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Wed 17 Aug 2016
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Game Rules
***Please note: Game rules are an evolving nuisance.  DM caveat applies.  That said, I will try to be a fair arbiter of the rules - this is meant to be fun!

Character Creation:

Roll % for level: 1-75% = 1st Level - 76-100% = 2nd Level  (yes, you read that right)

Attributes: Roll 4d6 6 times, drop lowest, reroll 1's...This will give you a good range of scores to choose from.

Max hit points for all characters at first level except Rangers - they get max first hit die, second they roll.  Roll for hit points each level after 1st.

Characters come into the game fully equiped for adventuring, with 10 gold pieces each to their name.  Any reasonable supplies are included.

Characters may roll 1x for ONE Minor Magic item 1-50% = no - 51-100% = yes (helps w/ survivability at low levels.

Characters are given 300xp over level off the bat.

I will keep track of Experience in a separate thread, and calculate at appropriate times during the adventure (depending on the speed of the game).  I do score for good AND bad roleplaying.

I will be using rules from the following sources:
*UA - I will be using some, but not all rules from Unearthed Arcana:
   *magic items
   *spell tables
   *status/social class
   *age and age adjustments
      **I will not be allowing Weapon Specialization

Character Class choices:
Magic User
   *Multi-classing is allowed - no level limits.

Character Race Choices:
Half Elf
Half Orc

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Wed 17 Aug 2016
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Game Rules
On the nature of OSRIC & other AD&D spinoffs.

If you don't have the rule books, I think OSRIC still does a free download.  The rules are close, not exact.  In those instances where they clash, AD&D will take precedence.
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Mon 22 Aug 2016
at 19:27
Game Rules
Cleric spells: I allow for spontaneous casting of cure wounds spells (cure light, moderate (2d8), serious, critical and heal) by clerics, similar to the 3rd edition rules.  Cleric must pray for spells each day, choose the number/type of spells they want (useful, combat, defense, etc.), then change to a 'cure wounds' spell as opportunity arises.

For instance: Joe the cleric prays for and receives a Bless spell.  Combat starts, on the first hit, Tom the fighter gets dinged for 3 points of damage.  Rather than cast bless, Joe heals Tom for 5 points of healing - Tom gets 3 of course, and is back to full health.  Joe no longer has a spell available to him until he has the opportunity to rest and pray.  He does, however, have a mace with which to knock someone senseless...
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Mon 22 Aug 2016
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Game Rules
Multi-class vs. Dual-class

If a player chooses to halt progress in one of his classes, they may do so without penalty.  Furthermore, they may continue to use skills learned in the old class.  AND, if they wish to progress in that class again in the future, they may do so, again without penalty.

My rationale: Knowledge stacks.  Although we lose skills we don't use as we age, the assumption here is that a: we're going through enough training to remain fresh at the level we attained, and if we're advancing, we're putting in the effort to learn the new skills gained as we advance in level.

I also did this because one of the gripes folks have with multi-classing is that they don't advance as quickly as their single class counterparts.

Fortunately, all of the characters thus far are demi-human and long lived.  So advancement shouldn't be as much an incentive to them.  As for their players...
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Tue 6 Sep 2016
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Game Rules

Each character rolls his own initiative: d6 + any applicable dex adjustments.

Monster(s) roll one initiative. It is something of an equalizer when coming across very strong encounters.

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Sun 25 Sep 2016
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Game Rules
Silver vs. Silvered weps -

In my world a mundane weapon that is coated with silver counts the same as a 'silver' weapon.  A strike with a short sword that is silvered, for instance, does the same amount of damage as a silver short sword.
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Mon 3 Oct 2016
at 21:15
Game Rules
Experience Rules -

I am all for on the job training - I tend to think that hitting an opponent with a sword is far more practical than hitting a dummy that doesn't move.  Thus the rules for required training are suspended.  There may be times I enforce some sort of abridged schooling, say, for instance to acquire blind fighting, or tracking if you're not a ranger.  Otherwise, I'm all for rewarding you for survival and good game play (and, frankly, luck!).
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Wed 15 Feb 2017
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Game Rules
Game Rule: The Shortbow

Typically, the short bow has a fire rate of 2 arrows per round. I am amending that rule as follows:

A player may declare that he is loosing one arrow in a round instead of two as a function of greater time taken to make a needed shot. The benefit to this is that the player character gets a +1 to hit bonus each time he declares his shot. This to hit bonus stacks with other bonuses, magical and non-magical. Furthermore, the player character can attempt a 'declared' shot at any time, including every round, if he so desires.

This benefit is only for the short bow, as it is the lightest to carry and easiest to draw, thus allowing for a bit of extra time to 'declare' the shot.

Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers.
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Thu 2 Mar 2017
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Game Rules
Spell rules:

Study & meditation:

time for study and meditation - I give a flat rate, which seems fair, of 30 minutes per spell learned, w/ a cap of 4 total hours.
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Sat 17 Feb 2018
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Game Rules
Calculating HP when Leveling up for Multi-class characters:

I'm going to house rule this. Instead of AD&D rules, system, I'm going to allow you to use the full constitution bonus when you level up. (So, if you level up as a fighter, ranger, paladin you max out +4, all other classes you max out +2).

For example:

Joe the fighter/thief levels up at the same time. He's pretty stout with his 18 constitution, so he gets +4HP when he levels up as fighter, +2 when he levels up as thief. If both level up at the same time, they earn +6 to hit points to go along with their HP rolls.


To clarify: recall as multiclass you must divide the HP total that you roll by 2, thereby halving the total. This was one of EGG's solutions to overly powerful multiclassed characters (the other being level limits for demi-humans).
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Fri 10 Aug 2018
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Game Rules
I hate level limits. They make almost no sense. I put almost, because I kind of see GG's point, but mostly I don't. With this in mind, no level limits for demi-human characters.

I'm counting Kullonar in those ranks as well...even though he's a demi-humanoid, not demi-human. I'm not sure why the distinction, so make of that what you will. Peace out.
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Sat 12 Jan 2019
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Game Rules
The idea roll:

This rule came about in my face to face group some years ago, and strikes me as a fair way or adjudicating situations that come up where something particularly important has been missed by the party that they should have or could have figured out on their own.

It works as follows:

Joe the Magic User missed an easy clue that would have led him to the resolution of his efforts. Failing that, in normal game play situation, he would've failed in his quest, mission, thing...

With the idea roll, the player gets one more chance to complete his character's goal. Joe's player adds Joe's intelligence score to his wisdom score and rolls a d100 (percentile). Joe's intelligence is 18 (he's a smart fella) and his wisdom is 12 (not too shabby either) for a total of 30.

The player rolls the percentile dice and comes up with a 24. The DM says somberly, "Joe has fulfilled the requirements of his quest and has dropped the ring into Mount Doom."

Having done so, Joe the Magic User is then lauded with gold, gems and women...lots and lots of women.

Please PM me if you need further clarification.