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Fri 9 Sep 2016
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[01] Game Pitch, Intro, and Request to Join

Earthmovers is a Mature-rated Mage: the Awakening 2e game, set in modern day Chicago. The leaves are dying, and they carry the scent of doom in every pendulous swing towards the Fallen earth. While the city was no stranger to the night clawing it's way over the day earlier and earlier as well as the chill that sank into the concrete, this winter was sure to be different.

The players will be acting as newly-awakened members of an emerging cabal that are still trying to prove their place in the bustle of the city. Mages have always been the closest to the mundane of the world's supernatural census, keeping one hand firmly on their mortality while the other dabbles in the arcane, and this will be no exception to that rule. Through the lens of this story, the awakened will not be finding escape from their banal reality, but instead using their talents and abilities to keep their own world intact.

Just like Biggie actually said, "Mo Magic Mo Problems."

Suggested Media: Constantine, Fight Club, The Dresden Files, Hellboy

Please read all additional posts in this thread before submitting anything. Reading all threads could be just as useful.

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Sat 1 Oct 2016
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[01] Game Pitch, Intro, and Request to Join

While Mages come from every walk of life, the Awakened are driven to solve mysteries of mystic nature. This chronicle will center around said mysteries and the drive to find where they lead, whether they range from the mundane to the all-encompassing. Successful characters will be ones that work well with others, are driven by their curiosities, and believe that there are no such things as coincidences.

Please focus on your character's mortal life when giving information, as we will be dealing with the Awakening and events afterward in game. After reviewing the RULES section below, please provide the following:

1. A little bit about you. Just a paragraph or so. Are you very familiar with CofD in general, or just Mage? Have you been on RPoL for very long? How long have you been roleplaying overall? What timezone are you in? Anything else you want to share? I'm not going to judge you by this part, but I do like to know my players somewhat, as we are entering a social contract together.

2. Tell me about your character. A paragraph or two wouldn't hurt here. Don't worry about Path or Order just yet, I don't want to know them at this point. Tell me about your character's life: what do they do, and how do you envisioning the awakening changing it? How old are they, what is their name (both real and Shadow), and did they have anything special happen to them in their history? (please note that all characters should be eighteen or older, due to the Mature nature of CofD games.)

3. Talk about Magic briefly. Pick one or two of the Paths you would be interested in playing. While I want to let everyone play what they want to play, a group of only Magistos doesn't lend itself to much diversity. I will add my chosen players before we cement this decision so that any overlap can be hashed out. Note that we won't start discussing Orders until the players are assembled.

4. The writing sample. It's often said that, before a Mage awakens, they see glimpses of the supernal; reflections that move without their counterparts, lights with no source, or glimpses at the things that should not be. Whether it is weeks, days, or just moments before, provide me a small sample (2-3 paragraphs) about your characters life just before they start on their path to awakening. What was their last 24 hours pre-awakening like? (Note: don't discuss the actual events of the awakening)

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Fri 28 Oct 2016
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[01] Game Pitch, Intro, and Request to Join

By submitting a Request To Join, you are agreeing that you have read and agree to the rules of this game as stated, and understand that your participation in the game may be severed by not following them.

1. The ST is always right. There is a good chance that many of us are new to the 2e version of Awakening, and I am open to discussions around how to interpret things in the book; however, when I make a decision on how we are moving forward with a rule/mechanic/etc, that is how we will proceed. At times, this is because I am making decisions that favor the story instead of the mechanics, but it's also just as likely to be compensating for the PBP format or other factors. Likewise, I could just be stubborn.

2. No controlling other player characters. When you post, you should only be entering what your character is doing or interacting with. If you are working with an NPC of your design, feel free to control them. If you are working with an NPC that I am controlling, I may give some range of control to you depending on what is being done. The line is when your posts can dictate the actions or reactions of the other players.

3. No infighting. Characters may have tension between them, and that can be a fun source of drama, but this should never be directed at players. If you are having a disagreement, take it to Private Messages or rMail. You are expected to be and act mature.

4. Posting Rate
  • We want to shoot for an even posting timeframe that will work for most of the players, so the "minimum" (I use that term loosely) posting timeframe we will be looking for is every other day  I don't require miniature novels to be submitted with every post, but I would like to see more than one-line replies. Remember that we are writing fiction together, and you are not simply reacting off of mine.
  • Please do not over-post other players. I will prod players that are holding back a scene if necessary, but I will also delete posts if players overstep their bounds and attempt to leave others behind.

5. Notification of Absence. Please let me know if you think you will be in a situation when you won't be able to check in if you are involved in a thread/scene that involves other players. Characters that are inactive for one week will be put on warning, and reduced to NPCs after two. (note: I can work around a lot as long as you keep an open channel of communication with me. This rule will apply more to people who stop checking in.)

6. Character/Post Formatting.
  • Portraits: Please use actual pictures (no art/drawings/anime). If necessary, these can be used in the character description box.
  • Text: I am okay using colors for text as long as it is readable. I only ask that you be consistent with color choices; if you want to use a text color, please use the same one every time for speech. The only off-limits color is ORANGE, which is reserved for OOC text.

7. Show Your Math. There are a lot of moving parts in this game, and to save me a lot of behind-the-scenes auditing, I would like to see the additions and subtractions to spellcasting. In fact, don't hide it behind a Private Message; there's nothing wrong with other people seeing the casting unless you are specifically trying to obscure it from them. You may play with the format based on the spell and your needs, but here is a breakdown of the information I would like to see:


08:59, Today: tester failed (no successes) using 4d10 with the World of Darkness nWoD system with a target of 8, rerolling 10s ((4,1,6,3)). Casting Choose The Thread.

Containing Paradox


Typhoid casts Choose The Thread (Time 2) on Doc and Lazer

1 free Reach spent for Instant Casting
1 Reach for Sensory-range Casting (+1 Paradox)
Yantra: Mantras (high speech) +2 die

2 mana spent = +1 (common arcanum), +1 (mitigate Paradox)

4 dice = +2 (gnosis), +2 (time arcanum), -2 (increase scale to two subjects), +2 (yantra)

08:59, Today: Typhoid failed (no successes) using 4d10 with the World of Darkness nWoD system with a target of 8, rerolling 10s ((4,1,6,3)).

Choosing to Contain Paradox

Note: Using 1 Free Reach does not need to be stated for Instant Spellcasting when there are enough contextual clues in the body of the post that it can be assumed.

8. When In Doubt, Ask Me. I am able to fix an infinite amount of problems in this game as the ST, if you don't count the ones I don't think of. That's where you come in.

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