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The Seer
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Thu 22 Sep 2016
at 18:59
Days: Our equivalents are beneath:

Starday, Sunday, Moonday, Godsday, Waterday, Earthday, and Freeday.
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Thu 22 Sep 2016
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           Common        Elven         Nomads       Season

1 Fireseek     Diamondice         Tiger       Winter
2 Readying     Yellowillow         Bear       Spring
3 Coldeven     Snowflowers         Lion       Spring

4 Planting     Blossoms         Frog       Low Summer
5 Flocktime     Violets         Turtle        Low Summer
6 Wealsun             Berrytime         Fox       Low Summer

Richfest (Midsummer)
7 Reaping             Goldfields         Snake       High Summer
8 Goodmonth     Sunflowers         Boar       High Summer
9 Harvester     Fruitfall         Squirrel      High Summer

10 Patchwall     Brightleaf         Hare       Autumn
11 Ready'reat     Tinklingice         Hawk       Autumn
12 Sunsebb             Lacysnows         Wolf       Winter
The Seer
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Thu 22 Sep 2016
at 19:13
Current Date/Time:

22 Patchwall, YR 1 of Seer's New Greyhawk Orthodox Calendar.  Time: 1934 on the revised 24 hour-segment clock.

Modern equivalent - September 22, 2016, 7:34pm Eastern US Standard Time.