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Gunny Spooky
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Thu 1 Sep 2016
at 22:33
Ok, freebies from me include parachute static and tactical. It has two base percentages: 60% for static, and 50 percent for tactical. You gain 5 percent per level of experience. You all start at THIRD level.

You also get swimming FREE if you don't have it.

You get scuba free, too. Use Shadow Chronicles book for percentages.

Everyone here is a mecha pilot of one sort or another. If your character doesn't have sensory equipment and weapon systems, add them.

If your skills don't include Pilot Ground veritech and Mect cyclone, add them. If you do have these, add two other piloting skills, including mecha.

Everyone has a primary and secondary MOSes. Your primary MOS has full listed skill bonuses. The secondary has half bonuses.

Don't forget to add IQ bonuses if your IQ stat is 16 or higher!

I'm being Santa Claus with your skills, but this is realistic and good for everyone to be well rounded. Enjoy.

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