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Fri 16 Sep 2016
at 04:11
I hate laying down the law, but we need to do some stipulations. I'm not going to scold you. I'm just going to excuse you from the game until you are ready to conform.

1. We post a minimum of 2x per week.
2. We play by Shadow Chronicles rules.
3. For damage, and weapon systems, we refer to pete's charts.
4.The CO (mike) ascribes promotions.
5. You do not know invid can detect protoculture.
6. Bonuses are cumulative: ex: H2H, Mecha, Missile/WP bonus
7. Unlike other Palladium games, PP bonus augment weapons.
8. Bonus XP comes from playing IC
9.I'm not going to break balls if you can't keep up with the pace. But the rest of the group will play ahead.
10: Use other skills as needed.

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