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23:53, 18th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Exalted 2e Primordial Principle Emulation (Adorjan)

Posted by V_V
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Thu 2 Sep 2021
at 11:29
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Exalted 2e Primordial Principle Emulation (Adorjan)

For a charm like Running to Forever, how often would one gain limit? Or is there no clear indication beyond it being up to the ST? I know 100% everything is up to the ST. I wanted to know if there was some indication for charm like this that is both permanent and incremental.
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Red Shadow Claws
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Sat 2 Oct 2021
at 23:20
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Exalted 2e Primordial Principle Emulation (Adorjan)

Limit doesn't usually accrue from using Charms. But by going against our Limit Condition.
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Thu 14 Apr 2022
at 00:21
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Exalted 2e Primordial Principle Emulation (Adorjan)

Sorry for the confusion. Read the thread title. It's a question about solars using the occult charm Primoridal Principle Emulation, which does trigger (solar) limit gain the first time a charm is used in a scene.

If you don't know what that charm does, it allows any solar, but slightly more usefully, non-eclipse solars, to learn infernal charms. It requires no tutor, but is limited to one yozi's charms at essence 6, and an addition Yosi's charms can be learn up to Essence 10, when (by default) you have access to five Yozi's charms to learn. Eclipses might take this, as it still opens up vast options, by requiring no tutor.

It does add to solar limit though, precisely 1 limit, the first time an infernal charm learned this way is used in a scene. This either hoses or makes very appealing permanent charms, such as running forever. MY group has their stance, but I always want clarification to the community at large.

Even a personal estimation, as STs in your experience, of how a permanent charm (which is Specifically what I'm asking about) like Running Forever; would be helpful.

WW has some vagaries in their rules, and had tendencies to put additions to rules in nonsensical locations; like defend other in the Infernals book, which is a general action. So maybe this kind of topic is covered, nestled in the cranny of some obscure section of a book.
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