only contains games that people have asked us to add.  It is, however, entirely possible to type in a system that is not on the list, both as a GM and as a player searching for a game.
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Thu 1 Aug 2019
at 17:33
Beyond the Wall

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