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Tue 29 Nov 2016
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Gears on the Ground, in Hi-Def (new GM post)
The cockpit doors shut on the sim mecha. Several members of the team had been called away. Apparently, some were behind on their vaccinations. No fault of their own, just an omission by spacy doctors.

As the screens rezzed to life within the mecha, Gowdey could be seen in his Tomahawk destroid. Ashley found herself in a silverback, as was the team corpsman, the occasionally tardy Tanusha.

Overhead, circled Roberts and Ste. Croix in their veritechs. Flying was hard done, with a 70 kmph crosswind driving snow sideways from the west. The team was facing roughly north. Terrain was wooded with a none-too-dense coniferous forest. Vision was obscured to maybe 20 meters from the snow. So far, scopes were clear.

Gennie executed a 360 degree turn, with active radar and her IRST letting her see in the gloom. "Alright, I have about 20 tangos, ETA: 46 seconds: airborne from the east northeast, at about heading 287. Fastmovers. Going to call them Invid Scouts or fighter scouts. No joy on ground mobiles, over?"

Air temperature was about -15 c. Cold, but not outrageous, and not hindering mecha other than slowing ground speed, and fouling groundbased sensors. If anything, it might keep weapons cooler and more accurate, given heat's effects on weapons. It was slightly past dawn, with a glow in the east illuminating the murky battlefield. The freezing fog was beginning to lift, leaving a ghostly frost all over everything.

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Fri 2 Dec 2016
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Gears on the Ground, in Hi-Def (new GM post)
As soon as the screens came alive Ashley's first word was "Fuck."  There was a short pause as she unkeyed the mike and let off a string of invectives.  "Sir, my recon suite is out and my Silver is a bit too close to the ground to have effective missiles with these trees.  I'm down to guns and CQB.  If you don't mind, I'm gonna flank left and do what I can there."