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GM Dana
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Fri 12 Aug 2016
at 09:00
Welcome and Guidelines
Hi! I'm Dana, and I'll be your tour guide. :)

I've had a fair bit of experience playing Pathfinder around a table; alas, my former group has scattered to the far corners of the earth. The play-by-post format is still pretty new to me, so we all get to experiment with that together.

I know the entire game is new for some of you, and I am happy to answer any questions you have about it! (Seriously, please ask me questions.  I never get a chance to talk anyone's ear off about this stuff.)

Without further ado, let me present our first adventure!

The Info Dump

At the best of times, the River Kingdoms are a loosely associated political minefield of shifting alliances and fledgling governments. The only laws that reliably apply in this region are the River Freedoms:

Say what you will, I live free.
Oathbreakers die.
Walk any road, float any river.
Courts are for kings.
Slavery is an abomination.
You have what you hold.

Yet, despite this apparent instability, the River Kingdoms persist and even thrive. The same cannot be said of their southern neighbor.  The nation of Galt has been in a state of violent revolution for as long as anyone can remember. So many Galtan citizens have fled the country, in fact, that they have found themselves in possession of a River Kingdom of their very own.  In the city-state of Gralton, the exiles and refugees hatch myriad schemes to take back their home from the zealots. At least six different secret societies are battling it out to see who can launch the first successful offensive.

In the border town of Heggler-on-Sellen, it is rumored that one of these societies has violated the Freedoms to maintain their own power.  If this is true, it is treason. If not, it is slander.  Your task is to carry the relevant evidence to Gralton in time for the official hearing.

Characters' Starting Level: 2

Ability Scores: 20-point buy

Starting Gold and Equipment: 1000gp total

Posting frequency: Let's start with once per week, and go from there.  I'll post my part by 7am GMT on Saturday, and everyone will have until midnight the following Friday to respond. If everything is going so well that we want to post more, we can come back and change this later!

 -What happens if I miss the deadline?
  If we're not in a combat situation, we'll just skip you! In combat, your character will take a generic attack/evade option that makes sense for them. Try not to do this if at all possible, though - it can make things really weird in game.

Sourcebooks: Any official Pathfinder materials are totally fine! Please check with me if you want to use a third-party source.

Introduce yourself below! I'm excited to meet all of you, and start playing.

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GM Dana
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Sat 13 Aug 2016
at 03:16
Welcome and Guidelines
As you start making character sheets, I heartily recommend using Hero Lab (check Game Links.) It streamlines the process a lot.
Dwead Piwate Meggers
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Fri 19 Aug 2016
at 02:19
Welcome and Guidelines
In reply to GM Dana (msg # 1):

Hi, I'm Meg (alternately Meggers or Megs) and I'll be playing Tesni.

I'm a Table Top newbie, sort of. I've never played any licensed Table Top games, but I've done some dice-rolly style role-play in Star Wars: The Old Republic for a few years now (a game within a game, it's very meta xD), and I've dabbled in long-form RP.

I got started watching Critical Role in December, and it just seemed like so much fun that I jumped on the chance to join a fantasy table top game.

I will probably be spending a lot of time wiki-surfing, because I like to know all the things. It's a bad habit.

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Fri 19 Aug 2016
at 18:44
Welcome and Guidelines
In reply to GM Dana (msg # 2):

And I'll stop lurking.

Outside of the internet I'm Lucy, on the internet it tends to be Starry so either is fine with me.

I'm a tabletop rp style newbie, kind of have surface knowledge of how it goes but my roleplaying has largely been in rpg video games and like forum based games over the years.

But I'm looking forward to trying this out, currently attempting to acquaint myself with Pathfinder so I can at least pretend to know what I'm doing!
Dwead Piwate Meggers
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Fri 2 Sep 2016
at 17:32
Welcome and Guidelines
*Points to MrMonkeyToes, he is probably behind a fencing mask*

That's Rob. I am introducing him. He plays SWTOR with me. He sword fights with ye olde fashioned swords (ask him about it), he's shaped like a friend, and is generally an awesome. I ask him all of my 'how does this work in the real world' questions about weapons and combat and stuff.

Did I mention the awesome?

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Sun 4 Sep 2016
at 00:45
Welcome and Guidelines
I'm finally here also!  I am Nathan :3  I have some tabletop experience, but never with Pathfinder.  I've done 13th Age, World of Darkness, Vampire the Requiem, Werewolf the Forsaken, a brief game of Eclipse Phase and I think that's about it xD

I've never tried this forum based stuff before, but I haven't played in ages.

I really look forward to starting this game and getting to know everyone's characters :3
The Nickromancer
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Fri 16 Sep 2016
at 06:53
Welcome and Guidelines
In reply to GM Dana (msg # 1):

Chup.  Name's Frank the Fifth.  Any of you schlubs step to me in Smash Up and I will drop you.  Play Pathfinder you guys.
Younan The Barbarian
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Fri 16 Sep 2016
at 18:48
Welcome and Guidelines
Howdy, I'm Youn. I'll be playing Shu and Squee. I've played tabletop before, but it's been a long time. This forum stuff is new to me, but I'm sure it will be fun times. Looking forward to meeting err'body! :)

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