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Tue 27 Jun 2017
at 14:01
“You there, Half-orc!” A rough voice bellows at Ali from a few tables away.

Ali notices it is the dwarf, Muldan Steelhands, whom he defeated in the first round of the melee calling at him. He is now sporting a rather unflattering lump on his cheek from Ali’s blow but appears otherwise unfazed.

Frothy, white ale foam marks the corners of his mouth as he calls out again “I’ve a challenge for ye half-orc. Ye may have bested me on the field but can ye keep up with me at the tankard?”

The dwarf smiles through stained teeth while patting the massive tankard of ale next to him. A few other members of the Coldhammer clan seated nearby wait eagerly on Ali’s response.
Ali Abooboo
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Tue 27 Jun 2017
at 21:02
In reply to Narrator (msg # 1):

Ali turns to the voice of the dwarf. It takes him a moment to remember they're no longer in the arena, and he takes his hand off the hilt of his battle axe. He shuffles awkwardly past the tables and sits by his challenger--being careful not to accidentally sit on him.

"What do we drink, dwarf?"
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Wed 28 Jun 2017
at 01:56
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"Ha!" Muldan is clearly pleased at Ali's response and his companions gather around to watch the pair compete again, this time at the keg. Muldan fills a mug full to the brim with ale and passes it to Ali before filling one for himself.

"We'll be drinking Ale master half-orc and the game is simple." He pauses to raise his glass "Just try and keep up. What shall we drink to?"

Muldan waits for Ali's answer, mug held high and begging to be cheersd.

So, the rules of the game, if Ali chooses to accept, are as follows. Each drinker will make a constitution check starting at DC 5 the DC will raise by 5 for each drink until one or both fail the check. The last man standing wins.