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The Seer
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Tue 4 Sep 2018
at 23:12
The Adventure Continues
29 Patchwall, YR 1 of The Seer's New Greyhawk Orthodox Calendar.  Time: approximately early afternoon, around 215PM on the revised 24 hour clock.

Squabbles aside, the party forms up, Bruknar near the front with Uthecar and Myrrick, the two gnomes integrating into the party's marching order in the second rank with Bruno and Kullonar and the last rank Weasel and Zan.
Bruknar Forgehammer
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Tue 4 Sep 2018
at 23:15
The Adventure Continues
"Well lads, which way are we goin'?"

The stout dwarf still looks in some pain despite Kullonar's aid, yet seems reluctant to share the fact with the others.
Uthecar Hornskin II
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Wed 5 Sep 2018
at 02:15
The Adventure Continues
To be fair Uthecar is in the same boat so maybe we should hold up and do some curing before heading on.

My oversight I hadn't updated Uthecar's bio with the correct HP total.
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Wed 5 Sep 2018
at 02:32
The Adventure Continues
Seeing his companions hurting, Kullonar summons the divine aid of St. Cuthbert and offers as much healing as needed.

OOC: Trading in the spells Bless, Light, & Prot. From Evil
22:26, Today: Kullonar rolled 2 using 1d8.  CLW to Uthecar.
22:26, Today: Kullonar rolled 6 using 1d8.  CLW to Uthecar.
22:26, Today: Kullonar rolled 1 using 1d8.  CLW to Uthecar.

Feeling his prayers cannot reach St. Cuthbert underneath all these tons of stone, Kullonar sighs and says, "I have one healing spell remaining. Who needs it before we move along?"
Bruno Rhunthane
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Wed 5 Sep 2018
at 15:12
The Adventure Continues
OOC: I've forgotten how healing works in AD&D. We've had a night's rest, yes? Does that get those of us who have wounds anything back? It doesn't does it?

Bruno feels his own wounds and calls on the Soul Forger's aid for himself before offering healing to anyone else.

"Aye, who else has wounds to heal?"