Archery Competition first round: Corrin Halfpint.   Posted by Narrator.Group: 0
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Sat 10 Jun 2017
at 21:54
Archery Competition first round: Corrin Halfpint
It's a clear, sunny afternoon perfect for target shooting and a few fans have gathered to watch the opening round. Corrin notices that the Melee and Wizard's duel seem to be more popular events. With the roar of the crowd from those combative contests occasionally interrupting the quiet, contemplative atmosphere at the archery range.

After a few other contestants have shot, Corrin can see what it will take to get to the next round. He will need a bulls-eye, no doubt about it. Before long, it is Corrin's go.

"Halfpint, you're up." Karl calls between drawls from his pipe.

 The other archers part, giving Corrin space to line up his shots.

A bulls-eye has an AC of 16. Corrin gets three shots to try and hit. 1 attack of 16 or higher will mean a bulls-eye for Corrin and advancement into the next round. If all three are under 16, Corrin will be eliminated. Roll your attacks whenever you are ready.
Corrin Halfpint
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Sat 10 Jun 2017
at 23:20
Archery Competition first round: Corrin Halfpint
Roll of 23 using a 1d20 +6 ((17)).

Corrin notches his arrow, takes a deep breath in...and launches! A bulleyes on the first shot!

"Ah, what a simple challenge indeed."
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Sun 11 Jun 2017
at 14:44
Archery Competition first round: Corrin Halfpint
In reply to Corrin Halfpint (msg # 2):

Corrin's shot rings true and the other archers take notice, offering words of encouragement and appreciation at the excellent strike. Even Karl takes a break from smoking his pipe to let out a long whistle of appreciation.

Corrin's next two shots won't matter, that bulls-eye has secured his place in the next round.

Corrin receives 50 Exp for advancing to the next round